14 July 2016

5 Must Have Summer Nail Shades

It's officially been summer for a couple of weeks now and the sun is yet to show consistently enough for it to feel like it! I've spent pretty much the entire time since I've been back from Thailand trying to make myself feel less sad and make the most of the summer we do have. Starting with chirpier colours on my nails. That's right, I actually put the berry tones away for once...

Barry M // Blue Moon

Sky blue is a little too blue and bright for my liking, but this shade is just the right amount of bright without beeing too 'woah'. Does that even make sense? It's not quite baby blue, just dark enough to

Ciate // Hoopla

This shade and the Revlon one I'm about to talk about are way out of my comfort zone, I like the darks or the barley their shades normally but they don't cut it in the summer. Hoopla is possibly the prettiest pink own. Like Blue Moon, it's not quite baby pink but not quite in your face pink either. It's just bright enough to be a Summer rather than Spring shade and looks beautiful paired with Rimmel's Sky High. 

Rimmel London // Sky High

Like I said, Sky Blue is a little too blue for me, but this shade by Rimmel is (I'd say) slightly darker than sky blue, with a little more turquoise too. It really fits the tropical pal vibe I'm going for. I'd love to try pairing this with Hoopla for some palm print nails. How cool would that be!

Revlon Parfumerie // Apricot Nectar

If you've been reading my blog since 2014, you will know how much I adore the Revlon Parfumerie range. Nail polish that doesn't smell toxic and more like the name of the colour you're applying. What more could you want! This shade is the most wearable orange I've found on the high street and you can't have tropical nails without orange in there somewhere!

Rimmel London // How do you lilac it?

I think out of the 5 shades I've picked, this might be the shade I pick up the most. It's my favourite colour in summer and add's that whimsical vibe to the whole tropical palm with a twist, vibe.

The theme here was based off if the whole pastel palm trend that has been popular lately! Bringing in the feel of the tropics but ditching the bright oranges and yellows for some really wearable colours. What do you think? Have you any other colour you think might have been better suited for this collection?

Love always,

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  1. I love this collection of summer shades! The ciate and Barry M are my favourites :)

    Akino | akinokiki.blogspot.ca


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