19 April 2017

My Round The World Travel Makeup Bag

So, I've quit my job and left home to travel the world. I've left behind my friends, all my worldly belogingings and (much to my dismay) the puppy. But not my makeup. A rather full, makeup bag most definitely made it into my teeny tiny carry on bag that I've been living out of whilst I travel. So I though today, I'd run you through all the details of why and what I packed in my makeup bag for my 4 month long adventure around the world. How does that sound?

When I go on holiday, it's normally to somewhere hot. You know the drill; palm tree's, long stretches of beach and Piña Colada's. Normally, that somewhere I'm going tends to be somewhere I won't be wearing makeup. And if I am, I won't be wearing an awful lot of it, that's for sure! Where makeup is concerned, I'm a fairly light packer (unlike other area's of packing, but we won't talk about that here). I tend to go for products that are multifunctional, so as though to save room in my bag for more necessary things. Ya'know an outfit for every occaision. A good cheek palette like the Urban Decay 'Naked Blushed' palette is my go to for the cheeks but looks absolutely beautiful on my eyes too.

On this occaision however, I'm hitting two completely different climates! It was in the minus temperatures whilst I was in Iceland a couple weeks ago, and the weather man says it's going to be highs of 30 in the Phillipines next week. And, if the climates weren't enough, I'll be hitting a variety of places too. I've seen Volcano's and Emerald lakes already, but currently I'm enjoying city life in Japan.

I literally have to pack for every scenario. Sounds crazy right. But I wasn't going to be hitting this adventure bare faced. I'll be reliving my memoried from this trip, forever through photo's and as silly as it sounds, I always feel more confident and like 'myself' with a bit of concealer and my winged eyeliner.

So, I bit the bullet and packed a full makeup bag of products for this trip. I have tried to be a little more frugal than my generic day-to-day makeup bag. I mentioned in a post earlier this year that I wanted my travel wardrobe (including my makeup) to be as minamalist and versatile as possible. So that's what I've tried. It was quite the treacherous task. Packing for all weathers was a tough one. But I think I've done it, and it's working for me well, so far. I'll definitely keep you updated on that one though!


So you know 30 seconds ago I was talking about being minamalist and frugal, yada yada. Well, that went straight out the window when I packed my foundations. Yep, plural. Well, sort of.

A couple weeks before I left, Kat Von D sent over their 'Lock It Tattoo' foundation which I fell in love with. Emphasis on the fell in love! The coverage is fantastic, the stay power is incredible and well, there was just no way I was leaving home without it. However, I was very aware that once I got to the Phillipines, it would be going back in my suitcase and not coming out again until I returned home. Because let's be realistic, no one wants high coverage foundation when it's 30 degree's outside. To replace it however, I packed my go-to travel staple; The Body Shop 'All-in-One' BB Cream. I always travel with this. In fact, if you were to go back and find some of my older 'What's in my Travel Makeup Bag' posts, you'll see it.

It's super light weight so you don't feel cakey and heavy, but it's got just enough coverage to make me feel comfortable and happy with my skin. AND, it adapts to your skin tone, so no matter how much you tan whilst your away, this is always the shade for you. It's magical.

For concealer I went with my favourite, Urban Decay 'Naked Skin' Concealer. It works an absolute treat on days when I can't be fussed for a full face. It brightens my under eyes and covers those pesky spots. And with the terrible diet I have at the moment because money is tight (we're literally living on packet noodles and soup!), there's been a few of those!

I don't tend to use powder an awful lot anymore because my skin in too dry. In it's place, is the NYX 'Matte Setting Spray' which is just delightful to just spritz on your face when you're hot and sticky! It's a necessity for places where it's humid as otherwise my makeup will disappear in T-Minus 5 seconds. However, it was super helpful in Iceland too when the rain and wind decided to batter us blind.

I am an absolute sucker for good highlight and I am addicted to the Becca 'Shimmering Skin Perfector' in Opal. I have a cute, travel sized version with a handy dauffer applicator so it's super small and I didn't have to pack a brush to go with it! Perfect for the minamalist traveller.


For eyes, I packed not one, not two but three liquid liners. I am a liquid liner addict, it's very rare for me to leave the house without my precious wings. Whilst that won't be the case once I get to the Phillipines and onwards, it's been most certainly been the case so far! The 'Supercat Liner' by Soap and Glory is my highstreet favourite, but it doesn't last consdierably long! Hence why it was necessary to pack three!

For Mascara I packed the Rimmel London 'Scandaleyes XX-treme'. It's been the only one I've used in the past 12 months and has impressed me far more than any designer brand has. It thickens and lengthens my lashes and I always get so many compliments when I use it.

In the last year, I've really fallen in love with shaping and filling in my brows. My go to always is the Anstasia Beverley Hills 'Dip Brow Pomade' but alas in my fight to be frugal, it didn't make it on this trip. I needed something that was simple and easy to apply, something that would be quick to put on whilst on the go. Which the ABH gel brow was not.

However, I picked up my next best favourite, the 'Archery' pencil by Soap and Glory. It has a super fine nib, so is really precise and looks beautifully natural. Again though, (this might be a theme with Soap and Glory products) the pencil doesn't last particuarly long, so 3 pencils were very necessary on this trip! Minamalist, no probably not. But I've already finished my first!

And that's that. One month into my four month travel stint and I think I've packed a really flexible, fairly frugal makeup bag. I'm very proud that I didn't cave last minute and add more. In fact I actually took a couple of items out. Like a bronzer and my Daniel Sandler 'Watercolour Blush'. I remembered I had a limit on liquids travelling with hand-luggage only. What do you think? Would you have packed your makeup bag any differently for a trip similar to this? I'm intrigued to know if anyone out there would pack any makeup at all! My attempt at being minimalist might be laughable but I'm always keen to learn from someone who can do it.

Before I leave you, I just wanted to pop a shameless plug in here. I've been taking a tonne of photo's from my trip and if you're interested, I've been posting them almost daily on my Instagram. My partner in crime and travel guide extrodinaire, George, has been posting some really sweet photo's too! If you head over there, leave him a little comment and tell him I sent you. I'll be swimming in Girlfriend points if you do!

Love always,

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  1. Travelling is one of my ideal adventures to take but I'm so scared to go. It's wonderful that you are exploring the world...so jealous 💕 Have a lovely time on your travels😊

    1. Hi Laii,

      I honestly wish you all the courage to go travelling one day because it's an absolutely phenomenal experience it. I never once doubted leaving but those last few days because I flew the nest were some of the scariest, but since touching down in my first destination, I haven't regretted it once!

      If you have any questions or need reassuring, hit me up on Twitter, I'm more than happy to give you some tips and pointers or just a little pep talk! 😘


  2. This style of post is such a good way to find out the top makeup bits for surviving the heat! I think I would rely on concealer, Stila convertible colours, and I'd have to buy a tube of They're Real for perfect lashes every day- no matter what the elements threw at me! Hope you are having fun and staying safe x


    1. Hi Lydia,

      Thanks for dropping by. Ya'know I've been lucky enough to visit a tonnes of super hot countries so this post doesn't come without a lot of first hand research and it wasn't always pretty! I've never heard of the Stila concealer but it sounds great so I'm definitely checking that out!


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