29 October 2016

It's finally October Favourites time, the leaves outside are various shades of red and orange and the weather has definitely given up its tropical front that it was sporting in September. This month has felt ridiculously long and my shortlist of favourites resembled that, but I managed to break it down to 5 products I have loved this month!

It feels like every month, when I sit down to write my favourites, I'm always so shocked that it's already the end of the month. October however, has gone by so, so slowly and I'm actually so excited for November to be right around the corner. This month, I've done a tonne of overtime at work and there's been so much going on in terms of planning for travelling next year and I've actually spent so much time with friends, which is great! And unlike the most recent monthly favourites, I've actually been playing around my makeup and fallen in love with some new pieces...

Anastasia Beverley Hills // Dip Brow Pomade

My brows are a part of my routine that I won't skip, so if I'm running low on time in the mornings and can only make a few steps of my routine, then my brows are most certainly the first I go for. And on the weekends, when I can really have fun with my makeup, using my Dip Brow Pomade has been so fun. 

It's super easy to apply, using the ABH angled brow brush I take a tiny amount of product onto the brow by apply light strokes. It's really great at getting good, strong angles and sharp lines to where you need them. But it's also great at light brush strokes to the inner most part of your brows for a soft, natural look! 

I definitely mentioned this in my September favourites too but I honestly love this product!

Kat Von D // Everlasting Lipstick - Lolita

If you read my Transitional Autumn Lipsticks post a couple weeks ago, then you'll know all about  my attempt to make Fall last longer by avoiding the berry toned lipsticks for as long as possible. Well, for the most part, I managed to do just that and in doing it, this Gloss by Kat Von D has been a stellar staple in my wardrobe this month!

It's a beautiful, dark-ish brown shade, with a very muted red tones to it. The year before last it was all over the Blogosphere, everybody was loving it, however, it's been under the radar ever since. 

Zoeva // Nude Spectrum Palette

There are so many fun things going on in November, the Blogosphere Christmas Market on the 5th I am beyond excited for. And I'm a Saggitarius baby which means my birthday's coming up at the end of the month too! All month long, I've been practicing different makeup looks for all the exciting events coming up and this palette was my go-to every single time!

There are a bunch of ahh-mazing autumnal shades such as 'N-- a shimmery, raspberry shade and 'N--' and crazily pigmented gold! But then also, there's a great mix of matte's a, highlight and outer corner shades. Honestly, such a great palette!

Barry M // Molten Metals Nail Varnish - Copper Mine

There's a post coming up in a couple of weeks, strictly dedicated to this nail varnish because it is beautiful. Not rose gold, not gold, but the most amazing shimmery copper shade you have ever seen! Trust me on this.

It's Barry M, so it apply's like a dream with their incredible wide angled brush and the stay power is pretty good too! AND, once it dries it's super smooth, not like the rough texture of other glitter polishes, which also makes it easy to remove as well! What more could you ask for from a festive nail polish at this time of year?

Urban Decay // Naked Concealer

I have been in the market for a concealer for a ridiculous amount of time. I'm very lucky and don't suffer to much with spots so my concealer is primarily for hiding my dark, under eye circles. It needs to be something high covereage because lets be realistic, under eye circles arent easy to make disapear. Said concealer also can't be too thick because thick formula's dry out my skin, but then thin formula's tend to sit in the wrinkles.

Dilemma right?!

Well, Urban Decay I love you! This concealer ticks all of the boxes, it's fairly high coverage and the perfect consitency not to play havoc with my skin. Perfect!

And that is that! Here's to another month over and 31 days closer to Christmas! Are you excited yet?

Love always,

22 October 2016

Finally, Autumn is in full swing; it's chilly outside and the leaves are creating a carpet of orange on the ground outside. I imagined posting this so much earlier, but we had a really warm September and, it just didn't seem right. But it's finally time, here is my round-up of lip products you must have in your makeup bag this season.

Only last week I posted my transitional autumn makeup routines (which you can read here & here) but the weather has just switched so quickly and it feels so much more acceptable to be getting out the berry tones now than it was in the sun last week!

