30 July 2016

I can't believe July is over and it's just one month until the schools start back up and the countdown to Christmas begins! It feels like just a couple months ago I was stringing up the fairy lights and singing 'Fairytale of New York'! Not that I'm complaining, if I had my way Christmas would be monthly and even the shops would shut for the weekend. 

Anyway, I'm getting wildly off topic, it's July Favourites time...

Stila // Eyes are the Window Palette - Soul

Earlier this month I wrote about the products I love the most, you know, the ones you wouldn't be able to live the rest of your life without. Well, in the search to dig out those products, I found this. It didn't quite make the cut for my all time favourites because, well, actually now I think about it, I'm not sure why. I love this palette. It has a great selection of mattes and shimmers. It's small, compact and has a huge mirror so it's great for travelling. The shadow's are buttery and blend really nicely, I even brought it with me in my Bali makeup bag!

NYX // Liquid Suede - Sandstorm

I know, I know, I mentioned this in last months favrouites too but bearing in mind how much I've coveted NYX the past couple of months, a lip gloss of some sort had to make the cut. And honestly, everything I mentioned last month, is still as honest and true now. It's so easy to apply, lasts ages and great to just throw in your bag and go. It's much more practical than a lipstick and as much as I love MAC's Velvet Teddy, this one is just so much easier.

Barry M // Dazzle Dust - Venus

For me, there's something about products that turn around a whole look that make me love them more. There are some people who (I admire an awful lot) love the challenge of creating incredible pro MUA looks. For me, I'm just lazy, don't have the patience, slight of hand or talent for that. However, I've found the Dazzle Dusts from Barry M do a great job of turning a dull, flat smokey eye into something that you would have thought a pro would have created. And I love that!

MAC // Whirl - Lip Pencil

I picked this up on a whim in Duty Free on the way to Thailand last month and it's possibly the most used lip liner I own. They tend to normally get used a couple times and then thrown in the makeup drawer and forgotten abuot. But this one is a staple neutral for any collection. It's got a creamy texture that is easy to apply but also super easy to remove when it goes a little wrong. Which with me, it does often!

Let me know what products you've been loving this month, I'm heading to Sephora in a couple days so I'd love to pick up a few of your recommendations if you have any!

Love always,

27 July 2016

This product review has been a long time coming, I have loved and doted over these Daniel Sandler blushes in many monthly favourites but never have I ever dedicated a post just to them. With summer in full bloom, I thought this was the perfect time to urge you to splash and pick one of these up...

When you exclude Liquid Lipsticks, I’m not hugely fond of products with the title 'liquid'. They can be messy, hard to apply if your not a trained professional or hobbiest and hard to remove when it goes wrong. We’ve all been there; foundation done, contour done, highlight done and then you go in a little too heavy with the blush, ruin it all and have to start all over!

Whilst I’m not saying that Daniel Sandler’s blushes stop all of that from happening (insant MUA status would be great though, wouldn;t it!), but they do a bloody good job of trying! I’m the queen of applying too much blush and looking like a clown, so more often than not, I’m not wearing any. But I can work with that. I’m a big fan of the term fake it till you make it. I’ll never be a MUA but I can damn sure pretend to be, you’ve just got to take it slow. Especially with Liquid blushes, but these Daniel Sandler ones make it much easier!

I apply mine with a stippling blush; a pea sized, no smaller than that, a ladybug sized amount to the end of the brush, then stipple away. Bearing in mind the law of science, the more you apply the bolder the colour will be. Starting lightly, these blushes do come out sheer but they build well and blend beautifully with the makeup you already have on. I normally stop after one layer but I reckon I could get away with another layer and not look like the cast of the Rocky Horror Show.

I have two shades; Cherub and Spicey. Cherub is your everyday/go-to/suits every skin tone type of shade. The sort you can’t really go wrong with. This was the first one I picked up, go figure. Since then I’ve been feeling a little more confident (dangerous!) and have picked up Spicey which is a warm terracotta, pink shade. It’s perfect for on holiday when you’re sun kissed and glowing.

