24 September 2016

The Eager Girls Guide to Transitional Makeup

I'm a winter baby and if I had my way, Christmas would be a 6-month celebration for sure! As soon as Summer is over, my head is in full Christmas mode. I get quite ahead of time and when Christmas actually does roll around, I've lost a little of my enthusiasm. Just a little, though, let's not forget I'm practically Buddy the Elf! However, this year, I'm trying to slow things down a little, so I thought I'd talk you through my transitional makeup for Autumn, particularly for the eager girls like myself!

Literally, as I type this, my hands are speckled red from the walls we are painting at work for Christmas, so you can see (I hope) why it's so easy for me to get ahead of myself this time of year. I work for a department store where Autumn doesn't happen. Once Summer is over the prep for Christmas starts. So naturally, I've broken out the berry lips and roll necks before the weather has even begun to cool!

So, here's my guide on how not to channel your inner Sally Skellington when it's barely the middle of September like I managed to do this year! Oops.

1. Goals, Deadlines and beautiful rewards for when you smash them

As much as goals apply to things you want to achieve, they work with motivating yourself at sticking to deadlines too. I told myself this year that I have to make it to October 1st before I can break out any of my wildly vast selection of berry lipsticks. It's like setting yourself a challenge with the best reward at the end! I may, or may not (MAY!!!) have screwed this one over already, however, I won't be breaking out any of my shimmer shadows until Halloween is done and dusted. November 1st, I'm ready for ya!

2. Deep Nudes over Berry tones

In winter, for me, it's all about 'Plum on Baby' by Barry M on my nails 'Dark Side' by MAC on my lips. Go dark or go home basically. But my rule for pre-autumn celebrations is to try and keep the Morticia Addams looks strictly to October and after. Anytime to before that, it's best to stick to dark nudes (but not browns) and almost but not quite bold tones. You can satisfy your craving with a darker shade but nothing that's going to stand out!

3. Smoke it out, smoke it out

Whilst it's so tempting to get the beautiful berry shades on your lids as well as your lips, this will end up being the best part of Autumn. Trust me, I've even got a post for it! Those are the makeup looks best kept for the depths of October onwards. But, you can definitely start to darken up your eye makeup a touch. Before I went full on fall before Summer had even started to drift away, a subtle smokey eye with warm browns and nudes were perfect for satisfying the crave for darker, edgier makeup.

So that's that, it's only three steps, but just three steps to help you keep Autumn within Autumn and not get too ahead of yourself like Ms.Halloween over here!

Love always,

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  1. Hey, great post! I love the layout of your blog. What camera do you use? Do you have any tips for doing flatlays?

    1. Thank you so much!!! I've used the Canon 650D for these photo's but use my iPhone a lot of the time too! My best tip is research and learn about composition, it doesn't matter what you use to take and edit the photo, you're onto a winner if the composition is right!


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