In fact, I've had this post drafted and practically ready to publish in the early days of September. At work, I've been living the ball-ball and tinsel life of Christmas for weeks. Anyway, I can see this getting off topic...

MAC // Dark Side

Putting this one in first because it's an obvious pick and you should have guessed it ereally! I talked about this non-stop last autumn and I doubt this year is going to be any different. Although, it was toss-up and Dark Side almost lost out to Rebel for this pick. But nostalgia won me over. That and, Dark Side is a warm, plum toned shade which I think works best for Autumn. Rebel well, it's got bluer tones to it and I think, would look best in winter, so we'll save that for a few months time. But until then...

NYX // Liquid Suede - Cherry Skies

I pick this shade up in August with the dream in mind of thick knit jumpers, Chelsea boots and this lipstick. It's so, so beautiful. I know I say that a lot about products I love, but this shade honestly takes 'beautiful' to another level.

It's aptly named, a deep, cherry red shade which just looks amazing on. I talk a lot about this brand and range on lip glosses because they're amazing, the durability and longevity is amazing but they dry down to a comfortable matte too. The only gripe I have about this gloss, is that the application is a little uneven, you definitely need a matching pencil or lipstick underneath. That issue is limited to just this shade, I've never had a problem with Sandstorm which I pretty much lived in, in September!

NARS // Palais Royal

Guess who's back, back again... I bloody love this shade and I was rooting through my drawers trying to find the perfect products for this post and found this wedged away. Similar to Dark Side this lippy makes me feel so nostalgic. This was one of the first designer/more expensive product I ever bought when I got into makeup a few years back.

The shade is almost identical to Dark Side, in fact, if it wasn't for the slightly reddier tones, it'd probably be an exact dupe. However, Palais Royal has a much glossier, satin effect to its overall finish. So if you're not so keen on the matte effect which is taking over the Blogosphere currently, then I'd put money on your loving this!

NYX // Matte Lip Cream - Prague

Autumn isn't always about the deep red's and berry tones shades and what I love about this lip gloss is it's so vibrant but still screams autumn. It's not fiery but it's definitely bold and brave and wouldn't fit better in any other season.

Are there any lip products that you reckon you're going to be loving this season? If so let me know in the comments because I'm always looking for a new bold lippy! In fact, I've got quite a wishlist forming already.

Love always,

15 October 2016

Every Spring and Autumn, Pantone release a selection of shades they think are going to trend that season. Back in March I picked my 5 favourites and found they're nail varnish doppelgangers. So I thought I'd do that same this season and pick a few shades that I think are perfect for Autumn/Fall...

POTTERS CLAY // Barry M Molten Metal - Copper Mine

The whole rose gold/copper trend is something I got into very late. But better late than never and what better time to start loving it too! With the leaves turning fiery shades of orange, copper on your nails, eye and wherever you can inject is the perfect infusion of autumn in your daily life.

Particularly though, this shade is the bomb diggity. I love glitter nail polish, but I hate the way it catches on my clothes and is an absolute nightmare to remove. --- by Barry M however, is super smooth on the nails and comes off just the same as a regular polish. And the "no chip" factor is pretty damn good too!

AURORA RED // Rimmel London - Rapid Ruby

Shades of Red are great hosts to all seasons. A staple red in your nail and lip wardobe is a must all year round. An in Autumn the darker, more rusty shades work the best in autumn. Rapid Ruby is a great encapsulation of all of those things, it's bold, it's mature, it's slightly darker and rustier but not so much that it's too cherry toned. This shade will work as a great transition into Christmas too!

WARM TAUPE // Essie - Chinchilly

Grey has been a really on-trend colour this year and this season isn't going to see any different to that. Pantone's warm toned take on the cult favourite colour is perfect for Autumn. Chinchilly by Essie sort of changes colour in different lights, is it nude? Is it grey? Is it lilac, even?