On my list next, I’m thinking Rose Glow or Glamour, maybe. There’s 16 shades in the collection so plenty to choose from, most of them though are more golden, tan shades so there’s a little less versatility for those of you with light skin tones. But they’re most definitely worth a try!

Love always,

23 July 2016

I always watch those YouTube video's before I go on holiday where people share what they do during a flight to keep they're skin hydrated. Well, I'm not like that! I don't particularly feel comfortable wacking a face peel on or exfoliating in the bathroom. But, I do understand why you need to look after your skin on a plane. Especially on long haul flights where it's exposed to dry air for such extended amounts of time. So I've created a skincare routine for the more practical jet setter...

Facial Wipes

I recommend: YES to Coconut // Hydrate & Repair (They have a 10 wipes travel pack too)

Face wipes are bad on every occasion but when you're on a plane. With a limit to how much liquid you can take with you in your hand luggage, more effective makeup remover and cleansers aren't ideal. Plus chances are, you went fairly bare-faced to the airport anyway so face wipes are a great way of removing any gunk that built up from your house to the plane.


I recommend: Liz Earle // Instant Boost Skin Tonic

I wouldn't think of taking a toner on a flight usually. Decanting into smaller bottle's can be a faff and the you need the additional cotton pads to apply ut with. It's just not practical. However, this Liz Earle one is so handy. It's only 30ml so well under the 100ml limit. What's even better is it has a spritzer pump, so no need for cotton pads, just spray it on the face. How refreshing.

Eye Cream

I recommend: Kiehl's // Creamy Avocado Eye Cream

If it was a life or death situation and I could only pick one step in this routine and ditch the others, this would be the one I kept. Whilst the dry air on planes is damaging to the entire face, damage to the eye area is more noticeable and much harder to repair. This Kiehl's one is so creamy and luxurious, it takes a while to sink in but on a flight, you have that time.


I recommend: Lush // Celestial

Whether you have dry skin or not, you can pretty much guarantee that when you disembark your 14-hour flight, you're skin is going to look somewhat similar to the Sahara dessert! Parched, tired and lifeless. Moisturiser in the case is a must, it will rehydrate the skin and . This one by lush is really creamy and rich. It does sit on the skin a little but you can feel it working it's magic, sinking in slowly and taking it's time to rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin!

Lip Balm

I recommend: Vaseline // Cocoa Butter

This was a step I forgot when I went to Thailand and one I regretted in the end. My face felt amazing but my lips were so chapped it was like I'd been in Antartica for a week. I'm one of those people that lick their lips on habit, nothing seductive I promise, I don't even realise I'm doing it until my lips sting. So I carry around a pocket-sized Vaseline tub on the daily so throwing it in my hand luggage for Bali was a must!

What's great about these 5 steps is that you can take them straight from your 'at home' skincare routine. Whilst I said decanting is a bit of a faff, it's cheaper than buying your favourites in travel minis! It's so simple, and what's better is it makes me feel totally on it! Skincare Queen.

Let me know in the comments what you do to refresh you skin on a long (or short) flight!

Love always,

20 July 2016

If you're reading this then I'm probably somewhere over Eastern Europe or even Asia on my way Bali. I've been pretty lucky this year as earlier this Summer I popped to Thailand with George. I didn't manage to do a 'What's in my Makeup bag' for that trip so I thought I utilize the opportunity this time around. So here goes...

The Body Shop // All-in-One BB Cream

I talked about this in my 'Humidity/Sweat-Proof Makeup' post that went up whilst I was in Thailand. The thing about Thailand (and Bali, I'm told) is that it's so humid so applying makeup at all is a little bit of a chore. But on holiday you're always going to have those nights where you want to try a little harder. This is perfect for that. It's a super lightweight base so doesn't feel like you've really applied anything. It also alters to the shade of your skin tone too so no matter what colour you go on holiday, this will adapt to always being your perfect shade!

