1 December 2016

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is...

What is more appropriate on the first day of Blogmas than sending my letter to Santa. And what a more appropriate way to do it in the 21st century than to post it on the internet rather than handing it over to snail mail. Chances are it'd be late and/or get lost to do it the old fashioned way. At least this way Santa will know as soon as I hit publish that THIS is all I want for Christmas...

Dear Santa,

Writing my list this year has been pretty, damn hard. My Mum has been harrowing me since mid-October and oh the struggle it was to write a list this year. Seeing as I'm going travelling in March, I don't want to ask for anything I can't take with me, ya'know. But then, I don't want to pop thermals and SD Cards on my list because where's the fun in opening that on Christmas morning. So, I've compiled a rather generous list of things that I'd love to open on Christmas morning, but reckon might be useful when I fly the nest next year too...

TARTE // Tartelette In Bloom Palette

A girls got to have a new makeup palette every Christmas, it's in the rule book. And this one will make me beautiful all year round but will be great for travelling too! It's got, what looks like a really great selection of neutral shades, mattes for the day time and all the shimmer for nightime fun! It also has a ginormous mirror which will be perfect days when I'm doing my makeup in a Taxi in Toronto or in a hostel in Vancouver!

Sephora // 'The Weekender' Travel Makeup Bag

    I'd be a fool to tell you I won't be taking half my makeup collection with me when I travel. To be fair, I've given half of it away already so when I say I'll be taking half of it, I guess that just means only a quarter. But either way, I need somewhere to store it. And something with space for my brushes would be good too! I love the look of this one from Sephora.

    TOPSHOP // Joni Jeans (Black)

      Because you always need another pair of skinny black jeans and mine are paint splattered from work. Oops. In fact, maybe pop two pairs of these in my Stocking!

      DR. Martens // Leonore Chelsea Boots

        When I travel, I'm going to be in Iceland in the middle of winter, so a new pair of winter boots perfect for cold, icy condition is very, very necessary. I've been shopping around a lot looking for some that feel really comfortable, have great grip but also look good. These are a little pricey but, I haven't found a pair that even compared to these.

        NYX // Matte Lip Cream

        Christmas morning wouldn't be Christmas morning without some toys and a selection of Matte Lip Creams from NYX would be amazing. I mean there is a NYX Matte Lip Cream Vault that you could treat me too with all of the shades from the range included, but I'm settle for just a few of my most wanted ones. Monte Carlo and Cophenhagen would be a delight! 

        Charlotte Tillbury // Matte Revolution Lipstick

        A girl can never have too many lip products and whilst I can't take all of them travelling with me, they'll be here to greet me when I get home! I have lusted over this lipstick for so, so long but the price puts me off everytime I think to buy it for myself! Glastonberry, Red Carpet Red or Love Liberty are on my lustlist, so the choice is yours. And if you're feeling extra generous, CT's 'Luxury Palette' in Dolce Vita would also be right up my street! 

        I guess I should stop there, I honestly could go on and on and on. For those of you reader this who aren't the main man himself, let me know what you're asking for for Christmas this year! And if you're doing Blogmas, leave me your links in the comments so I can check out your posts too! 

        Love always,


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        1. Heading to Iceland sounds fab! It's somewhere I've always wanted to visit.

          Your Christmas list sounds fab

          Tori | Tori’s World


        I love hearing what you have to say too...