14 May 2016

Currently #12: Getting back in the game

In some ways, a passion for something is a great thing but in others, it can be damaging. You've got to know when to stop and when to take a break and let yourself recover. Blogging is something I really enjoy, something I never thought I'd be into, something that I've unconditionally dedicated my 'free time' to. However, over the last couple of months, I've slacked a little. All for good reasons, but I have slacked none-the-less.

In January, if you read this post, then you'll know all about how shit I felt. Apologies for my language but there's no better way to explain it. I was feeling really down in the dumps, through no fault of my own. But about six weeks ago, it turned around and I finally started working in a position that captivates my heart so much more. The hours are earlier than I'm used to and whilst that means I get home earlier, I have to go to bed earlier to compensate. It's a tricky routine to get used to, I'm pretty exhausted but I'm working on it...

I'm trying to get back into working out more often and healthier eating. With the new job and all the exhaustion that follows I figured leading a healthier lifestyle might help a lot.

With all the tiredness and recovering from my February blues, like I said, I slacked. But, I think I needed to write a bunch of poo-ey posts in order for me to realise what my priorities are. I've learnt about how much I do love blogging. How much I value your friendship. And how much I value being able to vocalise in a way I never have before. I'd like to think this is how Taylor feels about writing songs because it's pretty special.

So I'm getting back in the game... I just wanted to let you know that. I've planned out all my posts for the next 3 months and I've got some really great idea's. I'm feeling really motivated and am looking forward to where the next 3 months are going to take me!

If you have a blog, pop your URL in the comments because I'd love to check out some fresh content. You grow from making mistakes but you also grow by learning from others and I'd like to see what you could teach me.

Love always,

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