Urban Decay // Naked Flushed Palette

For travelling, I love this palette. Blush, highlight and bronzer all in one. It's compact and comes with a pretty decent mirror too. What more could you want? The highlight is ever so slightly too pink for me when I have a tan but used lightly it works pretty nicely. I might pack my Becca 'Shimmering Skin Perfector' in Opal too. Just for good measure.

Stila // Eyes are the Window - Soul Palette

I always forget I have this but then realise how much I honestly adore it when I pull it out to travel. I'm not one for bold colour normally, but especially on holiday, nudes just pop and look 10x better. This palette has it all too, a good selection of light to dark shades in matte and shimmer.

Barry M // Dazzle Dusts - Aphrodite & Bronze

I talked about these in my 'All Time Favourites' on Saturday and threw them straight in my travel bag when I was finished. I love a good sparkle and Aphrodite is perfect for brightening up the inner corners. Plus what's better than gold eyes, with a tan and white dress on the beach sipping cocktails? Pretty much nothing really.

MAC // Velvet Teddy

I bought this in duty-free on the way to Thailand and loved the way it looked, especially in photo's like this one! But back in the UK, I still love it but not as much as I did on holiday. So this has a space in my makeup bag with the theory in mind that it's the perfect holiday shade. Here's to hoping anyway. If it still looks meh, then I don't know what I'll do!

Elizabeth Arden // Rouge 01

Every summer makeup bag needs a fun, bold red lip. I kind of feel like matte's are great because they stay put and look amazing, but on holiday you just need something a little dewier. Something with a little more glow. And that is this lipstick. It's kind of similar to the Cream Sheen range by MAC, very bright, very easy to apply and very dewy.

In terms of the basics, concealer I'm taking my of the minute favourite, NYX dark circle concealer but it's more as a safety blanket. There if I need it but will probably won't. Soap & Glory 'Archery' pencil for my brows because well, it's just the best when you can't get your hands on the Anastasia 'Brow Wiz'. And probably MAC's 'Fluidline Gel Liner' for my flicks because it's the only thing I've found to survive the humid temperatures!

I'd recommend checking out my Instagram if you're into all that wanderlust madness because with Thailand and now my trip to Bali, things are pretty beautiful over there! And if you haven't, my Bloglovin and Twitter are here too if you fancy staying up to date whilst I'm away.

Love always,

16 July 2016

If you follow me on Twitter or read blog often, you'll know there are two things I've been talking about lately! Products that have been a bit poo and my obsession with NYX. Soo in the name of lifting the mood and talking about something different, I thought I'd let you know bout my all time favourite makeup products. You know, the ones you couldn't possibly live without...

MAC // Dark Side

I have talked about this lipstick on my blog countless times; monthly favourites, the favourite face etc. In fact it might be the most talked about item on the list! But for those of you newbies who have no idea, it's a beautiful, dark, vampy berry shade. Think 'Diva' by MAC but slightly less red-toned. It's also from the 'Amplified Cream' range, so in my opinion, easier to apply than the matte formula of Diva.

It's not so easy to wear in the summer, so I've not picked it up in a while. But I've been itching to pop in back in my makeup bag. Now, I'm not one for wishing away time, but as soon as the leaves start changing colour it'll be something I don't put down again until Spring!

BECCA // Shimmering Skin Perfector

I love glitter, sparkle and anything that makes you look just 10% more whimsical than you already are. I've got both 'Opal' and 'Champagne Pop' and you can guarantee that if I've got makeup on then one of these have made it onto my face too. It's super subtle but really catches the sunlight, which I love. But not to worry, if you're totally on the 'full face of highlighter/futuristic robot' trend, it's very buildable!

Barry M // Dazzle Dusts

I talked about these in 2014 pretty much non-stop and I'm honestly so surprised no-one told me to give it a rest! Like I said, I love a good sparkle and these are so perfect for adding it to you eye makeup. Now, I'm not the best a creating the perfect smoky eye, but tap a little of this in the inner corner and it turns a flat, looking eye to one you'd think was done by a pro MUA. Honestly, newbies and beginners, these are for you! My only gripe is Barry M hardly ever add new shades to the range...

