25 January 2017

Five Products I love but Never Use

I can quite openly admit that I am a beauty product hoarder, of which is quite possibly a big problem. And being a blogger has definitely got a lot to do with it. I use the “oh, I can buy that, it's market research” excuse far too often than I'd like to admit. So much so, that I have quite the stash of beauty products that I love but never use because they swiftly got replaced by something else!

I swear, I didn't even know it was an issue until I started to clear out my stuff a couple weeks ago. I can't take it all travelling with me in March, and how unfair to leave it here, sad, alone and unused for however long I'm gone for. Half of it, I'd completely forgotten I even owned. You know you have too much makeup and it's time to shift some, when you can't remember the extent of it!

What's worse, is I've gotten into a routine of using the same makeup every day. Whilst that was a strategy I started just before Christmas to wean myself off of some of the unnecessary products that I won't have room for in my suitcase when I leave. It doesn't help admitting to my obsession. But, in going through my stash, I've discovered all of these products, I absolutely loved in the past and can't bear to get rid of, even though I never use them now!

Urban Decay – Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette

The Urban Decay 'Naked 2' was the first eyeshadow palette I ever bought. The first eyeshadow palette I ever talked about on my blog. In fact, it might have even been the first ever product I talked about (Update: It wasn't but the nostalgia is still there). It quite possibly was the product that kicked off this obsession with makeup, and there I found it gathering dust in the back of my drawer like Woody from Toy Story.

What a sad, sad story.

The pigmentation is amazing, the warm toned neutral shades work with my colourings better than any of the other Naked palettes (particularly the Naked 3 which I also found hidden in a dark corner. It's a great palette for beginners and I'm not just saying that because it was my first ever palette. There is a great variation of shimmer to matte's, granted there are slightly more shimmery shades but it's nothing overly glittery or worthy of being afraid of!

But alas, I can't be falling in love all over again because it's much too big to be taking away with me. But no way in hell am I getting rid of it either!

NARS – Palais Royal Satin Lip Pencil

This lip product I bought at the same time as buying the same pencil, different colour for someone else. I knew I'd love it from the moment I swatched it and didn't want to leave the counter with something for someone else and nothing for me. Selfish, I know.

Here's to, maybe two years later, and it's still almost as new as when I bought it. I guess I don't love the product, not really. The pencil itself is much too soft and run's down very fast. And who own's a pencil sharpener that's that big! And Palais Royal is beautiful colour but the finish is much too dewy for my liking. I'm much more of a matte kind of girl. But again, I absolutely love the colour, there's no doubt about that!

I don't think it can stay in my collection though!

Maybelline – Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow

I remember a day when all of my blog posts consisted of one of these pots of pure joy. There was no beauty product I loved more than these. Back in the days when I wasn't so confident in my smokey eye abilities, came these miracle makers. Just a swipe on your eyelids and a gentle blend with a brush and you have pretty stellar eyeshadow. Somehow (and I'm not entirely sure how) they ended up with the other castaways in the back of my makeup drawer. I probably haven't touched them in almost a year!

I have 3 shades; Metallic Pomegranate, On and On Bronze & Pink Gold. They're all bold, metallic/shimmery shades so definitely won't work too well in the climates that I'm, heading too. However, I'm not letting go of them just yet. I am thinking about popping to Boots and picking up a lighter, matte shade, however, something that will fit quite nicely in my travel makeup bag.

BECCA – Shimmering Skin Perfector // Champagne Pop

There's no disguising how much I love the BECCA highlighters! I have been obsessed since I first discovered them on YouTube a couple of years ago. Back when they weren't so easily found on this side of the pond. I have two shades from the range; Champagne Pop and (my favourite of the two) Opal.

I was gifted Opal for my birthday a couple of years ago, the travel/tester version, which came with a mini pressed powder pigment, plus a mini liquid highlighter in the same shade. Whilst the colour payoff is 10 times better on the pressed pigment, the liquid version is the one that sticks around longer and is easier to apply.

I picked up Champagne Pop in New York last year because of how much I loved and used it's sister. It has much stronger, golden tones and works beautiful with a tan, but I just have so much more appreciation for Opal. It was the one I dreamt of owning for the longest time, I was gifted it by a friend and it was the first I owned of what I imagine will be many! Nostalgia has me won with this one too!

MAC – Gel Liner // Blacktrack

Gel liner is amazing, it's so much more pigmented than traditional Kohl or liquid liners and its stay power is like no other. In fact, I have had trouble getting it off in the past. However, it didn't stick around in my Makeup bag for long. You need to really dedicate time to apply this product as it's much harder to use which just doesn't cut it for day to day use. I only tend to reach for my MAC 'Gel Liner' now if I'm doing something fancy or special and really want and have time to make an effort beforehand! Which evidently, was so long ago I can't even remember!

I'm so, so shocked at how many products I have in my drawer that I value this much, particularly so much that I can't get rid of them, even though I never use them! It seems so silly to keep them here, makeup does go off after all. I'm almost positive that won't sway my decision to keep them permanently planted in my makeup drawer, just in case.

When was the last time you had a root around your makeup stash? Are there any products like mine which you love but never use?

Love always,

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  1. I do like my Naked from Urban Decay (and I travel with it) but I have to say do not go for Naked Basic. The quality and pigmentation is nowhere near as good plus lack of eyeshadow brush is a pain. I cannot even count how many times I've forgotten to take one with me. Iga www.igaberry.com


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