3 December 2016

Top 3 Winter Skincare Tips for hydrated skin

If there's one thing I suck at, it's switching up my skincare routine throughout the seasons. But in a final desperate stretch to succeed at one of my 2016 New Years Resolutions, I've found the 3 best skincare tips to keep skin hydrated in the winter time.

One of my very first posts of 2016 talked about my new years resolution; which was to find a beauty regime and stick to it! And I didn't do too bad at it either. For a while I had a solid 6 step routine that made me feel really amazing in my own skin. However laziness got the better of me 5 months down the line and whilst I was still looking after my skin, I wasn't doing all I could to better it. 

In a desparate attempt to rectify my mistakes I made over the summer, I've spend the last couple of months researching skincare and the importance of switching it up per season. Particularly looking after your skin and keeping it hydrated in Winter. 

My skin is a little dry but in the Winter the cold, dry air just does awful things to it, so the importance of keeping it hydrated is cruicial. There's the obvious things, like hydrate from the inside out, prime your skin and wrap up warm but there are ways to slightly alter your skincare routine to help too...

Moisturise More

In the winter our skin produces less natural oils which keep the skin moisturised, which for you oily skinned girls I guess is actually something of a blessing. However for those of you with drier skin, like myself, the winter can be a particularly tricky time. Moisturising more and using products that are much richer, creamier and full of hydrating properties will do wonders for your skin at this time of year! You should even consider picking up a moisturiser specifically for overnight regeneration to make the most of the time when your skin 'breathes' the most.

I recommend: Keihls - Ultra Facial Cream

Use a more gentle cleanser

In the winter, when skin is getting battered by the cold and wind, you don't want to come inside and use harsh, chemical based cleasers which will strip away the skin's natural oils. Try to find a cleanser that is more neutrally based to clean your skin on a more gentle level. If you can't find a neutral cleanser, try getting your skin clean in one go. Double cleansing is great but will dry out your skin faster at this time of year!

I recommend: Liz Earle - Cleanse & Polish

Face Masks for instant hydration

A daily skincare routine is great for making my skin feel great after a certain amount of time, but in the Winter when my skin is at its worst I look for more instant effects. And these tend to come in the form of face masks. Cosy-ing up with a blanket, hot chocolate and a face mask a couple evenings a week is the perfect way for a more instantaneous hydration, where the results are visible straight away. You don't have to spend a lot of money either, DIY face masks made from ingredients you have in your kitchen cupbards work just as effectively.

I recommend: Montagne Jeunesse - Dead Sea Sheet Mask

You don't have to do too much to swicth up your skincare routines in between seasons. My skin is dry all year round so I find myself using hydrating products even in the summer, just switching up how often I use them and the density in which I use them has been working amazingly so far.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips or tricks on battling dry skin at this time of year. 

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  1. When I want to treat my skin, I tend to use the clinque revitalizing cream and a face mask as well as a serum sometimes :)

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