4 December 2016

Things I'd like to achieve before 2017

I am a strong advocate for New Years resolutions and discovering new ways to better myself. The last few months of 2016 were very demotivating and slow but Blogmas has lit a new light and got me thinking about the future and how much I love blogging. In doing so, it's got me raring to be my best me, and how best to do it than setting myself goals to help me get there and achieve before 2017...

In January, I set myself 6 resolutions for the new year, some of which I succeeded at above and beyond all my expectations. Others, well they didn't turn out so great. But from those that I failed at, I learnt a much more valuable lesson. As uncool and cliche as it sounds, I discovered what is actually important my success as a person, and as a blogger.

So, I wanted to spend the rest of this year, (well, all three weeks of it) really making a change, turning a rather negative ending into something amazing.

I'm one for writing lists and setting myself goals, doing so motivates me to work hard, so I've set myself three goals of things I'd like to achieve before 2017. They're not your average resolution type goals, there's no "eat healthier" or "save money." It's all things that really stand out to me, looking back on the past three months.

I guess I should just stop the cliche blabbing and just get stuck in...

Have a more positive outlook

In November, Twitter went through this phase where people were posting "like this tweet and I'll post an opinion about you". It was such a warming and loving community to be involved in, everybody was saying such nice things about each other. And I did my fair shair of 'liking' said tweets too. Everyone likes to hear something nice about them and that was my little guilty pleasure for the week it was popular!

It wasn't until some opinion was:

"You doubt yourself too much and I wish you didn't cause you are amazing!! & beautiful."

That hit me. In a really hard but equally amazing way.

I've never noticed or considered myself to be a negative person and it's not until someone on the outside vocalises it that you start to notice it yourself. Whilst it sucked to hear that, it has done me a world of good already. I've been working on this goal for a couple of weeks now but it's something that I want to continue on. Turning "I can't" into "I totally can" and believing more in what I can do!

Be more visually creative

This year, after the relaunch of my blog in August, I got stuck in a routine when creating for my blog. By the end of November, all my posts looked the same. Aesthetically there was nothing separating each post, there was nothing special or magical about them. They all looked the same. Even though the content was new, fresh and unique, the post as a whole looked like everything else I've done before it.

I don't want to be creating if it's never going to be unique and pushing boundaries. I love blogs which aesthetically don't conform to the norm, which are different and interesting. Martha Jane Edwards and InTheFrow are huge inspirations of mine and are on a level I aim to be some day. I want to be able to channel my own creativity more with the aesthetics of individual blog posts.

I love the way my blog looks as a whole, that's something I'm really proud of but the content I post needs to reflect that now too. And with the rest of Blogmas to work on that, I think that's something I can certainly achieve before 2017!

1000 Followers on Twitter

Maybe, just maybe I'm being a little bit ambitious on this one (but I'm being positive so at least I'm working on one of my goals even if I fail at this one, ha!) And, what's more motivating than a goal that is just, ever so slightly out of reach?!

Currently my Twitter count is 882, so I've got exactly 3 weeks to find 120 new followers to get me to that 1000 mark. Totally feasible, right? I think so, but I could always use your help on this one... @melharding, follow me if you're not already! Teehee.

I don't know whether it's the Christmas spirit or just the fact I'm realising my true potential after what has felt like a few awful, sad months. But I'm really excited for the new year and where the next three weeks are going to take me.

Now is a better time than any to start reaching for that goal you've been dreaming of. So, I challenge you to think of just one thing that you'd like to achieve before 2017! Leave it in the comments below and if you I can, I'll try and help you get there. I've got your back, 'cause I know you've got mine. Cheesey but so necessary because I bloody love this community, with the love and support it encompasses!

Love always,



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  1. I really need a more positive outlook too - also I need to make resolutions and actually stick to them, haha.



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