1 March 2018

72 Hours In Prague

If there is one thing that I’ve struggled with the most since returning from travelling, it’s the dread that I’m never going to be able to do it again. And whilst that might not strictly be true (who knows what the future holds) for the foreseeable future, quitting my job and travelling carefree is completely out of the question.

One of my top goals for this year is to find a way around that. So how do I make sure that this year lives up to the travel expectations of 2017, all the while managing a full-time job?

With only a finite amount of annual leave and a wanderlust list as long as my arm, this year is all about short city breaks and weekends away.

I don’t know why or how I haven’t thought of this before. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Say you have 20 days annual holiday, in theory, that’s 2x week-long breaks and then 5-10 more weekend trips, depending on where you go/other engagements you might need time off for. Luckily I’m the most unsocial person ever, so can dedicate pretty much all my holiday to travel.

Of course, we need to talk about money, because travelling like this, generally speaking, isn’t cheap. Everyone knows that the cheapest times to travel is midweek, so weekends away are never going to be the most financially efficient way to do things. And going back and forth between England is definitely going to wack up the total cost of travel. But with a travellers mind, there are always ways to save a little ££ and still get that experience of a lifetime.

So when you’re pressed for time, could this be the most ideal way to fulfil your travelling dreams?

February started off my adventure packed weekends away with a brisk 36 hours in Prague. Averaging with temperatures of -1, if you've ever been to anywhere in Northern Europe at this time of year before, then you'll be pleasantly surprised at how warm that is. But for those of you whose heart stopped momentarily reading that, it's honestly not that cold, just remember to pack your layers.

Friday: Touch down, Beer and winding walks...

For a city that often gets lost in shadows of Europe's most popular; Prague is full of so much culture, history and incredible architecture. Known as the city of spires, it is easy to imagine you’re walking through a fairytale village. But first, you've got to get there. You have two options...

Option 1) Public Transport

In no way glamorous but very friendly on the pocket. Bus 119 will take you to Nádraží Veleslavín which links with the Metro line A (Green Line). Alternatively, you can jump on bus 100 to Zličín to get Metro Line B (Yellow Line). From here, catch the next train to your destination. The metro is super easy to use but if you're unsure Jízdní řády is a really useful app to help you out.

Tickets for public transport are transferable, meaning you can use them on as many services as you like (from trams to buses and the metro) for the duration that they are valid. Depending on your needs, you have 3 options for tickets with prices starting from 32CZK (£1.11*) for a single journey of 60 minutes.

Personally, I recommend the 3-day pass, which is 310CZK (£10.77*). Within the inner zones, walking everywhere is definitely easy to do, however, if you're visiting from November through to March, it can get fairly bitter. So, even for those who enjoy a good long walk, the metro will be a small delight out of the chilly winds. Especially in the evenings.

Option 2) Uber!

Grab a Taxi from the airport, you can join the queue just outside the Terminal any they'll drop you wherever you need to be. Although be warned, I've heard they're not the best value for money. But when has a Taxi been good value? I called Uber, which took approximately 20minutes to get into the centre of the city which cut my journey time in half compared to public transport. The downside though, even with Uber, it will cost you over double the price of a 3-day ticket for just the single journey. It's a question of time or money here, I guess...

Once you’ve dropped off your luggage, my number one recommendation for any new destination is to have a good long stroll. Walk around with no intention other than to explore and get a lay of the land. It's 100% the best way to explore and I do it everytime I'm somewhere new.

But a word of consideration, cities as old as Prague have winding streets that you can easily get lost down. If you have the internal compass of a moron, like me, then nothing is ever in the direction you think. You always have the best experiences when – as much as I hate to say it - “you get off the beaten path”. Just, keep your phone to hand just in case you get a little awry.

On your stroll, your bound to pass many of the incredible restaurants and pubs, that Prague offers. So settle up for a cosy a dinner and try some honest Czech beer. There are a few rooftop bars with amazing reputations, T-Anker Bar is one of those if you're visiting in the warmer months.

Saturday: A iew of the city from every angle

Stroll across Charles Bridge, towards Lesser Town. Take in the changing views down the river and up at the Castle that watches over. On either end are the Bridge Towers, both of which you can climb and offer spectacular views and photo ops. It’s 100CZK (£3.50) to go up each tower but personally, I’d have paid double because the views are incredible.

In Lesser Town, take in the lanes lined with antique streetlamps and ornate doorways before stopping for an early lunch. There is a place called Plný Pekáč, just around the corner from Charles Bridge and the Lennon Wall which is incredible. It feels authentically Czech and matches typical Czech prices too. This side of town is known for its hiked up price tags, so this little gem was diamond find. I recommend their Goulash served in a bread roll and their Meat Mixture - sounds questionable, I know but the most incredible beans on toast type dish you’ll ever try. Their Apple Strudel is pretty fantastic too.

After lunch, take a slow hike up the hill towards the castle to work off that food baby you've undeniably grown. I recommend navigating via Nerudova Street as it’s a gentle uphill stroll. Old Castle Stairs is the most popular way up, but with 120+ steps, I bet you'd rather not. You'll be smirking when you arrive at the top relaxed, among the red-faced, worn out tourists.

On your way there, you can pop into a number of kitsch souvenir shops, or even stop at the Gingerbread Museum or for Chocolate Crepe, not very Czech I know, but who doesn’t love pancakes.

At the Castle, take in the spectacular views before heading inside the grounds. It’s completely free to roam around the gardens and to step inside St. Vitus Cathedral however other exhibits do require a ticket. You have plenty of time, so do this if you wish, it's 250CZK for a short tour. For those not willing to splash the cash, The Golden Lane is free to enter after 5pm.

As the sun sets, take a walk down Old Castle Steps - so much easier than walking up! - back towards the centre of the city for dinner and some more Czech beer. Keep your eye out for the infamous Czech pubs where you can pour your own pint.

Sunday: Hometime, but there's still so much to see...

Start the day in Old Town Square, admire the ornate architecture that lines the streets. This is where you'll find the Astronomical Clock that puts on a show every hour. Head to the top of Old Town Hall, it costs 250CZK (£8.5O) so definitely more expensive but with 360degree views of the city, you can’t complain at all. Before saying goodbye to the Old Town Square, don’t forget to join the thousands of tourists trying Trdelník. It’s not Czech in any way, but when else have you seen a donut quite like this before? It’d be wrong not to, to be honest.

Pass back over the bridge, in the direction of the John Lennon Wall. Admire the murals, upon murals before taking all the selfies in front of the beautifully coloured backdrop. Finish up by getting lost in the streets again, passing back and forth across the many bridges. Pop over to Jiráskovo Most Bridge to see the Dancing House in all it's glory before downing one last pint. That’s what you came for.

If you fancy, head over to my Insta feed where I've shared a tonne of photos from my Pragye, many I haven't shared on here yet. Including some really call shots of the John Lennon wall which was easily my favourite part of the trip.

Love always,

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  1. Wow Prague really does look amazing! I would love to visit sometime soon xx

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  2. These photos are gorgeous! Hope you had the best time lovely, Prague is definitely up there in my bucket list! xx

    Em // Emilybecca.com


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