SILVER PEONY // Rimmel London - Caramel Cupcake

This shade is the perfect dusky nude you've ever seen, you can hold me to that. It's a great everyday shade if you work in places where maybe manicured nails isn't quite as accepted as it is for the full-time stay at home blogger. I.E. if you work in shop like me! But also, it looks fab this Autumn. And what's even better, it also goes beautifully with Copper Mine by Barry M.

BODACIOUS // Essie - Splash of Grenadine?

Definitely not the most obvious colour choice for Autumn, but a beautiful one none-the-less. It's a bright, blue toned purple with hints of pink. It doesn't lend itself too kindly to the other colours I've mentioned but it's a bold, brave choice to Autumn for those of you who aren't so keen on the darker, vampier colours.

OXBLOOD // Barry M - Vengence is Wine

So, the complete opposite of what I've just mentioned, Vengence is Mine is your ultimate dark, vampy, berry shade. In fact it's so dark that in some lights it can be mistaken for black. But don't let that put you off, this is definitely a contender for around Halloween where you want something a little more festive but you're not so keen on looking like something out of 'Nightmare before Christmas'.

Whatcha think? Pantone only release they're colours for the season twice yearly, once in Spring and once in Autumn. And this year's colours couldn't have been further spread apart! If you haven't seen it yet, Spring's Pantone Nail shades can be found here...

Love always,

8 October 2016

If you read my post last week, then you'll know all too well how I'm much too swift with the transition to autumn. So, I've devised a bunch of posts leading perfectly into the middle of October on how to flawlessly transition into Autumn without getting too ahead of yourself and this week it's all about those fall lipsticks you need that won't look silly in the middle of September!

In last weeks 3-step guide to transitional makeup for the girl who's mentally living 2 seasons ahead, I talk a lot about the sorts of colours you should be wearing on your lips. Transitioning to fall subtly is all about dark hues in your makeup routine but nothing too bold or too much like something out of Morticia Addams makeup bag. Yeah, it's Halloween soon, but not yet, slow down dear grasshopper.

Here are a bunch of lip products that I absolutely love and reckon you should get a hold of this autumn for a more flawless transition from summer...

NYX // Matte Lip Cream - Rome

If you read my blog regularly then you'll know how much I love the matte lip creams by NYX. They last longer than regular glosses which means less top-ups (yes!) and they don't dry out your lips like similar matte products (double yes!!). In theory, Autumn means cooler, colder weather so your lips are a more vulnerable to drying out, products that don't aid in this get two thumbs up from me!

This shade, in particular, is fairly new to my rather voluptuous collection. Think of it as a 'my lips but better shade' but then two shades darker. It's definitely a nude, but darker so you feel that little bit more festive and not so bold that you stand out like the eager beaver you are!

MAC // Matte Lipstick - Velvet Teddy

This is another cult product on my blog, I talked about this lipstick probably more times than people cared to read this Summer. But it's honestly so versatile for every season. With a tan, you look like the summer goddess you are, but once your tan is gone, it's a damn pretty shade for your transitional autumn wardrobe.

Velvet Teddy is lighter than Rome from NYX but has much warmer tones which, I think, is perfect for channelling your inner crunchy leaves addiction. It's not quite the rusty tone of fallen leaves but it's a great in-between from Summer to Autumn.

Kat Von D // Everlasting Lipstick - Lolita

If you absolutely can't seem to hold back on the bold lippy, then this one should sort out those cravings until it's fully acceptable to go full Dark Side on everyone!

Lolita is a couple shades darker than the other two shades I've mentioned already and less red-toned too. Whilst the others will channel a darker nude sort of vibe this one is definitely not nude and much more brown toned. It's dark and bold enough to shout autumn in an edgy sort of way. Which I think is so acceptable to transitional to fall. Berry, vampy looking lipsticks should be saved for almost Halloween onwards!

