25 June 2016

June Favourites

This month has gone so, so fast and unlike previous favourites, I've got some new products to talk about that I've not mentioned before. I went on holiday in the first couple of weeks and thought I'd really treat myself this month, so lifted my spending ban and kind of went a little crazy. Oops... 

*Warning: It's a very lip heavy post... my favourite!*

MAC // Matte Lipstick - 'Velvet Teddy'

I picked this up in Duty-Free on my way to Thailand. It's a shade that's been coveted a lot online but I've never been too interested in. But you know how the MAC lipstick counter works, you don't know what shade you're swatching until you pick it up. I love the warm tone and lightness to it, it's similar to 'Verve' but much more wearable if you're not up for something so dramatic. The matte formula is one I said I'd never pick up again from MAC after disliking 'Ruby Woo', don't get me wrong the colour is beautiful I just don't like how difficult it is to put on! I guess that's the retro matte formula that makes all the difference because 'Velvet Teddy' goes on like a dream.

NYX // Soft Matte Lip Cream - 'Prague'

I love bold, purple toned lip shades. I just think they look co cool, quirky and eccentric. I swatched this one in store and well, it was kind of like love at first sight. There was no putting it back. The formula feels kind of dry but it's not drying on the lips. The colour is beautiful and is actually a pretty good dupe for MAC's Limited Edition (and possibly not on sale anymore) 'Evening Rendezvous'. I reviewed it in more detail here, if you want to learn a little more...

NYX // Liquid Suede - 'Sandstorm'

After going a little crazy on the NYX lip creams after the Boots store release, I decided to give the Suede glosses a go, seeing as they seem to be getting their fair share of media lately. I picked up 'Sandstorm', because after grabbing 'Velvet Teddy' I've been really into introducing more bold nudes into my collection. And, without meaning for this, it's actually a pretty good dupe for 'Velvet Teddy' maybe just a fraction darker and pinkier though. The formula for this is nicer to apply than the Soft Matte Lip Creams, much butterier and easier to apply an even coat. I'll be back it boots picking up a few more shades after pay day, I'm sure.

BECCA // Shimmering Skin Perfector - 'Opal'

This is the only item in my favourites that isn't new this month. I love my BECCA highighter in 'Champagne Pop' and wear it every day without fail. However, since getting back from Thailand, I've been reaching for 'Opal' much more. It has warmer, more golden undertones than 'Champagne Pop' and with my tan, it looks so beautiful. If you're holidaying it up this summer I'd really recommend picking up this highlighter, mine's looking a little worse for wear at the moment but it's still as beautiful as ever!

Daniel Sandler // Watercolour Blush - 'Spicy'

I have this blush in 'Cherub' already and love how easy it is to apply and end up with a natural blush. It's one of those fool-proof products that's really hard to get wrong. I love it but kind of felt like I need something less like Sping and more like Summer. And this shade is perfect. It's an orange toned pink, definitely more orange than pink but not orange at all, if that makes sense? It looks much brighter in the bottle than what it swatches and my example in the image below isn't the best so I guess you're going to just have to believe me on this one!

I have honestly had so much fun with makeup this week, I've tried new things and developed new ways of wearing products in different climates. As much as I want to continue saving my money to travel next year, it'll be hard to stop myself from spending in July. Are there any new products that you've recently tried and loved? I need an excuse to try something new and if someone recommends something then it'd be rude not to, right?!

Love always,

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  1. Seeing your Becca highlighter broke my heart! Haha. But great picks!! Velvet Teddy looks so pretty. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who doesn't own it.

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  2. I have always wanted to try those watercolor blushes!
    That shade looks gorgeous!


  3. All of those look lovely! I'm definitely interested in Velvet Teddy now in particular, though... I've heard a lot of great things about it but I've had a bad experience with matte formulas as well so I was wary... your post changed my mind though and I think I might look into it now, the colour is gorgeous :)

    Akino | akinokiki.blogspot.ca

  4. I really want to try more NYX products as I have a butter gloss and I love it! Please could you do a NYX Soft Matte vs NYX Liquid Suede, thanks for sharing x

  5. The watercolor blush looks amazing! Love all your picks! But oh no have u tried repairing your highlighter?

    Passion Blog | BCfactor.blogspot.com

  6. Your photographs look stunning! I love your favourites as well x



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