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Hi there, I’m Melissa, a 20-something compulsive daydreamer who suffers from a formidable addiction to Taylor Swift. I’m London based but migrate often, because I’m captive to wandering new places. I type these words from a well worn keyboard that has seen more of the world than my Nanna. But also, some awful rendition’s of ‘We Are Never Getting Ever Back Together’ that we probably shouldn’t speak much about.

I like to sing really loud when I’ve got my headphones in because to me, I sound like Adele and Hayley Williams rolled into one. This not-so-rare occurance will only happen when I’m at home though, because the only person I love enough to subject to that kind of torture is my partner. I don’t even feel guilty when when he gives me those pained looks because that’s what real love is.

Love is also eating so much food that you have to live your life with the top button of your jeans undone. Because a life spent at good restaurants, fast food vans and Christmas bakeries is worth all the psycho stares you get on the steet when you forget to button those too-tight jeans back up again. But that's a story for another time.


Melissa-Lou the blog was born in 2014, whilst looking for a distraction from University stress and my impending dissertation. Probably not one of my best idea’s and most certainly not something I would recommend. I spent more time, passion and motivation typing for this little corner on the internet that no-one knew much about, than the piece of work that was worth 60% of my final grade. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Not for a better mark or a job with a higher salary. These past few years have been a whirlwind of meeting new friends, trying new things and being fearless.

If you’re looking for me and there’s nothing particularly new on here (I post on Wednesday’s FYI but I'm travelling at the moment and the internet's a little crazy, so keep that in mind), then you’ll probably find me lost somewhere amidst the deepest depth’s of Pinterest. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the Internet, it’s that you can be anything. Right now, I’m a blogger, fashion hoarder, wannabe fitness freak and self-proclaimed beauty guru (really!) But I’m now considering taking up interior design too. You know how it is, Pinterest made me do it!

I've got a bucket list of dreams!

If for some reason however you can’t find me lurking swedish interiors and baked goods on Pinterest, then I can guarantee I’m in the stars somewhere. If not literally flying somewhere new, I’m probably away with my thoughts, lost in a world of maybe’s and one day! Like I said, I’m a compulsive daydreamer and there’s always something new I’m popping on my bucket list. If you fancy, you can read my mamoth long list of ‘things to do before I die’ here and see how I’m getting along ticking them off. It’s the only place to find it too, I haven’t linked it anywhere else, treat it like a little present for reading this far into what feels like the start of an autobigraphy from that ordinary girl protagonost in that book that everybody hates but loves in secret.

I’ve never been good at writing about ‘me’ but this kind of just came out and I think I love it. I think I‘ll keep it here for a while. These words are a great depiction of me, which was exactly what I wanted. I wanted for those of you who were interested enough to visit my about page to learn about me! None of that “I spent three years at fashion school” malarky. You won’t find that here. This is a blog written by an ordinary girl with big dreams for those loving enough to read it. You don’t need to know my degree scores or my gym personal best. But you do need to know that I love obnoxiously furry cats and tiny little puppies but grew up with neither. Because when you read my words, I want you to understand where they’re coming from. I want you to trust and believe in me.


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