2 July 2016

Disappointing Products: Essie 'Gel Couture'

I wrote a disappointing products review back in March I believe, about a Bourjois Concealer I was really excited to try but as the title suggests, I was bitterly disappointed by it. Now I'm not one to be negative and I promised myself I wouldn't write these sort of reviews on here but I guess for every good review, I need to tell you about the stuff I don't like so much too!

I love the Barry M 'Daylight Curing' nail polishes, and don't take love lightly, they're my go-to nail polish pretty much all the time. I've not tried actual gel nails because, well you know they're expensive and difficult to maintain when you're a student like I. So Barry M's version is the closest I've come to shiny, durable polish!

Now, I'm not 100% sure when Essie dropped their 'Gel Couture' range because I hadn't heard anything about them. Not even a tweet. Nothing. I love Essie Polish, they're colour range is to die for and  the consistency and durability is pretty good. Splash of Grenadine might possibly be my all time favourite! The colour is beautiful! And the formula is comparable to Illamasqua polishes for sure, and half the price. So with all that in mind, I had to give the new range a go...

I picked up the colour Spool Me Over which is a dusty rose, pink that is great for daily wear. It's great that Essie have taken on board the wider brushes as it makes application so much easier, the thin ones they used to use were literal poo. The consistency, though, it go's on smoothly which is great but the coverage is uneven. I applied 3 coats (not including the top coat) and still ended up with streaky nails. All-be-it not that obvious due to the nature of the colour but still noticeable for me.

Gel Nails are coveted for their super shiny appearance and durability. Now don't get me wrong, these nails, once you get over the streakiness, are pretty damn shiny. But they don't last very long at all. I would compare their durability to the Rimmel polishes, you know, it's good but not to Gel Nail standards.

It's a shame because I have their 'Gel Setter' top coat which I picked up from New York last year which is considerably better.

I'd be interested to know if you have tried this polish yet? I was so sure I was going to love this!

Love always,

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  1. That's such a bummer. I found it applied well, you've definitely got to make sure to get an even layer otherwise it'll show once the gel top coat is on. I've not had mine on for long but one chipped where I didn't cap the free edge well xo

    1. I've tried this polish so many times and every time the outcome is the same! Maybe I've just got a bum bottle!


  2. This was really interesting to read, i've always wondered whether the gel like polishes are worth it! - Maria|BeautyMatters


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