18 May 2016

I was just scrolling through Bloglovin and stumbled upon Sally from The Makeup Directory's latest post. The AM/PM Routine. Her first sentence was "it has been a very long time since I've done a tag post..." Literally same, Sally. Tag posts are so much fun and a great way to interact with other bloggers and learn more about one another. So I thought, why not give this one a go!


What is you morning routine?

Immediately after getting out of bed, hair and makeup come first. Priorities, right?! That's followed by getting dressed before heading downstairs for food and preparing my lunch for the day ahead. I then brush my teeth and fly out the door for work. I start pretty early so the morning routine is a speedy one to maximise my time in bed!

What's for breakfast?

It honestly depends on the day. I'm a full English sort of girl but it's not practical to cook up before work. When I'm in a hurry I like something super simple that's going to keep me satisfied until lunch. Usually I'll reach for Wheatabix or Rice Crispies.

Coffee or Tea?

Neither. I've never really been a fan of hot drinks, maybe a hot chocolate on Fireworks night or the occasional biscuit dunk in some tea, but that's about it. I'm more of a juice person.

How long does it take you to get out of the door?

Again, it depends on the day. Before work, I give myself 45 minutes between getting out of bed and jumping in my car to leave. On the weekends, it all happens much, much slower.

What is your go-to makeup on a fuss-free morning?

Always something natural and glowy. I love the L'Oreal True Match foundation because it blends super easy (I could put it on with my eyes closed) and is a good mix between matte and dewy. It highlights in all the right places. Daniel Sandler's Watercolour Blush is a must, it goes on so easy and adds a bit of colour to my complexion. Then just a quick cat eye, a swipe of the Shimmering Skin Perfector by Becca and some mascara. I've been loving the Maybelline Falsies Mascara lately.


What is your evening beauty routine?

I'm super lazy in the evenings, although I really wish I wasn't. I get straight into bed after work and have to drag myself out again at bedtime to take my makeup off. On a good day, I'll do the who shebang (which you can read about here) but when I'm really exhausted a face wipe and some moisturiser is about all I can muster.

Snack time! What's in the bowl?

Bowl? No way. If I'm going to snack, chances are it's nothing you'd put in a bowl. Crisps are my all time go to, guilty pleasure. Cool Original Dorito's and some Sour Cream and Chive dip is something I love to snack on but rarely have stocked in the cupboards.

How do you wind down and prep for bed?

Watching YouTube video's is my ideal 'me-time' chill out sesh, that and having a bath. When I can work out a system where both of those things can happen simultaneously, I'll know I've made it in life. Other than that, there isn't much of a pre-bedtime routine.

Cosy up! What are you wearing to sleep?

Most likely something pulled from Georges set of drawers. There's something so much snugglier about men's trackie's than there is women's.

What are some things you must do before hitting the hay?

Putting my brace in. I'd be so disapointed in myself if I stopped wearing my brace and my teeth returned to their awkward, crooked state.

Have you done this tag yet? If so leave a link to it in the comments because I'd like to read it. If you haven't, when you do let me know!

Love always,

14 May 2016

In some ways, a passion for something is a great thing but in others, it can be damaging. You've got to know when to stop and when to take a break and let yourself recover. Blogging is something I really enjoy, something I never thought I'd be into, something that I've unconditionally dedicated my 'free time' to. However, over the last couple of months, I've slacked a little. All for good reasons, but I have slacked none-the-less.

In January, if you read this post, then you'll know all about how shit I felt. Apologies for my language but there's no better way to explain it. I was feeling really down in the dumps, through no fault of my own. But about six weeks ago, it turned around and I finally started working in a position that captivates my heart so much more. The hours are earlier than I'm used to and whilst that means I get home earlier, I have to go to bed earlier to compensate. It's a tricky routine to get used to, I'm pretty exhausted but I'm working on it...

I'm trying to get back into working out more often and healthier eating. With the new job and all the exhaustion that follows I figured leading a healthier lifestyle might help a lot.

With all the tiredness and recovering from my February blues, like I said, I slacked. But, I think I needed to write a bunch of poo-ey posts in order for me to realise what my priorities are. I've learnt about how much I do love blogging. How much I value your friendship. And how much I value being able to vocalise in a way I never have before. I'd like to think this is how Taylor feels about writing songs because it's pretty special.

So I'm getting back in the game... I just wanted to let you know that. I've planned out all my posts for the next 3 months and I've got some really great idea's. I'm feeling really motivated and am looking forward to where the next 3 months are going to take me!

If you have a blog, pop your URL in the comments because I'd love to check out some fresh content. You grow from making mistakes but you also grow by learning from others and I'd like to see what you could teach me.

