5 December 2016

5 Ways to make your blog more festive

One of my favourite things about Twitter as the seasons change is seeing how everybody channels their inner festive. Punny Twitter names and bio's full if Christmas Tree's and Stars are just the best. So I was thinking about how things you could do to your blog to make it feel more festive this Christmas...

Unfortunately for me, the only festive Twitter names I could come up with wern't as cool as the one's everybody else have conjured up. I'm a super festive person and starting Christmas mid October is super ok with me, so not being about to jump on the festive Twitter name trend, really truly sucks (I'll totally give a prize to someone who comes up with something good for me though!) Which got me to thinking, how else can I channel my inner Christmas spirit for everyone on the Internet to see.

Well, here's some pretty amazing ways to do it on your blog.

Let It Snow

Literally. You can't get more wintery on your blog than actual snowflakes falling from your blog header. And it's totally not difficult to do either. It took just a quick Google search, and bunch of tutorials on how to do it come up on how you can get snow to fall just like the sparkles from my header above. But to save you the time:

Head over to byChloeThemes and have a bowse through her extensive source of floating/falling things. There are live demo's so you can see exactly what each one looks like when applied. Then just copy and the HTML snippet she provided just above the <body> tag in your main code.

The body tag resides somewhere near the top of all blogger coding, however if you can't find it, tap your curser anywhere into the code box. Hit Cmd+F (Ctrl+F on Windows), this will bring up the find bar, then pop '<body>' in and hit enter. This should find it for you!

Christmassy Outtro

Most blogs I read, including my own own, have recognisable ways of signing off after each post that are unique to the blogger. For instance, I end all my posts "love always, Melissa". I pop that at the end of every post, so that you know it's me who wrote it and that I love you, always ;)

If you have an outtro similar to this, maybe think about switching it up this season. Something as simple as "Merry Christmas" or a little bit more punny and exciting would work too. Maybe even consider adding an illustration after your name too!

Switch Up Your Header

Most blog headers cab been seen almost all the time when scrolling through your blog and on every page too. So if you're looking for a stronger way to give off the Christmas vibe, then maube changing up your header is the way to go!

If your blog header is simple but chic with just the name, maybe wrap it with a cute Christmas Wreath Illustration or pinch of holly in the corner. If you want to keep the theme running, maybe consider dotting the illustrations around the place too. Next to your profile picture in the sidebar or underneath a blog title. It's a super subtle, classy idea but really Christmassy too.

Fancy a season theme change?

If you're really feeling the Christmas spirit, maybe change your theme up altogether. There are bunch of Christmas themes available for free, which fit the blog aesthetic but are beautifully Christmassy too. These two, here and here are my favourites!

Stylise your photo's

If you're not too keen on altering code or HTML, then switching up the photography is a super easy way to show your empowering Christmas spirit.

Pick up some fairy lights, copper jingle bells and Christmas decorations to scatter in your flatlays. Take your photo's in front of your Christmas tree or just scatter a little glitter and fake snow to turn jazz things up a little. It honestly, couldn't be easier!

No matter your 'skill' level, or how little or much festive design you want to add to your blog this year, there are so many ways to do it. Let me know in the comments below if you've made any changes to your blog this season to fit with the festivities, I'd love to take a look.

Love always,



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