10 August 2016

What I Bought in Duty-Free

I've been pretty spendy recently and I'm not even ashamed to admit it. Last week I gave you a pretty lust worthy Sephora Haul and this week, well this week I'm going to share where I splashed the cash (or saved it, guess it depends which was you look at it!) in Duty-Free. So without further delay, here's what I bought...

I always hit up the MAC counter in duty-free, it's the one place I know I'll go and not be disappointed. Duty-free shopping can be a little hit and miss, you have to pay close attention because with the exchange rate, depending on where you are it can be more expensive. MAC however, are great at keeping their prices level to currency fluctuation. So £13 for a lipstick, yes please!

MAC // Satin Lipstick - Rebel

If you know me, then you know I love a bold lipstick. I've never really been into nudes that much, I kind of, maybe, never really saw the point of them. The 'your lips but better' thing, I ain't got time for that. But I'll get back to that later... Rebel is this beautiful, purple toned plum shade. And don't take it lightly when I say beautiful because I really mean it.

I've heard a lot about this shade but never really thought to pick it up because I have Dark Side which is kind of similar. But I swatched it before boarding my plane and couldn't leave without it. It's lighter than Dark Side so in effect a little more vibrant.

MAC // Matte Lipstick - Velvet Teddy

So, you know I was saying I've never really been a nude sort of person, I don't get it. I've got Verve by MAC but it's such a dark toned brown, it's kind of hard to call it a nude really. But I totally get the hype now after purchasing Velvet Teddy. It's switched my opinion on nudes completely.

I mentioned in this post about having heard the hype for this lipstick but never having the want to pick it up. I swatched it at the counter in Heathrow not knowing what it was and only finding out on the plane waiting to be taxied for take-off. VT is kind of like the Kylie Jenner of nude's and as much as I hate that association; it's matte, it's teddy bear brown and it's Kylie Jenner in a lip bullet. Unlike the previous lipstick, I've pretty much lived in this since I bought it, if you've seen my Instagram lately then you'll know that already!

MAC // Lip Pencil - Whirl

Being a new nude type of person, it'd be silly to leave without having an appropriate lip pencil to wear it with. That's what I told myself anyway. Whirl is a dirty, rose shade which works great with Velvet Teddy but I also think will look beautiful with future nudes (which I'm sure they'll be many because I'm a changed woman!) It's incredibly creamy but doesn't wear down really fast which is a constant battle I've found with lip pencils.

Kiehl's // Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I have wanted this since I went to Thailand in January 2015. It's got such incredible reviews scattered all across the blogosphere and every time I went into an airport, either there was never a Kiehl's counter in sight or the exchange rate made it ridiculously overpriced. Finally, I manage to pick it up on the way to Bali a couple weeks ago. But being just my luck it leaked on the plane and not even one drop was left when I landed home back in London last week. I'm sure I'll pick up another bottle soon, just how annoying! I didn't even get to take it out the box.

Kiehl's // Ultra Facial Cream

This product has more of a happy ending. It didn't leak on the plane and I have had a chance to use it a few times in the past week. So it's not all bad.

I have somewhat dry skin and I'm always looking for new products to neutralise the balance and pop a little more moisture in there. I don't tend to buy much, particularly that with high price tags without scouring the blogosphere for positive opinions I trust first. And this had a plethora of them, all coming from girls who have said it's worked wonders for their dry complexion.

And that's that. All my money gone but to worthy places none-the-less and my inner beauty addict is momentarily happy. We'll see how long that lasts' though. Hopefully at least until payday as I'm overwhelmingly poor and back on my spending ban now the holidays are all over!

Speak soon,

Love always,

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  2. Replies
    1. I wore it for the first time yesterday and it wasn't as scary as I'd thought it would be to wear in Summer. Looked beautiful with warm, neutral eyeshadow! And lasted all day!

      I would totally recommend :)

  3. Oh what a shame the bottle leaked :( I have rebel and i love it! I got my friend to pick me velvet teddy from duty free - im so excited to try it, i wanna see what the hype is about
    Kookii || Beauty By Her♥

    1. I'm very lucky and my beau bought me a new bottle, it's amazing stuff! Let me know how you get on with Velvet Teddy, I really do love it! Definitely worth the hype!

  4. I recently fallen in love with Kiehl's you may notice on my blog! I need to get the face cream 😍


    1. I am pretty impressed, can't wait to try more from them!



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