NYX // Soft-Spoken

I couldn't not talk about NYX, not really. Going cold-turkey isn't really my style. I am trying to wean myself off, but not from this lip gloss. Absolutely no way. I've never really been a fan of nudes but something seems to have changed me with this one. It's darker than your average nude which is probably why I like it. It's much more bold. It applies beautifully and I love how it's semi-matte, 'Suede' effect as it's titled.

In all honesty, though, I haven't used any of these products in a couple of months. With the exception of the Becca highlighter, I really do use that every day! But when I sat down in front of my makeup and really thought about what I loved the most. The stuff I'd seriously struggle to part with. These were my picks. And it's surprising how even your favourites can get forgotten about in the hype of new products. For example, my current NYX obsession. However, I'm learning from this and you can expect to see them in my updated 'What's in my makeup bag,' well, if you'd like to see that post that is! Let me know in the comments...

Love always,

14 July 2016

It's officially been summer for a couple of weeks now and the sun is yet to show consistently enough for it to feel like it! I've spent pretty much the entire time since I've been back from Thailand trying to make myself feel less sad and make the most of the summer we do have. Starting with chirpier colours on my nails. That's right, I actually put the berry tones away for once...

Barry M // Blue Moon

Sky blue is a little too blue and bright for my liking, but this shade is just the right amount of bright without beeing too 'woah'. Does that even make sense? It's not quite baby blue, just dark enough to

Ciate // Hoopla

This shade and the Revlon one I'm about to talk about are way out of my comfort zone, I like the darks or the barley their shades normally but they don't cut it in the summer. Hoopla is possibly the prettiest pink own. Like Blue Moon, it's not quite baby pink but not quite in your face pink either. It's just bright enough to be a Summer rather than Spring shade and looks beautiful paired with Rimmel's Sky High. 

Rimmel London // Sky High

Like I said, Sky Blue is a little too blue for me, but this shade by Rimmel is (I'd say) slightly darker than sky blue, with a little more turquoise too. It really fits the tropical pal vibe I'm going for. I'd love to try pairing this with Hoopla for some palm print nails. How cool would that be!

Revlon Parfumerie // Apricot Nectar

If you've been reading my blog since 2014, you will know how much I adore the Revlon Parfumerie range. Nail polish that doesn't smell toxic and more like the name of the colour you're applying. What more could you want! This shade is the most wearable orange I've found on the high street and you can't have tropical nails without orange in there somewhere!

Rimmel London // How do you lilac it?

I think out of the 5 shades I've picked, this might be the shade I pick up the most. It's my favourite colour in summer and add's that whimsical vibe to the whole tropical palm with a twist, vibe.

The theme here was based off if the whole pastel palm trend that has been popular lately! Bringing in the feel of the tropics but ditching the bright oranges and yellows for some really wearable colours. What do you think? Have you any other colour you think might have been better suited for this collection?

Love always,

9 July 2016

I've talked about NYX a lot here since their Boots store launce last month. I've come to the overwhelming conclusion that my love for the brand is rather repidly increasing and my self-control, well, that doesn't exist anymore! But in the name of making me feel like it's more than just buying myself makeup, I'm squeezing yet another blog post out of it! (You can read my previous two here and here).

This week, I thought I'd talk about the similarities about the different ranges of Liquid Lip products that NYX have to offer, hopefully making it a little easier the next time you pop to a counter!

NYX Matte Lip Creams

These are beautiful! I love how small they are meaning they're really great to throw in your bag and apply on the go. Of the three ranges from the NYX Lip Gloss family that I'm going to talk about, this is the one with the largest shade range! I have four in my collection, but there are at least another 5 on my wishlist (the obsession is serious!)

The formula feels much drier than your average lip gloss, but don't be mistaken it isn't drying on the lips, they go on kind of like butter. They also dry the fastest out of the three but but not to worry if you're not the not the best at applying precisely in one swoop, there's enough time to fasff a little first! The stay power is good too, it's not on the same level as a lip stain but it's there until lunch time, that's for sure!

