1 June 2016

May Favourites

I've been pre-writing a lot of my posts lately, only by a week or so but it makes it so much easier to stay on top of things. It's exciting though because as you're reading this, I'll be in (a hopefully sunny) Thailand. This month has honestly been going so slowly because I've been so excited about going and I've tried my absolute best to stick to my spending ban more so than ever so I can be less frugal whilst I'm out there. Which has made this a very difficult favourites...

Maybelline // Falsies Mascara

I bought this on a whim in the first week of may after being completely out of what was once was a rather big stash of mascaras. It's been quite a while since trying a drugstore mascara and I've always been a little skeptical of them, especially because of the over the top adverts you see on TV. You know the "that model is definitely wearing fake lashes" type of advert. This one, although nothing like the promotional images, still gives you really full, fluttery lashes. It's also the most easily buildable mascara I've tried, no ugly clumps in this one.

NYX // Correcting Concealer

Another thing I'm skeptical of is colour correcting products! The tutorials on YouTube always seem to make them look so game changing but when I try for myself the results are never quite the same. However, this one is pretty good. I love that it's a 2-in-1 concealer and corrector, meaning I don't have to layer on several different products to get rid of those damn under eye circles. It's got great coverage and matches well to my skin tone without looking orange like you'd think a colour corrector might! I have a feeling this one might become a staple in my routine.

Soap & Glory // Sexy Mother Blusher

I pulled this product out from the back of my drawers - like in previous monthly favourites - to try and get excited about the products I already own and stay away from new releases in the shops. In all honesty, I forgot I even owned this blush and it was one of my all time favourites when I first picked it up. It's super creamy and super blendable which is great if like me, you apply too much by accident. I also love the stick form as you can really get in there and apply more precisely. I can be a pretty careless with powder blush!

MAC // Cremesheen Lipstick in 'Plumful'

I love this shade, it's a really pretty pink that isn't too bright so it still looks beautiful on the not so sunny days, those of which we've had a few of lately in England. Like most MAC lipsticks (bar the retro matte which can be a little stiff) it goes on so smoothly and has great staying power for a lipstick. I could probably do with a lip liner though because I'm not great at precise application. That's no fault of the lipstick though!

I hope May has been treating you well, I can't quite believe it's almost June! This year is going so quickly, it's going to be Christmas so soon! Let me know in the comments any favourites you've been loving this month and if you've got any crazy exciting plans that you're looking forward to in the second half of 2016.

Love always,

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  1. YAY, I hope you are having a lovely holiday! Shopping bans are always a good idea, and it's great you have something to help you stick to it (like a holiday!) I've been buying so much makeup the past few months I need a ban just to really use a lot of it! I've been shopping my stash as well! You can find some real gems, like the Soap and Glory blush you rediscovered, it's gorgeous! XO -Kim

  2. Its a lovely collection of Beauty - products. And this blog is an inspiration! Keep going. Good luck.

  3. Its a lovely collection of Beauty - products. And this blog is an inspiration! Keep going. Good luck.

  4. I love Falsies Flared! I try out lots of mascaras but always end up coming back to that one. MAC Plumful looks like a lovely shade as well, seriously tempted!

    Laura // Laura Wardrobe


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