11 January 2017

How to layer up and not look like an elephant

Keeping warm at this time of year can be a tough task. Especially when looking good and staying warm don't always seem to meet as one so seamlessly. But from me, the girl who is always cold, to you, I have some tips to staying warm but look great whilst doing it. My favourite, layering all the pretty knits...

As must as I love Elephants, ending up the size of one whilst trying to keep warm in the winter, is absolutely not the one. There's looking good but being bloody cold. Then there's looking, well, ok but kind of like an elephant with the amount of layers your sporting.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a layers person, as much as not looking good affects my ego and my confidence. It's not as damaging as when I'm cold and damn grumpy because of it.

Staying Warm

That's the main aim of the game, right? The hard bit.

Two layers will always be better than one when temperatures are sub-zero, or even close to. In fact, you'll be short to find me with less than three layers when it gets the height of winter. I'm almost always wearing a long sleeved top, yes not a knit but technically it counts. Followed by a thin knit, topped off with something super thick, chunky and with the highest neck I can find! And then don't even get me started on scarves, I'll layer 2 scarves in one outfit. Anything to keep that cold breeze out!

However, layers are great, they really, really are. But you could be wearing 50 layers and still be freezing if your layers aren't the right fabrics.

Cotton is off limits in the winter, it sucks hard at keeping you warm, especially when damp or wet, which, in England, isn't particularly a far stretch. Cotton is actually one of the best, if not the best fabric to keep you cool in the Summer. So definitely not an option for this time of year! Wool, on the other hand, will keep you super toasty and should be your next best friend this winter. Although it can be kind of annoying to wash, a little expensive and 100% wool blends are hard to get hold of. But if you can, investing in some key, capsule, wool pieces this year, will last the test of time.

If however, luxury knit isn't quite on you bargain buster wishlist this year, then you should have a look at Polyester blends. They're much easier to find, and great windshields too. Meaning that a big knit under a leather jacket isn't going to leave you with pneumonia when out and about this winter!

Looking Good

And I don't mean that in a sleazy, trying to hit on you kind of way. Like I mentioned before, keeping warm whilst channelling the fashionista that you are, isn't the easiest of things to do. It always ends up being; what's more of a priority. Wrapping up warm but looking like an elephant, or look amazing but freeze your nipples off in the process? Decisions.

Layering knits isn't something I see a lot of anywhere. Not on Pinterest (believe me I've scoured for it), not on YouTube and not in Magazines. Yet, it's possibly my favourite fashion styling in the Winter. And is something I pretty much live in for 4/5 months of the year! There are so many ways you can layer different styles of knits to keep yourself warm but look pretty damn good too.

At this time of year, there is a plethora of knitwear to choose from. Thin knits, thick knits, wide knits. High necks, round necks, roll necks, just to name a few. And layering them is so easy. I have two ribbed knits from Primark, nothing chunky, just simple knitted tops. Both are long sleeved with turtle-necks. One's white with frills on the neck and the other is plain beige/pink. I love wearing the pink one under the white, it hides any awkward bra showing that happens with white tops and for the most part is relatively unseen. There is just a sneak of pink showing through from behind the frills. It's very simple, very cute and can be worn with jeans or a cord pinafore!

Another favourite is wearing the same Primark, white, knit top underneath, big oversized jumpers, like the one in the picture. It's super subtle and hardly noticeable but just adds a little something to an otherwise boring jumper.

V-necked jumpers, up until this year were a big no-no for me. Why would you want a jumper that would expose your chest. No thank-you, I'm a 'wrap up warm but look like an elephant' sort of person. However this year, I totally came around to the idea of wearing thin knits underneath the v-necks. It's much more of a statement than the other style's I love. But looks very chic, very cool.


The over-sized, elephant grey jumper is from the Jasper Conran range at Debenhams, it was £45 full price but I managed to grab it for £22.50 in the sale! It's super warm with the stretched turtle neck and rolled sleeves. I paired it with a ribbed knitted turtleneck from Primark, £6 what a bargain! The cute frills on the neck just poke above the jumper above, adding for a cute touch. I have some simple leggings, also from Primark (the ones with the fleece on the inside because they're super cosy!) And some thigh high boots from New Look.

My watch was a birthday present back in 2015 and is from Olivia Burton. It has a beautiful rose gold face and Navy leather strap! My bag is from Rebecca Minkoff, which I sneakily bought on Ebay because I don't have the money to be buying full price designer handbags. I wish!

Layering knitwear is a style I covet in the Winter. It's so easy to do and so utterly underrated! How do you style your clothes in the winter to keep yourself warm? If you have any more tips, I'd gladly read all about them because the girl who is eternally cold is heading to Iceland in March. Iceland of all places and I'm determined not to let the nippy weather ruin my trip!

Love always,

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