4 June 2016

Summer Beauty Survival Kit

I wish, way back when I was 17 and jetting off on holiday for the first time without my parents, there had been someone to help me get through without the horrendous beauty catastrophes. Why I thought body glitter and kohl eyeliner by the pool were a good idea, I’m not quite sure. So I thought I'd put together a beauty survival kit to help you get through summer drama free...

Pick up a lightweight sun cream specifically for your face

I’m putting this first because I honestly think the importance of sun protection gets a little lost when you’re so excited to get a tan. I've totally been there, burnt nose and freckles everywhere! Whether you’re on holiday, in the garden or even just walking to work, you should be wearing suncream. It's not just getting burnt you need to look out for, premature ageing at 21 because you've not been looking after your skin, isn't pretty.

I like to use the Vichy Mattifying Face Cream with SPF 30. It’s really light weight and as the name suggests, isn’t going to leave you with a shiny forehead. I apply a pea sized amount (a lot goes a long way, trust me) just before my foundation and then continue my day as usual.

Setting Sprays will save any makeup malfunctions

I try to wear less makeup in the Summer but sometimes you absolutely must. And in those situations, extra precautions have to be made to keep your makeup in place. You have three choices in my opinion; primer (but that’s a given), powder and setting spray. I’ve found powders can be quite heavy, especially on holiday in humid climates. My personal favourite is the NYX Matte Setting Spray. There’s one for a dewy finish but I wasn’t keen on looking shinier than necessary. There’s also nothing more refreshing than a mist of setting spray throughout the day when it's hot!

Panda Eyes are not a desirable look

I think waterproof mascara in the Summer is a no brainer, but apparently 17-year-old Melissa wasn’t privy to this! Whilst it won’t stay put if you’re snorkelling, it’s great if you get a little sweaty or the air is more humid than usual. You’ll be able to go out looking like a fluttery princess and not come back with eyes like a panda. My favourite at the moment is the Maybelline Lash Sensational.

If you’re colouring those lips, choose something bright but durable

I bloody love a bright red lip in the Summer. Whether you’re on holiday or just out with friends, there’s nothing like a bright lip to jazz things up a little bit. Whilst it’s not paramount to summer survival, I wouldn’t go all summer without one. But it needs to be something super long wearing. I’m currently loving the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Amsterdam'. It’s bright with a really subtle orange undertone but had more of a lip stain effect rather than the traditional lip gloss, meaning it stays all day!

Fix them brows

When I'm off on holiday, it’s often too hot (even in an air conditioned room) to sit down and apply a full face. So parts of my routine tend to get switched to speed them up or ditched altogether. Back in January 2015 when I last was in Thailand, the Benefit Gimme Brow was a great way to speed up the routine without sacrificing the brows. And what's great is it's super durable during those sweatier moments.

Your hair needs sun protection too

Up until last year, I never thought about sun protection for my hair and I’m going to wager none of you have either because every time I mention it to someone, they’re so confused by what I mean. Why do you wear sun cream? To protect your skin from sun damage right. Well, what about the damage the sun does to your hair? I picked up a travel size of the Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray last year as it protects from direct contact heat, like when styling your hair but it also has UVA & UVB Protection rating too!

Top Tip:

When you’re applying suncream, make sure not to mix multiple SPF’s. Whichever one you apply last cancels out the ones before. For example, if you apply a factor 30 suncream but then apply a foundation with built in factor 15, the factor 30 is ineffective.  (You can read more about sun protection here).

If you’re off on holiday this year, let me know where you're off to in the comments below. Will you be taking any of these tips on board? Or is there anything you think I’ve missed?

Love always,

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