17 February 2016

The Beauty Lover Tag

I do tag posts all the time, but never in the way they're intended. It's a little backwards really. I tend to 'take part' without actually being tagged in the first place. Because, well, why not? They're just a bit of fun. But for once I've actually been tagged, so here goes...

What makeup item could you not live without?

Like, physical product from a brand? Or generally? Generally, it would be liquid liner, I don't feel like me until I have on my cat eyes so I wouldn't be able to live without some sort of liquid liner. In a 'stranded on a desert island' situation, I could make any liquid liner work, just so long as I could have one at all times! In terms of product by a brand, I don't really have one of those at the moment. There are products I really love, like the Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation and the Benefit Hoola Bronzer but I could probably cope if they were discontinued.

What skincare item could you not live without?

Again, brand or generally? Generally, it would have to be Serum, any serum I don't mind. I just find they make such a positive impact in my skincare routine and I've really been loving the results they give. Brand wise it would probably be the Glow Tonic by Pixi. So many people say that toners are a waste of time but my skin looks and feels so much more awake when I use it in the mornings. And it has such great ingredients, I know it's prepping my skin perfectly for the rest of my skincare routine!

What are you worst at when applying makeup?

Either the cat eye or blush. I do a cat eye pretty much every day and have done for the past 5 years. But I still can't seem to get them to match, I can get them pretty close, but they're never perfect! Blush, on the other hand, I find myself avoiding it all together as I never know when to stop!

What's your biggest beauty pet peeve?

I don't really think I have one, but I guess overdrawn eyebrows? I'm definitely a fan of the bold brow trend but sometimes it gets taken a little too far. Much to my disappointment, we can't all have the perfect bold brows of Cara Delevigne or Maisie Williams and I'm all for giving it a go but the inch thick or geometric brow trend? That's just not working for me.

What's your favourite makeup era?

I don't know whether this counts as an era, I guess it does but the time when silent films were all the rage. Everything was in black and white so makeup tended to be fairly contrasting and bold so that it showed up on film. Dark smokey eyes and bold lips with a matte base! Heavy eyeliner was a thing too which brings me back to my teenage, punk wannabe stage!

What's your guilty pleasure product?

Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm. With skincare, the idea is to splash the cash in places where there is more intensive or expensive/active ingredients and the cleansing stage isn't one of those. But I love this product so much. It smells divine and honestly makes it feel like such a luxury. I look forward to cleansing in the evenings now which is something I never thought I'd say before. But at £36 a tub, it's pretty pricey.

What's your underdog product?

The Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush is such an overlooked product and I'm so shocked that it hasn't had more hype. If like me, you're not the best at applying blush, look no further. It's sheer and buildable, plus super blendable, all three of those are necessary when you don't want to look like Ronald McDonald when you leave the house!

What was your favourite product of 2015?

This is a tough call, I used so many products throughout the year and had so many favourites. I guess. if you include nails into this it has to be the Barry M Daylight Curing polishes because I raved about them so much last year! If it were makeup, it'd probably be the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal because I'm a sucker for some glitter. Ooh no, it has to be the Barry M Dazzle Dust's! I used them in every makeup look last year and talked about them in pretty much all of my favourites!

Thanks Rhaea for tagging me, I don't feel like so much of a loser posting this, this time around. If anyone knows of any other tags that I haven't done yet, please let me know. They're so much fun to do. If you have a blog, you should do it too, this is me unofficially tagging you. And if not, why not do it in the comments below! I'd love to read your comments!

Love always,

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  1. Lovely post!! I really enjoyed reading this post. I definitely agree with taking a brow too far, I think I prefer a natural look :)

    Kathy xx

  2. I am totally going to do this on my blog soon! Cheers!



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