27 July 2016

Daniel Sandler - Watercolour Blush Review

This product review has been a long time coming, I have loved and doted over these Daniel Sandler blushes in many monthly favourites but never have I ever dedicated a post just to them. With summer in full bloom, I thought this was the perfect time to urge you to splash and pick one of these up...

When you exclude Liquid Lipsticks, I’m not hugely fond of products with the title 'liquid'. They can be messy, hard to apply if your not a trained professional or hobbiest and hard to remove when it goes wrong. We’ve all been there; foundation done, contour done, highlight done and then you go in a little too heavy with the blush, ruin it all and have to start all over!

Whilst I’m not saying that Daniel Sandler’s blushes stop all of that from happening (insant MUA status would be great though, wouldn;t it!), but they do a bloody good job of trying! I’m the queen of applying too much blush and looking like a clown, so more often than not, I’m not wearing any. But I can work with that. I’m a big fan of the term fake it till you make it. I’ll never be a MUA but I can damn sure pretend to be, you’ve just got to take it slow. Especially with Liquid blushes, but these Daniel Sandler ones make it much easier!

I apply mine with a stippling blush; a pea sized, no smaller than that, a ladybug sized amount to the end of the brush, then stipple away. Bearing in mind the law of science, the more you apply the bolder the colour will be. Starting lightly, these blushes do come out sheer but they build well and blend beautifully with the makeup you already have on. I normally stop after one layer but I reckon I could get away with another layer and not look like the cast of the Rocky Horror Show.

I have two shades; Cherub and Spicey. Cherub is your everyday/go-to/suits every skin tone type of shade. The sort you can’t really go wrong with. This was the first one I picked up, go figure. Since then I’ve been feeling a little more confident (dangerous!) and have picked up Spicey which is a warm terracotta, pink shade. It’s perfect for on holiday when you’re sun kissed and glowing.

On my list next, I’m thinking Rose Glow or Glamour, maybe. There’s 16 shades in the collection so plenty to choose from, most of them though are more golden, tan shades so there’s a little less versatility for those of you with light skin tones. But they’re most definitely worth a try!

Love always,

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  1. I remember hearing about these blushes over and over again from Essiebutton a couple of years ago and I thought they looked amazing, but I completely forgot about them! Nice post, thanks for sharing :)

    Akino | akinokiki.blogspot.ca

  2. That's totally how I know about them too. I love a good YT video, but I trust Estee's opinions the most!
    - M
    P.S. Just read your latest post, how is your handwriting so neat! Very jealous 😁


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