15 March 2017

It's a bit of a weird thing to say, "products I hate but can't get rid of." Why if you dislike them so much, can you not bear to part with them? It's slightly ridiculous. Well, that's the moral of this sorry story, 4 products I never use and don't particularly like, but I absolutely cannot get rid of them...

A couple of weeks ago I talked about beauty products I love dearly but practically never use. I'm talking, I've used them once but not in years. Which got me thinking about the state of my makeup collection and how much of it I actually value.

At the moment I'm preparing to go traveling for 4 months and my main goal is to create a minimalistic lifestyle. A wardrobe that is versatile but small to fit in my carry-on bag, personal items that bring me joy and a joyfully minimal makeup bag. Fighting my way through my ridiculously sized makeup collection was a feat and getting rid of products that don't fit my minimal goal set was even harder. Especially where these 4 products come into things.

MAC // Retro Matte Lipstick, Ruby Woo

My heart is soft for this lipstick. I picked it up on my 22nd birthday, to wear to my Taylor Swift themed party later that day. What screams "I'm feeling twenty-two" more than a red lip straight out of Taylor's '22' music video! Honestly not much, but since then I haven't worn it much. The retro matte formula makes it almost impossible to apply without snapping the bullet into two pieces or purchasing the 'pre-treatment lip balm' that accompanies the range. And me being a poor student when I bought the lipstick didn't quite have the funds to buy a glorified tube of vaseline. Which means I don't ever wear the lipstick.

I can't get rid of it because it's the perfect keepsake from my 22nd Birthday and my favourite age I've been. Plus who doesn't want a rather voluptuous MAC lipstick collection, even if there is a bullet I never use.

Urban Decay // Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

I talked about my love for the Naked 2 palette in my previous post, but the Naked 3 and I just don't get along. I have olive-ish toned skin, which disappointingly doesn't wear well with the rose, pink shades in this palette. It's a shame because I love the shades, and I'm a big fan of Urban Decay, especially their eyeshadows! Pigmentation is incredible and the range of matte to shimmers is great too. It's just these shades really don't look good on me.

But I can't get rid of it. I love being able to open my makeup drawer and seeing Naked 2 and 3 sitting side by side. I just need Naked 1 to complete my collection, how satisfying will that be. I can't be getting rid of my Naked 3 now, otherwise, I'll never have my beloved collection! Am I vain or what!

Tarte // Amazonian Clay Blush, Fearless

I got this Blush from Rhaea when she went to NYC a couple years ago. I sent her with $100 of my money and a list of things I needed from Sephora. This blush from Tarte being one of them. I picked the shade from the online swatches, which needless to say is a bad idea on any level. The shade is much, much too cold-toned for my warm skin tone and just doesn't live up to the coral pink it looked online.

And, I can't seem to part ways with it, purely for its name. Fearless. I have Fearless tattooed on my wrist and an eternal attachment to Taylor's description of the word. Therefore anything with Fearless written on is mine, til death do us part.

NYX // Matte Lip Cream, Abu Dhabi

I absolutely love the NYX matte lip creams. They can occasionally be a little bit streaky, but when applied right, they add a beautiful pop of colour to your makeup and have pretty good stay power too. The main reason I love them though, is for their soft texture and moisturising qualities. I picked this shade up when I was trying to branch out, try something new I told myself. Evidently, this shade was not for me. It's much too light and if it was slightly less orange-toned it would almost blend perfectly with my skintone itself. It's not a good look but I can't get rid of it for the satisfying way it looks in my also veluptuous NYX collection. I'm so vain it's a little ridiculous. 
It still sounds silly when I say it out loud, but do you own any products that you hate but can't get rid of? I've done pretty well at shifting the majority of my collection, but here still stands these four products that I can't bear to part with! How materialistic of me. Not that I care anyway! 

Love always,

8 March 2017

We're three months into 2017 and regardless of the state of your resolutions, it's never too late to start working towards a new goal. Whether it's a resolution, something you've given up for lent or just something you'd like to achieve this year, I've got 5 ways you can smash your goals this year!

It's got to that point in the year now where you're either a) truly smashing your New Years resolutions already, b) off to a slow start but still dedicated to make it work (possibly using Lent to try and get the ball rolling again) or c) have completely given up altogether. If you fall into category a, then go you, I think I've got some tips to help you keep up the amazing work. If it's c, then I'm not sure how much I can help you, but you must have come here for a reason, right? And if it's b, then this is the post for you!

Be Realistic!

I get that you want to run a marathon in your lifetime or reach 250,000 subs on YouTube but you have to be realistic with your goals. Chances are you probably won't be participating in the London Marathon if you haven't excercised since your last P.E. lesson 6 years ago! 

Make goals that are possible, but maybe slightly out of reach. Something that could happen but needs motivation and dedication to make it work. Maybe to run 10K in the next year or reach your first 1000 subs on YouTube instead. It's all about pushing yourself but not killing yourself in the process.

Write them down, and pin it in plain sight

If you've got something you really want to achieve this year but think laziness will get in your way, then make sure you've written down your goal and pinned it somewhere you'll look daily. Something as small as a sticky note on your bedroom door will work. Even if you don't read it physically, you'll know what it says and start to associate your goal with it everytime you see it. If that doesn't motivate you to start working on your goals, then the guilt of not achieving will have you working harder next time!

Give yourself a deadline

There's one thing saying "my new years resolution is to eat healthy", that's great, the intention is there. But with a deadline of 12 months time, it's likely you'll find yourself saying "I'll start next moneth" then "oh the diet starts Monday" before forgetting altogether. Setting deadlines will help you achieve your goals by motivating you to work faster. Tell yourself that by the end of each month you must cut out 2 unhealthy things from your diet, this will make the transition easier but more rewarding at the same time!

Stay Focused

I love that you have 10 goals and multiple things you want to achieve this year. But unless you have no friend, sleep little and have all the time in the day, it just won't work! Consider you want to run 10K for Comic Relief and reach 1,000 subs on YouTube. Once you consider how much time, effort and dedication it needs to achieve these two things alone, then factor in your Career/School, social engagements and general obsticles life throws your way, it's just not feasible.

Stay focused, pick big goal or a couple of smaller goals that you know you can work at without restricting other assets in your life. It's better to succeed at one goal than to fail at many!

Believe in Yourself

I guess this goes back to being realistic and focused, but if you don't have faith in your ability, motivation and dedication to work hard and achieve then what's the point? Blunt, I know. But you need to truly believe that you CAN and you WILL smash your goals! Picking something you know is achievable with the hard work that you know you can give will be the most rewarding in the long run! Believe that you can do what you've set out to do!

You know, these tips are super simple and really quite obvious when you think about it! But I'd put money on the fact you disregarded most of them when you chose your New Years Resolution this year! In 2016 that's exactly what I did and got to about June before I quit my losses.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more tips or tricks that you have been using to help smash your goals this year. I'm always up for learning new ways to kick ass!

Love always,