17 August 2017

Fashion Trends I want to get into this Fall

I've always been 'into' fashion but never invested in the trends. Turns out quitting your job and having no money is what changed that all for me. Talk about bloody typical. Hopefully, I won't be jobless for much longer though because I have big plans for my Fall wardrobe and all the fashion trends it will encompass! 

This year, one of my personal goals was to be more bold and brave with my fashion choices. Which on a regular year, would have been something really fun to work on. But I don't think I could have picked a more difficult time to try.

I've not been quiet about the fact I went traveling for 4 months earlier this year. And with the expense of traveling, comes the obligation to not shop. At all. For pretty much an entire year total. Say what!

I spent 8 months total saving up to travel over the end part of 2016 and I don't think I've been shopping since. Well, I lie. I've been a near-permanent resident in Primarks across London but apart from that, not a dime has been spent on clothes, jewellery or shoes.

In the time that I've been back, I've near constantly been trawling through Pinterest dreaming about all the different styles I wanted to try before 2017 ends.

Hopefully - and I say hopefully with all my mite - that I'll get a job fairly swiftly, and thus will start my bold, brave and fashion conscious goal for 2017.

This is how I plan to do it...

Mom Jeans, Embroidery and Relaxed Fashion

Let's start by talking about Mom Jeans. I know, I know I'm about 2 years late to the party. But this is the start of my fashion journey after all so I think I deserve just a slither of slack.

I love the relaxed vibe they have and I love how comfortable they look. I live in high waisted skinny jeans, literally, they're the only pre-20 degree bottoms I own and they've been the only style of jean I've worn since I was 15! I think it's fair to say that 9 and a half years is enough and it's time to branch out a little.

Plus, how uncomfortable are high waisted jeans when you've just eaten a meal. A meal of any size. Even that cheeky bite of chocolate you've been hiding in your bedside table. Talk about making you feel guilty! I've been pushing the 'top button undone' vibe for years but so far no-one else seems to be catching on.

V Necked Tops and Cute Little Bralettes

I'm a turtle neck sort of person. I have fairly small breasts so when it comes to dressing in a way that makes me look a little luckier in that department, I will. Low neck tops seem to emphasize the lack there of to my chest. Which is no way is a bad thing, but they can look rather disproportionate to my hips in the wrong items of clothing. But, it's something that I want to learn to not care so much about.

I have been in love with the polka dot blouses with plunging v-necks and wrap around design that seem to be in rotation at the moment. I also love the sweeping tops with dramatic sleeves and billowing cuffs that kind of make your childhood dreams of being a pirate feel like reality. It's all about living those dreams, guys!

Embrace the cold and not be scared to get my legs out

If there's one thing about me, it's that I run about 5 degree's colder than everyone else. Meaning that once Autumn hits, right around until Summer re-appears again the following year, I covet all the big knit jumpers. Whilst that is exciting for the first few months (don't get me wrong, I'm the first to crack out the cinnamon candles, wooly blankets and Christmas DVD's) after a while it does get a bit dull.

Whilst it's not too cold, I want late September and October to still see me in skirts and dresses. A tea dress with a cropped jumper and Chelsea boots is the epitome of Autumn is it not? I am determined to not peak too soon with the jumpers and jeans this year!

So there we have it, nothing crazy. I'm not trading in the striped tee's and skinny jeans for metallic culottes and fluffy mules but it's a start. It's definitely a bolder desire that my 2016 autumn wardrobe ever had. I won't be sending my last season staples to Oxfam in favour of designer handbags and belts with a price tag of a small mortgage but I'm very excited for my fashionista future.

Love always,

P.S. Ok, it might be the middle of Summer, so pulling off this "autumnal" look wasn't too courageous. Having my legs out in 20-degree sun on a Tuesday afternoon is quite the treat. But none-the-less, it's bolder than I'm used to.

I picked up this black slip dress from ASOS. I do consider myself of average height but I had to snip a couple inches off the bottom because it was much too long for my liking. Evidentally I went a little too gung-ho with the scissors and I can't bend for fear of flashing my knickers. You live and you learn. Regardless the dress is a staple and I can see myself - carefully - wearing it all throughout Autumn and winter. It's a great transitional piece year round I think!
The shoes and choker were from my favourite shop as a penniless person, Primark! And this western belt was also bargain, from SheInside. However, word of warning, if you do decide to invest be prepared because delivery takes months. I'm not even joking. Such a shame too because there are some real bargains to be had on that website if you're willing to search for them!

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  1. Galll I LOVED this post, Firstly I totally get the whole not spending, not to your level of course but it's just so weird to come back from it all. I'm also branching out with trends and trying to be a bit more adventurous so it's so nice to see people in the same boat. And can I just say you're looking a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Lovinggg your outfit, amazing post lovely can't wait to see more about your new fashion adventure! xx

    Em // Emilybecca.com

    1. Ah Emily thank you so much! I'm glad you liked this post, my outfit and these photo's!

  2. You looked so much edgier in this outfit than what I remember your outfits to be like (mainly from Instagram admittedly). I'm adoring your new project to be braver and play around with fashion. It's working for you. Love, Iga www.igaberry.com

    1. Ahaha, I definitely felt a lot edgier in this photo that I ever have before! I loved it. Can't wait to try more of this kind of style, it was so fun!

      - M


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