30 November 2016

So, tomorrow is the 1st of December. Blogmas (& Christmas) is literally on our snowy doorsteps. So I thought that today I'd share 100 festive topics you could talk about on your blog this Blogmas! You've got no excuse...

Finally, tomorrow's the day that it's finally acceptable to don the Christmas jumpers & rudolph socks without feeling ashamed for doing so! AND it's the start of Blogmas! AH Blogmas, I have a love hate relationship with Blogmas. It's one of those things that I love, truly madly deeply love because I love my blog and I love Christmas! But the commitment of posting every single day for 25 days straight is something I suck at. I mean, as if we don't have enough to do at this time of year anyway! Like I said, I love Christmas and so Blogmas is always going to be something I damn try my hardest at. Whether I make it the full 25 days successfully and in one peice on the other hand, well only time will tell...

And in the spirit of Christmas, I'm here a day early to help you guys, much like myself get to the 25th December with 25 Christmassy posts and a full glass of prosecci. I'm only commiting to half of that statement, but I'm I definitely going to have a glass when we're done.

Here goes, 100 Festive Blogmas Idea's...

Walking in Bloggers Wonderland

  1. Create a Blogger Present/Card Swap
  2. Host a Festive Giveaway
  3. How to shop for a Blogger
  4. Throwback to Last years Blogmas Posts

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

  1. Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is...
  2. What are your family Christmas Traditions?
  3. What does Christmas mean to you?
  4. Day in the Life: Christmas Day
  5. Ghosts of Christmas Past (Photo's and memories)
  6. Things I'd like to achieve before 2017
  7. My big bucket list of things to do before December 25th
  8. The Big Christmas Tree Reveal
  9. How to Pinterest up your Christmas Tree
  10. # Super Easy DIY Christmas Decorations
  11. The Ultimate Christmas Day playlist
  12. The Christmas Party Playlist (because that's a totally different thing)
  13. Fictional Characters on Santa's Naughty List
  14. Fictional Characters on Santa's Nice List
  15. # Books to Snuggle Up with this Winter
  16. My all time favourite Christmas Movies
  17. Board Games to play with the whole family

How long until Christmas break again?

  1. How not to act at your Work Christmas Party
  2. What to buy your Boss for Christmas
  3. Secret Santa Presents Under £5 that don't suck
  4. How to shop for someone you don't know well

Shopping, the best bit. No?

  1. Gift Guide: On a Budget
  2. Gift Guide: DIY Presents
  3. Gift Guide: Last Minute Ideas
  4. Gift Guide: For the person you forgoT
  5. Gift Guide: For your Furry Friends
  6. Gift Guide: Secret Santa
  7. Black Friday Christmas Present Haul
  8. Generic Black Friday Haul
  9. Stocking Stuffers for the Beauty Lover
  10. # Places to Grab Amazing Bargains
  11. Where to shop Online this Christmas
  12. How to shop on a Budget
  13. Tips for Christmas Shopping in one go
  14. How to survive the Boxing Day Sales
  15. Post Christmas Sales Wishlist
  16. Best places to Christmas Shop in *insert place name here*
  17. Pinterest Gift Wrap on a Budget
  18. How I'm wrapping my presents this year
  19. Ways to save money this Christmas

Ok, beauty. THIS is the best bit!

  1. Beauty Products I can't live without: Christmas Edition
  2. Skincare Products I can't live without: Winter Edition
  3. How to Survive the Winter Cold
  4. #TT: What I wore, Christmas 2015
  5. How much does my face cost: Christmas Day Edition
  6. Why it's important to wear SPF even in Winter
  7. Red Lips to Invest in for Christmas
  8. Top # Festive Nail Art
  9. How to kick butt at Christmas Nails
  10. # Makeup Looks to rock around the Christmas Tree
  11. How to look after your lips this Winter

Beacause Christmas ain't Christmas without a bit of Travel

  1. # places you must visit this Christmas
  2. The best Christmas Markets in *insert place name here*
  3. How to organise a Christmas Roadtrip
  4. Top # Christmas Markets
  5. Festive places to visit this year
  6. Christmas Travel destinations on a budget
  7. Things to fo this Christmas for free
  8. The Winter Wanderlust List
  9. Top # things to do in *enter place name here* this Christmas
  10. Christmassy Places to visit before you die

It's Party Dress Season!

  1. What I wore: On Christmas Day
  2. Fashion Disasters of Christmas Past
  3. # Christmas Jumpers you need this year
  4. Christmas Party outfit, on a budget
  5. How to look amazing but appropriate at your work Christmas Party
  6. What's on Trend: The Christmas Party
  7. What's on Trend: New Years
  8. 2016 Winter Lookbook

NO WAIT! THIS is the best bit about Christmas

  1. How to make Mince Pie's like your Grandma
  2. Christmas Treat's you should be endulging in this year
  3. Christmas Cookies that Santa will love
  4. What's on the *insert family name here* family Christmas Day Menu
  5. The Boxing Day Christmas Menu
  6. Gingerbread Men like Mrs Claus makes
  7. Why it's tradition to set your Christmas Pudding on fire
  8. Chocolate Bark that Everyone's talking about
  9. Testing Merry Berry's Yule Log
  10. Easy Bake recipe's that the whole family can get involved in
  11. Top # sweet treats to indulge in this Christmas
  12. Pinterest made me bake it...
  13. Top # Christmas Treats on Pinterest


