15 October 2016

6 Nail Shades Perfect for Autumn

Every Spring and Autumn, Pantone release a selection of shades they think are going to trend that season. Back in March I picked my 5 favourites and found they're nail varnish doppelgangers. So I thought I'd do that same this season and pick a few shades that I think are perfect for Autumn/Fall...

POTTERS CLAY // Barry M Molten Metal - Copper Mine

The whole rose gold/copper trend is something I got into very late. But better late than never and what better time to start loving it too! With the leaves turning fiery shades of orange, copper on your nails, eye and wherever you can inject is the perfect infusion of autumn in your daily life.

Particularly though, this shade is the bomb diggity. I love glitter nail polish, but I hate the way it catches on my clothes and is an absolute nightmare to remove. --- by Barry M however, is super smooth on the nails and comes off just the same as a regular polish. And the "no chip" factor is pretty damn good too!

AURORA RED // Rimmel London - Rapid Ruby

Shades of Red are great hosts to all seasons. A staple red in your nail and lip wardobe is a must all year round. An in Autumn the darker, more rusty shades work the best in autumn. Rapid Ruby is a great encapsulation of all of those things, it's bold, it's mature, it's slightly darker and rustier but not so much that it's too cherry toned. This shade will work as a great transition into Christmas too!

WARM TAUPE // Essie - Chinchilly

Grey has been a really on-trend colour this year and this season isn't going to see any different to that. Pantone's warm toned take on the cult favourite colour is perfect for Autumn. Chinchilly by Essie sort of changes colour in different lights, is it nude? Is it grey? Is it lilac, even?

SILVER PEONY // Rimmel London - Caramel Cupcake

This shade is the perfect dusky nude you've ever seen, you can hold me to that. It's a great everyday shade if you work in places where maybe manicured nails isn't quite as accepted as it is for the full-time stay at home blogger. I.E. if you work in shop like me! But also, it looks fab this Autumn. And what's even better, it also goes beautifully with Copper Mine by Barry M.

BODACIOUS // Essie - Splash of Grenadine?

Definitely not the most obvious colour choice for Autumn, but a beautiful one none-the-less. It's a bright, blue toned purple with hints of pink. It doesn't lend itself too kindly to the other colours I've mentioned but it's a bold, brave choice to Autumn for those of you who aren't so keen on the darker, vampier colours.

OXBLOOD // Barry M - Vengence is Wine

So, the complete opposite of what I've just mentioned, Vengence is Mine is your ultimate dark, vampy, berry shade. In fact it's so dark that in some lights it can be mistaken for black. But don't let that put you off, this is definitely a contender for around Halloween where you want something a little more festive but you're not so keen on looking like something out of 'Nightmare before Christmas'.

Whatcha think? Pantone only release they're colours for the season twice yearly, once in Spring and once in Autumn. And this year's colours couldn't have been further spread apart! If you haven't seen it yet, Spring's Pantone Nail shades can be found here...

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