2 April 2016

March Favourites

I've been working hard these last few months and finding time to do my makeup in the morning is proving more and more difficult. Being well rested is more important, I guess. So I've been slimming down on the amount of products I use and being more creative with the ones I do reach for this month...

The Body Shop // All-in-One BB Cream 

This product is kind of like marmite, you either love it or you hate it and in my case, that's both. I'll love it for a couple weeks and then won't reach for it for a few months. However this month I've pretty much used it on my face every day. It's really sheer so works great as a 'your skin but better' product, if you're looking for something super lightweight and a fair coverage then this is for you. I can see myself falling in love with this over the summer...

NARS // Audacious Mascara

I think I may have talked about this in last month's favourites and how I've been reaching for it as an alternative to my Too Faced 'Better than Sex' mascara as it's been running dry. And alas it's finally all gone but I'm honestly not as gutted as I thought I'd be because 'Audacious' by NARS has just stolen the show! It's so great at adding volume and length in just a single coat. I've dropped the winged liner from my makeup look a lot this month (I know, shock horror, it just takes too long when you're in a hurry) and this mascara is great at opening up the eyes and making you look super awake which I find really difficult without my feminine flicks.

Becca // Shimmering Skin Perfector - Opal

I've talked about the powder version of this product a lot on my blog before but never this one. I got it as a freebie and - like a lot of things I own - it just got lost in my Mary Poppins-like makeup bag! But this month it has been an angel in disguise. I've used it in almost every possible place you could use a highlighter on your face; my cheekbones, brow bone, the cupids bow, the tip of my nose and even on my eyelids. I've tried to channel a dewy, well-rested goddess look this month (the complete opposite of how I've really felt). The dofer applicator is great too, makes it super easy just dab on and blend with your finger, no need to faff with a brush.

MAC // Retro Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo

The weather has been all over the place this month, there's been torrential downpours and gale force winds, then on the other end of the spectrum there has been blue skies and beautiful sunny days. And that glimpse of sun this month has had me dreaming of summer with golden makeup looks and bold red lips! Which is where this favourite came into play. I love a bold red lip but there's nothing better than the stay power of a MAC retro matte when you've got a full day of work ahead of you!

And that's that, it's a small one this month. I feel like with the challenge to save money to travel my favourites are getting smaller and smaller because I'm running out of new-old products to fall in love with again. I might just have to be a little spendy this month, try something completely new, what d-ya say?!

Love always,

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  1. That looks like a great selection! Definitely want to try the Nars mascara.

  2. Ruby Woo needs to be included in my lipstick collection ! x


  3. I love Ruby Woo but I so struggle to make it work for my lips, maybe if I put a strong lip balm on underneath it could work...



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