20 April 2016

Farmhouse Luxury in Gloucester

Over the weekend, George and I celebrated a pretty big milestone in our relationship. 5 years. It doesn't feel like that long but at the same time it's as if I've known him my whole life! Anyway, this posts not about that, to celebrate we rented a room at a hotel in Gloucestershire and I wanted to tell you about it because it was the best damn hotel I've ever stayed in!

George has been talking about going to Puzzle Wood since the new Star Wars movie came out last year, so we made the two and a half our trip to the Forest of Dean for two nights on the weekend. We stayed in a small, boutique-like hotel; Tudor Farmhouse. Now, I'm pretty picky when it comes to picking a places to stay. A full English breakfast included in the package is a must and this hotels organic, locally produced menu had me pretty settled from the get-go.

The hotel has just 20 rooms and even on a sold-out Saturday night, never did it feel crowded. I hardly saw anyone other than the lovely ladies on the Reception (and George obviously) the entire time I was there. I like that about a hotel. Whilst George was there to fan-girl over Star Wars production sets, I was there to relax and get some quality couple time, which is exactly what I got, with little to no sightings from other guests. But if you like pure seclusion, I recommend Sunday nights, we practically had the place to ourselves!

The rooms are all individually decorated but are all based around the renovated barn style, they're the epitome of the Barn conversion you dream of doing one day! Distressed wooden floors in the main building and exposed beams and brickwork in the bedrooms. Pinterest lovers would have a field day photographing and uploading some of the cute quirky features around the place.

Whilst this place is a little more on the expensive side, the saying "you get what you pay for" is totally true here. It's luxury in the most peaceful, charismatic way.

It's clear that this place is looked after well and loved even more. I'm kinda hoping I win the lottery sometime soon as I'd love to give one of their larger rooms a go. Look at this one, it looks incredible. Imagine that bath with a couple Lush bath bombs, it'd be divine.

I didn't eat off of the main menu at the hotel, I'm one of those picky eaters but 'The Butchers Inn' just next door does some cracking food and the best Garlic Bread I've ever had. Bold statement, but true!

If you have a bit of cash to splash and fancy getting away for some 'me-time', I would recommend this place ten-fold. Puzzle wood was amazing; tree's and rock faces piled high and completely covered in moss. Honestly, the most beautiful natural made thing I've seen in the UK. We visited Symonds Yak as suggested by the receptionist which was a beautiful view across Gloucester and over the prettiest little village.

I'm desperate to travel the UK a little more now, see what more my home has to offer, so if you have any suggestions and good hotels to stay in let me know... Might just have to break the bank and pop out somewhere in May, it's going to be George's birthday so what better excuse?

Love always,

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