22 October 2016

Must have autumnal lipsticks for your makeup bag

Finally, Autumn is in full swing; it's chilly outside and the leaves are creating a carpet of orange on the ground outside. I imagined posting this so much earlier, but we had a really warm September and, it just didn't seem right. But it's finally time, here is my round-up of lip products you must have in your makeup bag this season.

Only last week I posted my transitional autumn makeup routines (which you can read here & here) but the weather has just switched so quickly and it feels so much more acceptable to be getting out the berry tones now than it was in the sun last week!

In fact, I've had this post drafted and practically ready to publish in the early days of September. At work, I've been living the ball-ball and tinsel life of Christmas for weeks. Anyway, I can see this getting off topic...

MAC // Dark Side

Putting this one in first because it's an obvious pick and you should have guessed it ereally! I talked about this non-stop last autumn and I doubt this year is going to be any different. Although, it was toss-up and Dark Side almost lost out to Rebel for this pick. But nostalgia won me over. That and, Dark Side is a warm, plum toned shade which I think works best for Autumn. Rebel well, it's got bluer tones to it and I think, would look best in winter, so we'll save that for a few months time. But until then...

NYX // Liquid Suede - Cherry Skies

I pick this shade up in August with the dream in mind of thick knit jumpers, Chelsea boots and this lipstick. It's so, so beautiful. I know I say that a lot about products I love, but this shade honestly takes 'beautiful' to another level.

It's aptly named, a deep, cherry red shade which just looks amazing on. I talk a lot about this brand and range on lip glosses because they're amazing, the durability and longevity is amazing but they dry down to a comfortable matte too. The only gripe I have about this gloss, is that the application is a little uneven, you definitely need a matching pencil or lipstick underneath. That issue is limited to just this shade, I've never had a problem with Sandstorm which I pretty much lived in, in September!

NARS // Palais Royal

Guess who's back, back again... I bloody love this shade and I was rooting through my drawers trying to find the perfect products for this post and found this wedged away. Similar to Dark Side this lippy makes me feel so nostalgic. This was one of the first designer/more expensive product I ever bought when I got into makeup a few years back.

The shade is almost identical to Dark Side, in fact, if it wasn't for the slightly reddier tones, it'd probably be an exact dupe. However, Palais Royal has a much glossier, satin effect to its overall finish. So if you're not so keen on the matte effect which is taking over the Blogosphere currently, then I'd put money on your loving this!

NYX // Matte Lip Cream - Prague

Autumn isn't always about the deep red's and berry tones shades and what I love about this lip gloss is it's so vibrant but still screams autumn. It's not fiery but it's definitely bold and brave and wouldn't fit better in any other season.

Are there any lip products that you reckon you're going to be loving this season? If so let me know in the comments because I'm always looking for a new bold lippy! In fact, I've got quite a wishlist forming already.

Love always,

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  1. I still need to try the nyx lipgloss thing we talked about!

    Isobel x

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    1. I still can't believe you haven't already! They actually rock, you must try them soon!


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