15 June 2016

NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream // Review

I am so overly obsessed with NYX at the moment, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to tell you about how much I love them! Since their Boots store launch in May, I think I've been in and picked up new products every week. Everything so cheap so I justify buying more than I would if it were high end prices, it's quite the bank breaker. But these lip glosses are so worth the penniless purse. 

In all honesty, though, I've never been a fan of Lip Gloss. I find them sticky and kind of distracting to wear. However, I'm always reading posts about how much everyone seems to love the NYX Butter Gloss's. I went in store with the intention to pick some up but the glossiness of the swatches freaked me out, so I went for the matte version which is much creamier, hence the name; Lip Cream.

I picked up three shades; 'San Paulo', 'Amsterdam' and 'Prague'. San Paulo swatches much brighter than it looks in the tube. It's a beautiful, slightly blue tones pink which is actually deceivingly vibrant for something that looks rather subdued in the packaging! Not that I'm complaining.

'Amsterdam' is a bright red, which swatched more orange toned than the true red that it looks in the tube. It seems that NYX packaging is a little deceiving, but again, the shade is beautiful and not like anything I have in my collection.

'Prague', definitely the most truthful to the tube and my favourite of the three is a bright, purple toned pink. It's darker than 'San Paulo', similar to 'Evening Rendezvous' by MAC.

The formula is much drier than a regular lip gloss, which I really like as there's absolutely no stickiness to them at all. But, they're not at all drying on the lips, which is great. The colour payoff isn't comparable to a standard lipstick, two layers are required for an even coverage but once your have they're so vibrant.

The stay power is kind of what I was most interested about. They're of the lip gloss genre, which aren't best know for they're durability. However, matte formulations are usually pretty damn good at staying put. You can see my intrigue, right! Well, they're pretty impressive. They're not quite to lip stain standards but I'd give them a good 5-hour lifeline if you're just out for drinks for friends or at work. Once you factor in a hearty meal, then they're definitely fairly faded afterwards, but would you really expect much else?

I honestly love these lip glosses/creams and for £5.50 you're saving a good £10 on the MAC dupes that are definitely hiding in the collection! Have you tried these yet? They're definitely very underestimated here in the blogosphere that's for sure! If you have, I'd love to know what you think and what shades you have! 'Monte Carlo' and 'Copenhagen' are on my wishlist to pick up next... and maybe 'Ibiza' too!

Love always,

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