  1. How to throw a Banging New Years Party
  2. # New Years Party Idea's I found on Pinterest
  3. 2016 Photo Diary
  4. How to Pinterest your Party
  5. New Years Resolutions
  6. # Things I succeeded at this year
  7. # Ways I surprised myself this year
  8. # Games to play at your New Years Party
  9. # Ways to celebrate New Years without getting drunk
  10. How to avoid a New Years Day Hangover

What's Christmas without some friendly competition

You can even get your readers to vote on these ideas...
  1. Who can buy the Ugliest Christmas Sweater
  2. Gingerbread House Building Challenge
  3. The Best Christmas Cracker Jokes
  4. The Christmas Tag
Not going to lie, when I originally took on this task to think of 100 Blogmas Topic Idea's, I never thought I'd actually do it. Very, very pleased with myself.

If you use any of these idea's, I'd love to read the outcomes, link them in the comments below and @ reply me on Twitter. I'll be sharing all the ones that come through to my followers on Twitter too!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Love always,

19 November 2016

This year, I've really struggles with concealing my under eyes and the big blue circles that come along with them. I've tried many products, some which were really great at concealing but left my skin dry and wrinkly. And some, well they were just plain awful. But with just under 2 months left of 2016, I've finally found the most flawless, high coverage concealer for vanishing those pesky under eye circles!

I have normal to dry skin and awful blue circles under my eyes, so finding a concealer that not only vanishes the zombie on my face but also moisturises, has been a hard task. Last year, I was besotted with the Creamy Radiant Concealer by NARS. It has amazing coverage and doesn't sink into any fine lines, great right! My only issue was that the formula is much to thick for the under eye area, which made it feel cakey and most certainly not natural.

If on the off chance, you're after something high coverage for pimples and redness though, you should definitely check it out! In fact, I've got a post for it here...

I tried so, so many different concealers and throughout my search, everybody was telling me to try the Naked Skin Concealer from Urban Decay. And I mean everybody! But I was so desperate to find something more afforable. In hindsight, I should have just listened because here I am 10 months later and probably well over £50 down on all the wasted concealers. On this occaision, you can't just tick all the boxes on thiand not spend over £10.

Naked skin sounds great, I'd love to be able to wear my skin naked. In fact, on most days, I actually do but on the days where I can't face the world looking half dead, a concealer that hides the things you don't like but in a natural "I woke up like this" kind of way, is everything! 

It has a dauffer applicator, so precision application is super easy. Not that I need precision under my eyes because those dark circles spread further than the Sahara desert. No joke. I've been using my Zoeva '142 / Concealer Brush' brush to distribute the product a little more evenly, because if anything the dauffer aplicator can be a little generous, but that would be my only negative point. But I wouldn't say no to a little more concealer, not where my under eyes are concerned that's for sure.

The finer cosistency is a dream for blending and almost unnoticable around the thin layers of skin under my eyes. It sets slower, so you have more time to blend and really work for that natural finish. And it lasts well, too. I always top my concealer up thoughout the day, but I haven't noticed an exelerated dissapearance compared to other concealers I have tried. 

I'm pretty damn impressed to say the least. I am sending out virtual hugs to everyone who told me I should try it! In fact, I'm so impressed, I really want to get my hands on the Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid from Urban Decay too. I reckin if it works as beautifully as this concealer, we may have a under eye dream team on our hands. 

But I'll get back to you on that...

Love always,

12 November 2016

So everybody who's got a sense of fashion at the moment is in love with the copper. Copper makeup, copper hair, copper decor. And I have found the best copper nail varnish duo that you absolutely must try this autumn.

What more could you want from a Nail Varnish it mid autumn than something copper and sparkly? It's cold, the leaves are very much orange and carpeting the ground outside. The Christmas lights are slowly getting switched on in Town and there's only 6 more Monday's until Santa pops over. How could you feel any more autumnal than a glittery copper nail varnish paired with a rich wine shade?

Now I hear you screaming GLITTER? Don't click away, this isn't any glitter nail varnish. It's not rough, you're not going to catch your woolly knits on it and you're absolutely not going to have a mare trying to get it off in time to dorn the Reds. Barry M have made a super smooth, super easy to apply, super easy to remove and super good looking glittery nail varnish. IT'S SUPER.

This is 'Copper Mine' from Barry M's Molten Metals range, and it is *heart eyes emoji*. Like I said, it goes on like a dream, no glumpy, oversized glitter particles anywhere. Just a really fine, gold & silver shimmer mixed with a vibrant metalic copper.

Now, this is Melissa here and I'm not about to let the Berry tones run away from me, I was never here to go completely copper on you. I've popped 'Copper Mine' on my ring fingers as an accent shade and  'Vengence is Wine' also by Barry M on the other nails.

'Vengence is Wine' is a deep, dark cherry shade which is part of their Daylight Curing range, which if you visit here often, you'll know is a favourite of mine!

These two shades together look beautiful, I've been wearing them together for a couple weeks now and I'm almost certain I'll continue doing so in the weeks to come!

I'd love to know what you think of these two shades in the comments below. Are there any polishes that you've been loving this season?

Love always,