18 June 2018

The Power of Flower Crowns & How To DIY Your Own*

My absolute favourite, go-to photo filter for when I want to mask the effects of a long day and make myself feel like the beautiful soul I am, is the Flower Crown filter that you can find on Snapchat. We all have those days. You know, when it doesn't matter how much sleep you've had and the bags under your eyes are almost like they're tattoo'd on! So, a cheeky filter on an even cheekier selfie to boost my self-esteem is 100% the way to go to have me feeling like myself again.

And much like Taylor Swift, photo filters seem to have found themselves with an unnecessary, bad reputation... But if every once in a while, they work their magic to make you feel beautiful, strong and confident, then I'm all for it. Because let's be honest, how can you not feel beautiful with a flower crown a-top of you head?

I know it's nothing ground breaking but I'm pretty sure real flower crowns have those same magical powers as the filters you see on Snapchat and Instagram. Just pop some flowers on my head and I'm feeling like a Queen. Because no Queen is complete without her crown, and for me, I'm all about those flower crowns.

Now, I totally get it, flower crowns can be intimidating. It's not everyday you see someone strolling down the street adorned in beautiful, freshly cut flowers. Flower crown certainly have the power to  draw... in a fun way. Plus, it's Wedding (and Festival) season, the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and radiate your beauty like Queen you are, crown and all.

So, seeing as PANDORA UK opened my eyes to the wonders of do-it-yourself flower crowns, I thought I'd give you a little 411 on how to make one too. It's super easy, costs almost nothing and if it puts a smile on your face, well that's *cliche* priceless!

What you'll need:
- Thick Wire: Approximately half the span of your head or about 25cm.
- Flowers and Foliage.
- 1 cm Wide Sellotape OR Florists Gutter Tape if you want to go all in, like a pro.
- Scissors
- 45cm of Ribbon

Step 1: Forage For Your Flowers

Now, the easy thing to do would be to pop to your local supermarket or florists and pick up some flowers there. Or, you could take things to a whole new level and pick you own. I took the Puppy for a walk and collected a bunch of wild flowers as we went. It gives a whole new level of hand made to your project and a fab option if you're (like me) watching the purse strings.

Step 2: Let's get down to business

Take your wire and twist a loop at each end (see above, right for reference). These hoops are used to attach the ribbon when you are done, so make sure to secure the loops by wrapping the ends around itself many times. When fitted to your head, the loops should reach just past your ears.

Step 3: Add the magic...

Start adding the flowers to your soon-to-be crown. Begin on the left (or right depending if you're left handed), just past one of the hoops you've just made. Tape you first flower to the wire, try to get the tape as near to the head of your flower as possible. This will ensure the best structural integrity to your crown. Droopy flowers are not what you want, unless you're going for the weeping willow kind of vibe.

TIP: Start from the left and work your way to the opposite end making sure that the stems of every flower always face the same direction (to the right). Try to trim any loose stems as you go.

Step 4: Finish and admire your masterpiece...

Continue adding flowers, leaves and wispy flurries. The closer your flowers to one another, the fuller your crown will end up. There's no right or wrong way here, you can go full Lana Del Rey or keep it super fine and natural. Tape your last flower, just before the second hoop on the right of your wire. Hold your almost finished crown up and admire your fine handy work. Finally, trim any loose stems, stray petals or rogue leaves.

TIP: For bigger crowns, use larger more dominating flowers and for something more subtle, use smaller, more dainty flowers.

Step 5: The Crowning

Now lets pop your masterpiece on that beautiful head of yours.

Take your ribbon and pass it through both hoops. Holding each hoop and ribbon between your forefinger and thumb, lay your crown in the desired position and tie in a bow at the back of your head. You might need a friend or a mirror to get it right. Et voila!

If there's one thing I love more than blogging, it's getting my hands dirty and making something. I'm not too great with a paint brush, but give me some scissors, tape and something to collage with and I'm in my element. So you can imagine how excited I was when a little PANDORA UK invite landed in my mail box a few weeks ago for a thrifty flower crown workshop.

Being plonked in a room with 20 bloggers, tape, scissors, some pretty flowers and the careful guidance of professional florists from Grace & Thorn, what an evening. All in celebration of PANDORA's jewellery range, which is fit for the Wedding season.

That's Influencer Marketing that I'm all for.

Love Always
*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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  1. Congratulations on the sponsored post, but this is SUCH a beautiful flower crown! I know i'd fail at making one so i'd have to buy one haha! But it looks like so much fun!

    Ellie // www.thediaryofellie.com


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