27 July 2017

How and why I'm getting over my fear of fashion

When was the last time (if ever) you met someone who loved fashion from a distance? Sounds ridiculous right, but meet me. I love watching fashion, new trends, recurring trends and I am addicted to pinning the latest trends on Pinterest. However, I have a fear of fashion. I can't seem to find the confidence to execute the trends I love in real life. But, I'm getting over my fear of fashion and this is how...

Expression, freedom and personality in Fashion

I've always been interested in fashion, particularly the way other people share their personality and character through the things they choose to wear. It's intriguing. Don't judge a book by its cover, I'd never base my opinion on someone by the way they dress. But, I do think it's a great representation of personality and something so exciting to discover. I'm not talking "oh that person's a slob because they're wearing trackies to the grocery store" because I totally do that. And I ain't no slob. However, personality can really shine through fashion, and that fascinates me!

There are some really amazing Bloggers, with stellar fashion that represent their personalities perfectly (online personalities because I'm an introvert and creep from the sidelines.). Jaide Poppy, Zoe London and Pint Sized Blog are all Bloggers who I admire for their relentless love and passion for fashion. Yeah, they're for the trends, but they don't lose their personality either.

Fighting expectations and 

I, however, get overwhelmed with finding style and exhuming style on my own back. I think it's a confidence thing. Take the choker and pinafore trends. I love how they look on other's but I've been terrified to try them myself. It's not as though those trends are something that's ground breaking now. Not like how it was this time last year but it takes a lot for me to work up to trying something new.

Previously, I've run with the idea that if I don't feel 'me' when I'm wearing something, then it's not for me. So trends that I like, such as the chiffon top and bralette, I've not tried because it's too 'out there'. But I'm totally working on it!

But there's the Blogger stigma associated with it too. 87% of my returning readers are bloggers, so I'm guessing that you're one of them. Even if you're not, I'm pretty sure you'll still be aware of the stigma that comes with being a Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle blogger. That put-together 100% of the time, on top of the latest beauty releases and fashion trends, the latest drama and an Instagram grid to make your biggest competitor jealous - stigma. It's been a battlefield in the blogosphere lately. And I want to be better than that. No more I have to be doing this or looking like that. It's just not healthy.

It will never feel like 'me' if I don't try to make it 'me'

I follow fashion a lot, ya'know like most fashion/beauty/lifestyle bloggers. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest (again, like most bloggers) and reading online magazines looking at the latest fashion trends (yep, you guessed it, I'm your typical blogger). I know what I like; bell sleeves and embroidery are a trend I'm very much on top of. But I know what I don't like too, bell-like flared jeans and fluffy sliders are a big no-no from me.

But no matter how much I do like a trend, if it doesn't fit into my striped crops and Chelsea boot style, then I'm probably not going to try it out for myself. I'm have been a big believer of the, if it doesn't feel like 'me' then it's not for 'me'!

Which unsurprisingly, has quite clearly been holding me back.

When you have a whole wardrobe full of various styles of striped tops and skinny jeans, I think it's time to branch out.

I've been really pushing myself to try out new trends that I've been loving. That means flute sleeves galore, mom jeans, fishnets and slip dresses. Because it will never feel like 'me' if I don't try to make it 'me'!

Investing in key pieces that will last a lifetime

Before I left to travel, I threw away my third leather jacket in 4 years. I know that sounds more dramatic than it is, but it got me thinking. I've always been about saving money and purchasing budget pieces. But spending £30 on a faux leather jacket from Primark or Miss Selfridge, in the long term has cost me almost £100 in losses.

I could have spent that money in one lump sum when I bought my first leather jacket on something of better quality and still have it hanging in my wardrobe today.

I still stand by the idea of spending little on new trends, things that you might only wear for one season and never again. But for timeless pieces like leather jackets and Chelsea boots, I want to start investing more. If I know I'm going to be wearing an item of clothing in 4 years time, then a higher price tag is very much worth the money!

Mistakes teach you lessons

I think the biggest thing that puts me off trying new trends is the gut feeling of wasting money if I decide it's not for me. Money is a finite resource, particularly right now whilst I'm jobless. But where there's money put aside to spend frivolously then it shouldn't be considered wasted. Not every trend will work on me. In the Frow doesn't covet every single trend (though I'm sure she probably could) so why should they all work on me. I shouldn't feel guilty for trying.

I'll say it again, I really love fashion and there are many people in my life to thank for that. Individual fashion is incredible. Personal style is amazing and I'm so excited to work on my fear of fashion now that I've identified my issues. I feel like I can truly learn to love new things and grow my own personal style. Isn't that the most exciting thing?

What I'd really like to know, however, is your views on fashion? What do you define as fashionable? What's your personal style and have you ever had to go on a mini-mission like this to teach you to love/be better at something that it seemed every other person rocked at?

P.S. What I'm Wearing

I guess it would have been silly of me to end this post without sharing my look from these photos. It's not the most ground-breaking of fashion stylings but it's very much different and 'out there' to me.

This patchwork playsuit that I love I picked up in the Topshop sale for a bargain £12. I paired a Primark ribbed top underneath which has subtle but super beautiful frills around the neckline.

I have my staple Chelsea boots on which are the Ghillie Tie Up Boots from Boohoo and a pair of simple Primark tights. 

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