8 October 2016

Transitional Fall Lipsticks you need in your collection

If you read my post last week, then you'll know all too well how I'm much too swift with the transition to autumn. So, I've devised a bunch of posts leading perfectly into the middle of October on how to flawlessly transition into Autumn without getting too ahead of yourself and this week it's all about those fall lipsticks you need that won't look silly in the middle of September!

In last weeks 3-step guide to transitional makeup for the girl who's mentally living 2 seasons ahead, I talk a lot about the sorts of colours you should be wearing on your lips. Transitioning to fall subtly is all about dark hues in your makeup routine but nothing too bold or too much like something out of Morticia Addams makeup bag. Yeah, it's Halloween soon, but not yet, slow down dear grasshopper.

Here are a bunch of lip products that I absolutely love and reckon you should get a hold of this autumn for a more flawless transition from summer...

NYX // Matte Lip Cream - Rome

If you read my blog regularly then you'll know how much I love the matte lip creams by NYX. They last longer than regular glosses which means less top-ups (yes!) and they don't dry out your lips like similar matte products (double yes!!). In theory, Autumn means cooler, colder weather so your lips are a more vulnerable to drying out, products that don't aid in this get two thumbs up from me!

This shade, in particular, is fairly new to my rather voluptuous collection. Think of it as a 'my lips but better shade' but then two shades darker. It's definitely a nude, but darker so you feel that little bit more festive and not so bold that you stand out like the eager beaver you are!

MAC // Matte Lipstick - Velvet Teddy

This is another cult product on my blog, I talked about this lipstick probably more times than people cared to read this Summer. But it's honestly so versatile for every season. With a tan, you look like the summer goddess you are, but once your tan is gone, it's a damn pretty shade for your transitional autumn wardrobe.

Velvet Teddy is lighter than Rome from NYX but has much warmer tones which, I think, is perfect for channelling your inner crunchy leaves addiction. It's not quite the rusty tone of fallen leaves but it's a great in-between from Summer to Autumn.

Kat Von D // Everlasting Lipstick - Lolita

If you absolutely can't seem to hold back on the bold lippy, then this one should sort out those cravings until it's fully acceptable to go full Dark Side on everyone!

Lolita is a couple shades darker than the other two shades I've mentioned already and less red-toned too. Whilst the others will channel a darker nude sort of vibe this one is definitely not nude and much more brown toned. It's dark and bold enough to shout autumn in an edgy sort of way. Which I think is so acceptable to transitional to fall. Berry, vampy looking lipsticks should be saved for almost Halloween onwards!

Rimmel London // Lasting Finish Lipstick - 01

So I've talked a lot so far about brave lip choices because they're always the first thing you think about when you think Autumn. But how much do you love the look of a bold red lippy with a stipped top and leather jacket. Red lips are always so forgotten about in Autumn/Winter, they'll make an appearance again at Christmas but tend to go into hibernation until Summer. Which is totally not acceptable, my favourite type of lip is a red one!

This one my Rimmel is perfect for this season, it's deeper and more mature enough to should Fall but it's not too dark and vampy either. The formula is really moisturising and long lasting too!

Whatcha think? I love all these shades, and even though I've cracked out the berry tones too early and risked looking like a fool, there's still much hope for you!

Love always,

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