Rimmel London // Lasting Finish Lipstick - 01

So I've talked a lot so far about brave lip choices because they're always the first thing you think about when you think Autumn. But how much do you love the look of a bold red lippy with a stipped top and leather jacket. Red lips are always so forgotten about in Autumn/Winter, they'll make an appearance again at Christmas but tend to go into hibernation until Summer. Which is totally not acceptable, my favourite type of lip is a red one!

This one my Rimmel is perfect for this season, it's deeper and more mature enough to should Fall but it's not too dark and vampy either. The formula is really moisturising and long lasting too!

Whatcha think? I love all these shades, and even though I've cracked out the berry tones too early and risked looking like a fool, there's still much hope for you!

Love always,

P.S. If you haven't already, check out the first posts in this series:

The Eager Girls Guide to Transitional Autumn Makeup

1 October 2016

September has been such a weird month. Something happened early on and I lost all motivation. There were minimal blog posts, I practically didn't bother with makeup. And then it's been bizarrely warm for September in England. I have been dreaming of chillier nights (I'll regret that soon, I'm sure) since the start, and you could say that that is reflected in this month's favourites...


I've never seen the point at eyelash curlers, I'm pretty lucky and have fairly decent looking eyelashes after a few swipes of a good mascara. There's never really been a reason for me to see 'the point' in curling my lashes first. But September 1st saw the reinstatement of my Spending ban and in my last little spending spree before locking away the bank card to never to be used again, I went a little silly and bought a bunch of things I didn't need. And these cute, rose gold, eyelash curlers were one of those things! 

Never-the-less, I quite like them. Not going to lie, I haven't used them an awful lot, like I said, no motivation, no makeup, I even forgot I had them for a while. But on the days I did make more of an effort, these were made use of. I still can't seem to do it without pinching my eyelids first, but once that part of the morning has passed, there's me considering whether I need to put mascara on at all. Super curly, natural looking, voluminous lashes and it only cost me £1 and 30 seconds of my morning. 

Anastasia Beverley Hills // Dip Brow Pomade

I always do my eyebrows, even when I leave the house without doing anything else to my face, my eyebrows are always 'on fleek'. Or well, as tame as I can muster at 6.45am, on a Monday morning. They're the part of the face that can make a break a look. The part that makes you look perfectly put together. Like the cherry on a cake. The part of the face that I would do over anything else in my routine if I was really strapped for time (or energy).

And, well, at some point this month, I managed to lose my staple Soap & Glory Archery pencil and had to refer to this instead. I had totally forgotten how much I loved it. I picked it up in NYC last November, it's definitely a shade too dark but with a light, steady hand, I can make it work. And when I do, my brows look so much sharper. The only downside is, it takes a little longer to execute the perfect brow. Which, when you're lacking in the energy department, is a real dilemma. You see my problem, right!

NYX // Liquid Suede Lipgloss - Cherry Skies

Despite the fact that the sun is still making an appearance this late in the year, the temperatures have dropped slightly and the leaves have been falling from the tree's and it is Autumn, albeit only a little. But I'm all about that Autumn life. This shade by NYX has been my go-to shade this month (when I have made the effort) to get me feeling all festive and fall inspired!

It's a deep cherry shade, that dries down to matte or Suede I guess, as it's marketed. It doesn't dry out your lips, lasts ages and looks so, so beautiful. The formula is nice and super easy to apply but you do need a matching lip liner to touch up the edges. But I guess that's a mute point seeing as that's the case with every dark lip shade!

NYX // Matte Lip Cream - Rome

On the days where I wasn't full blown wishing it was Autumn, sporting my thick knits and berry lipsI was wearing this shade. Think of it as a berry toned nude. It's light enough to not be too out there like most berry lippies, but then it's muted enough that it could pass for "my lips but better" shade.

It's so easy to wear, a great transitional shade for when you don't want to get too ahead of yourself with the autumnal preparations!

I'm going to leave it at that, I think if I go any further I'd be lying to you. I'd love to know what products you've been loving this month. If you have popped up a favourites post for September, then link me to it in the comments below! Particularly if it's Autumn themed because, I'm ready for the thick knit jumpers and wooly hats!

Love always,