3 August 2017

6 of the BEST travel Instagram accounts

I'm not going to cherry coat this, at the moment I'm not a fan of Instagram. There's a lot of bad press regarding new algorithms, shadow banning and 'fake news'. But amongst the haze of negativity, I've spent the last few months learning how to unearth the good stuff. Another thing I've spent the last few months doing is travelling but I haven't kept that much of a secret (sorry, not sorry!) Which has resulted in my passion for travel bloggers and grammers. Particularly those with honest intentions and real experiences.

Melissa Lou, smiling, using Instagram.

Firstly though, can we just remember the good times... when Instagram was a fun way to connect with your friends? I remember when it was only available in the app store and it was the first app I downloaded when I got my first iPhone. It was the most intriguing thing for a creative hipster-wannabe 16-year-old like myself to share with my friends outside of MySpace.

Then once blogging took off, Instagram turned into a really great, fun way to connect with other bloggers. Granted, my favourite way to reach out to bloggers I admire is on Twitter but Instagram connects you in an innovative, visual way.

Now it just feels like Instagrams knifed you in the back. I told you I wasn't going to cherry coat this issue. Especially given Instagrams naivety to address said issue.

And because of this, I have lost a lot of love for the platform. Heck, I even considered giving it in for a while. If it wasn't for the friends and dreamy grids I follow, I probably would have done the deed a long time ago!

All black outfit with embroidered bag.

But realistically, I am a millennial. And a millennial that also dabbles in blogging. So, there's nothing I like better than scrolling endlessly through Instagram whilst snuggled up in bed. Particularly when it's cold and rainy outside. I follow so many different types of accounts from beauty to fashion, artists to musicians, from home decor to travel grams. I think the broadness of it all is what keeps me coming back, even when I'm so demotivated. I can go from seeing brand new beauty releases to some of the most remote beaches in the world. It keeps me on my toes and continuously thinking about what I want and how to get there.

But before I left, I was non-stop scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest at all of the amazing travellers, taking incredible photographs hoping I can do the same whilst I'm away. (Maybe you could check out my insta too, tell me how I did). Anyway, longest introduction ever!

Melissa-Lou, reaching for her sunglasses wearing. Fashion photo, all black.


Lauren is the sole reason I changed my mind and decided I needed to head back to Asia at some point on my trip this year. I've been many times and it's just as good as the first every time but I was convinced that I'd had enough. Then I discovered her feed and the itinerary changed to spending the majority of my time away back in South East Asia.

It is scrolling through Lauren's photographs that give the best sense of what it's like to travel in Asia. The beaches, palm tree's and sand, yes. But the locals, the long boats and the dogs that live on the beach too. All of which encapsulated Lauren's dreamy feed.

Melissa-Lou wearing a rose-gold Olivia Burton watch, reaching for her pink embroidered bag!

Le Backpacker

It's all in the landscape. When you think travelling, you typically think of the white sand beaches in the Maldives, the temples in Thailand and rope swings in Bali. But I can assure you, Lauren's feed is the only one in this post that exhibits the 'typical' traveller vibe you think of when you put Instagram and Travel in the same sentence.

Johan Lolos, the visionary behind 'Le Backpacker' introduces the secondary, less travelled landscapes. We're talking the emerald lakes of western Canada, rocky peaks in Germany and one hundred foot tree's in Belgium. It's a fresh look at travelling and a magical take on landscape photography. The type of travel I want to try more of in the future.


Murad Osmann

I'm sure if you're into travel, then you've heard of Murad Osman and his Instagram series 'Follow Me To'. And if you haven't heard of it, I'm absolutely positive you'll have seen his work. He practically invented this style of photography.

His series features his girlfriend leading him, first person perspective through their travels. His photos have a sense of realism that other #tbloggers miss out on. That ability to make you feel a part of the photo. But it's just a sense of realism, Murad has the most vibrant editing and some great parodies on his feed too. So it's not the most realistic grid you'll lay your eyes on.


I like to follow a variety of different travellers and Ming doesn't exclude from that. Not a traveller as you'd first have thought. Ming is a fashion photographer who travels for work but her feed is nothing short of a fashion lovers wanderlust dream!

Her subject matter not only exudes some of the most beautiful scenery but some of the most beautiful models from all around the world too. Her work is typical Vogue editorial, exhibited in a much less traditional format.

Hello Emilie

You know how 'Pinterest' is a style, well there isn't a travel blogger out there with a more Pinterest worthy feed than Emilie's! It's beautiful, feminine and soft. Makes you wonder how so many truly beautiful landscapes exist. But they do and Emilie has captured them in a way that excites a younger audience to Instagrammers I've featured so far! Emilie's feed is one to make any blogger's heart flutter.


George introduced Mo's feed to me whilst we were away, and not because of the landscapes or the photography but because of his gorgeous Australian Shepherd that he travels with. I can tell you with all of my heart that you have never seen a dog this beautiful. And what's more, this dog has probably seen more of the world than you too. Gutted? I am. And they have a camper van. If you read my latest post about what's next for me now I'm back from travelling, then you'll know how much I want a camper van now! (Hint, if you haven't I linked it up top, but because I care, here's another 😉).

Wanna know what I'm wearing? Oh, girl, do I wish I could get my shop on and show you some sick outfits but alas, all I have is this cami-top from the ASOS Basics range. Which actually has a super low back to add a bit of pizazz to an otherwise boring top. These jeans are from Primark which I chopped the ends off because I was bored. Guess that's what happens when you get desperate with fashion!

My shoes are a diamond find, also from Primark. Super comfy look great, kind of similar to those Chanel espadrilles that everyone went bonkers for a while ago!

My bag was another diamond find, from one of the Night Markets in Chiang Mai. How beautiful is it? And it was only about £3! The belt, also Primark, of course. My watch is Olivia Burton and my those sunnies are & Other Stories.

And finally, this beaut leather jacket is from All Saints which I stole from Rhaea because that's what sisters are for! 

I seriously love these feeds, and it makes Instagram much more worthwhile now that it only shows me the posts with the most engagement. And these feeds have that engagement for a real good reason! Do you follow travel Instagrammers at all? If so, who are your favourites? Are there any travel grams you think I need to know about, (because I do need more travel in my life. Always need more travel).

Love always,

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