Love always,

7 May 2016

I had this huge long list of NYX products that I wanted to try and was so disappointed when I returned home from NYC without them. I just got so caught up in the Sephora hype that my NYX wishlist was lost. Since then, the brand have launched their range in Boots online and every month it's been "I'll treat myself this payday" and every month I feel the guilt when I see the total in my online basket.

There's something about shopping in person that takes away all of the guilt and "do I really need this?" doubt. When the items are already packed up and ready for you to walk away when the cashier says says "that'll be £35 exactly please". Oh yeah, I forgot I had to pay real money for this and it's way too late to back out now. Not like online shopping.

So NYX has just launched in a few Boots around the country, and I just so happened to be in London last Thursday to make the most of it...

Photo-Loving Primer // £10.00

I picked this up on the pretence that I've never used a face primer before but always wanted to try one. Plus I was with a friend who wanted to try it too but wasn't sure so it was for the best of both of us that I pick it up! You know, for research.

There are 3 shades to the range; Clear, Green and Lavender. The clear is for filling in pores and fine lines to make a better base for foundation, the Green is for those of you who suffer from redness and the lavender is to brighten up dull skin. In hindsight, I should have picked up the clear one, my face isn't dull perse. It's nothing a light BB cream can't fix and if you read my blog regularly you'll know the trouble I've been having with fine lines around the eyes lately.

"Prepare your canvas with our silky primer. The Studio Perfect Primer formula is easily absorbed creates a smooth surface for foundation and ensures the longevity of your makeup."

And there's nothing I wouldn't agree with. The consistency is super silky, almost dry but not drying on the skin, if that makes sense. It blends in well and although I can't say it brightened up my skin an awful lot, I did notice a subtle difference which is nice. In terms of longevity once my makeup was applied, I guess I can't really comment on that because I used it with the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray...

Matte Finish Long Lasting Finishing Spray // £7

This is another type of product I've wanted to try for a long time. The one by Urban Decay has been on my hit list for a while but with the spending ban, I've felt like £22 is just a little too much to justify. I've also been a little sceptical that the hype is real and setting sprays are a legit thing that work!

I'm pretty impressed, though, after misting my face a couple times with it yesterday before going out in the sun, my makeup was still fairly intact even after a sweaty game of badminton. Like I said before, though, I did wear the primer too so I can't say whether it was all the primer or a bit of both products working together, but I will report back.

Dark Circle Corrector Concealer // £6.50

I have been looking for a good concealer for the longest time and have been really struggling to find a good one. This was the one product I told myself that when I did eventually take the plunge and make my purchase absolutely had to be in my basket. I have quite deep dark blue circles around the inner corners of my eyes, and normally a concealer alone can't fix that. I've tried a couple correctors before but never been too impressed, especially because you have to wear them with a concealer and I'm not a fan of caking on the makeup. Which is what I love about this product, it's both things in one, keeping the makeup routine nice a simple but also combatting those dark circles. And it actually works too.

I wore it for the first time yesterday, dabbing it onto my inner eye with my index finger. It's a super lightweight, creamy consistency which blends really nicely. The only thing I can fault is that I did get a little bit of creasing and by the end of the day it had gone a little powdery and patchy. However, I (stupidly) did what I said I don't like and put another concealer over the top. Maybe that's the problem. I'll keep you updated.

Super Skinny Marker // £5.50

I love the Supercat liner by Soap and glory (the smaller one) and the only thing I've ever found better is the Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D. I'm pretty picky with liquid liner, but I have to be seeing as I wear it almost every day. The ones with the felt tip nib tend to be my favourite because they're more precise, don't flake and are generally easier to use! I picked up this one because the nib is super pointed just like the Kat Von D one and had really high hopes. All the best stuff tends to come from America and be hard to get hold of for us in the UK!

But I'm going to say I'm pretty disappointed. The nib isn't as rigid as I'd have hoped, it bends when you apply pressure which makes it difficult to get precise lines. It also doesn't come out very concentrated, maybe I just got a dud one but it's more grey, like a watercolour rather than an ink pen. It's a shame because when you manage to handle the bendy nib, you can get a great point to a cat eye but I had to go over it with another liner to darken it up and add a bit of contrast!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my purchases, you're always going to buy something a little disappointing when you buy a handful of other really great ones. And for the price I paid, I reckon I'll get my money worth and more. Are there any NYX products you think I should try? I was going to pick up one of the Eyebrow pencils as my Brow Wiz has just had its last day but they'd run out of the ones in my shade!

Love always,