29 October 2016

October Favourites

It's finally October Favourites time, the leaves outside are various shades of red and orange and the weather has definitely given up its tropical front that it was sporting in September. This month has felt ridiculously long and my shortlist of favourites resembled that, but I managed to break it down to 5 products I have loved this month!

It feels like every month, when I sit down to write my favourites, I'm always so shocked that it's already the end of the month. October however, has gone by so, so slowly and I'm actually so excited for November to be right around the corner. This month, I've done a tonne of overtime at work and there's been so much going on in terms of planning for travelling next year and I've actually spent so much time with friends, which is great! And unlike the most recent monthly favourites, I've actually been playing around my makeup and fallen in love with some new pieces...

Anastasia Beverley Hills // Dip Brow Pomade

My brows are a part of my routine that I won't skip, so if I'm running low on time in the mornings and can only make a few steps of my routine, then my brows are most certainly the first I go for. And on the weekends, when I can really have fun with my makeup, using my Dip Brow Pomade has been so fun. 

It's super easy to apply, using the ABH angled brow brush I take a tiny amount of product onto the brow by apply light strokes. It's really great at getting good, strong angles and sharp lines to where you need them. But it's also great at light brush strokes to the inner most part of your brows for a soft, natural look! 

I definitely mentioned this in my September favourites too but I honestly love this product!

Kat Von D // Everlasting Lipstick - Lolita

If you read my Transitional Autumn Lipsticks post a couple weeks ago, then you'll know all about  my attempt to make Fall last longer by avoiding the berry toned lipsticks for as long as possible. Well, for the most part, I managed to do just that and in doing it, this Gloss by Kat Von D has been a stellar staple in my wardrobe this month!

It's a beautiful, dark-ish brown shade, with a very muted red tones to it. The year before last it was all over the Blogosphere, everybody was loving it, however, it's been under the radar ever since. 

Zoeva // Nude Spectrum Palette

There are so many fun things going on in November, the Blogosphere Christmas Market on the 5th I am beyond excited for. And I'm a Saggitarius baby which means my birthday's coming up at the end of the month too! All month long, I've been practicing different makeup looks for all the exciting events coming up and this palette was my go-to every single time!

There are a bunch of ahh-mazing autumnal shades such as 'N-- a shimmery, raspberry shade and 'N--' and crazily pigmented gold! But then also, there's a great mix of matte's a, highlight and outer corner shades. Honestly, such a great palette!

Barry M // Molten Metals Nail Varnish - Copper Mine

There's a post coming up in a couple of weeks, strictly dedicated to this nail varnish because it is beautiful. Not rose gold, not gold, but the most amazing shimmery copper shade you have ever seen! Trust me on this.

It's Barry M, so it apply's like a dream with their incredible wide angled brush and the stay power is pretty good too! AND, once it dries it's super smooth, not like the rough texture of other glitter polishes, which also makes it easy to remove as well! What more could you ask for from a festive nail polish at this time of year?

Urban Decay // Naked Concealer

I have been in the market for a concealer for a ridiculous amount of time. I'm very lucky and don't suffer to much with spots so my concealer is primarily for hiding my dark, under eye circles. It needs to be something high covereage because lets be realistic, under eye circles arent easy to make disapear. Said concealer also can't be too thick because thick formula's dry out my skin, but then thin formula's tend to sit in the wrinkles.

Dilemma right?!

Well, Urban Decay I love you! This concealer ticks all of the boxes, it's fairly high coverage and the perfect consitency not to play havoc with my skin. Perfect!

And that is that! Here's to another month over and 31 days closer to Christmas! Are you excited yet?

Love always,

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