The only bad thing I can say is some of the shades can be a little streaky. I think it's down to luck of the draw and maybe the state of your lips but 'Abu Dhabi' just doesn't look quite as flawless on me as it does my friend. I had the same inssue with Amsterdam aswell, although it is combat-able with a couple of layers or a priming layer first.

NYX Liquid Suede

These are equally as beautiful as the Matte Lip Creams (you're going to hear that a lot, just a warning.) The colour range isn't quite as varst and varied but the shades they do have make are spectacular. I picked up 'Soft-Spoken (contrary to my June favourites where I said I had 'Sandstorm', my mistake!). I aslo grabbed 'Cherry Skies' which is the most perfect vampy red. The consitency of these feel less dry so if you suffer from chapped lips you might prefer the formula of these (not that the lip creams were drying though.) They're not quite as flat matte as the Lip Creams and they don't last quite as long but they're pretty damn good!

I've read a lot of reviews where people mentioned the didn't like the size of the applicator foot, whilst I don't really mind too much, I can see why others may find it less precise and harder to apply. But with a little practice I'm sure most will get used to it!

NYX Lip Lingerie

The Lip Lingerie's were kind of an impulse buy when I decided to do this post. There's a lot of hype around these at the moment particularly in the blogosphere, and all honesty, I was a little disappointed. There are 12 shades in the collection and they're all fairly similar. If your're a gal that likes a good nude though, this range might be for you! I picked up the shades 'Exotic' and 'Embellishment' which I think are the boldest shades ing the range (with the exception of 'Teddy' and 'Beauty Mark'.)

Of the three liquid lip products I've talked about, this one is the dryest in the end and the most difficult to apply. This applicator though not as long as the Liquid Suede one, it picks up a little more product that I would like. Regardless though, with a bit of effort the result is really pretty, probably not my favourite because I'm more of a bold colour sort of gal! But like I said, for those of you who love a nude lippy, you should check these out!

Have any of you tried these liquid lips? I'm yet to try the Butter Glosses, I'm more of a Matte lippy sort of person so I'm not convinced I'll love them like I do these but I'd be interested to hear if you think any different. Or if there are any shades you think I'd love...

Love always,

2 July 2016

I wrote a disappointing products review back in March I believe, about a Bourjois Concealer I was really excited to try but as the title suggests, I was bitterly disappointed by it. Now I'm not one to be negative and I promised myself I wouldn't write these sort of reviews on here but I guess for every good review, I need to tell you about the stuff I don't like so much too!

I love the Barry M 'Daylight Curing' nail polishes, and don't take love lightly, they're my go-to nail polish pretty much all the time. I've not tried actual gel nails because, well you know they're expensive and difficult to maintain when you're a student like I. So Barry M's version is the closest I've come to shiny, durable polish!

Now, I'm not 100% sure when Essie dropped their 'Gel Couture' range because I hadn't heard anything about them. Not even a tweet. Nothing. I love Essie Polish, they're colour range is to die for and  the consistency and durability is pretty good. Splash of Grenadine might possibly be my all time favourite! The colour is beautiful! And the formula is comparable to Illamasqua polishes for sure, and half the price. So with all that in mind, I had to give the new range a go...

I picked up the colour Spool Me Over which is a dusty rose, pink that is great for daily wear. It's great that Essie have taken on board the wider brushes as it makes application so much easier, the thin ones they used to use were literal poo. The consistency, though, it go's on smoothly which is great but the coverage is uneven. I applied 3 coats (not including the top coat) and still ended up with streaky nails. All-be-it not that obvious due to the nature of the colour but still noticeable for me.

Gel Nails are coveted for their super shiny appearance and durability. Now don't get me wrong, these nails, once you get over the streakiness, are pretty damn shiny. But they don't last very long at all. I would compare their durability to the Rimmel polishes, you know, it's good but not to Gel Nail standards.

It's a shame because I have their 'Gel Setter' top coat which I picked up from New York last year which is considerably better.

I'd be interested to know if you have tried this polish yet? I was so sure I was going to love this!

Love always,