27 February 2016

February Favourites

This month has been such a tough one where staying frugal and not touching my bank balance has been concerned! I mentioned in my 'Beauty Products I need to get my hands on' post that there are so many new releases from January and February that I am desperate to try. But alas, I've decided to go travelling at the end of the year and I need to save for the adventure! So new purchases have been kept to an absolute minimum, in fact, I think I've only opened my purse a couple times this month! With that in mind, this month's favourites feature a lot of things I have rekindled my love for!

Chanel // Vitalumiere Foundation

I picked this up in January after I used up every last drop of my Nars sheer Glow at New Years. I have wanted to try this foundation for the longest time. I'd seen people close to me get it and felt so jealous but honestly, couldn't fathom shelling out £38 when I had a perfectly good, no perfectly
amazing foundation already. But finally, the time came.

I wasn't so sure at first, it's much different to the NARS alternative, much dewier compared to the matte effect that Sheer Glow gives. I'd catch myself in mirrors at work and have to fight the urge to pop to the bathroom and powder because I felt my face looked oily. I guess it was just shock,
I'd never used a foundation with that effect before, it just took a little bit of getting used to
really. But I stuck with it and now I'm besotted.

It's a great pick for spring, dewy and fresh just like the daffodils that are popping up everywhere. The durability is great too, I'd say I get a solid 6 - 7 hours without retouching.

Vaseline // Cocoa

This month has been the worst for dry, chapped lips. The sheer volume of days at work where I've forgotten to pack this in my handbag is crazy and the discomfort that ensued was crazier. However on those days where my mind didn't slip the important stuff, Vaseline was a life saver.

What's great about Vaseline it isn't made to be more than one things, it's perfect for looking after your skin and that's all it does. I've tried lip balms that are tinted, or taste nice, or last all day but they never work, not like Vaseline. Granted, it's not the most glamourous thing to pull out of your handbag, but I'm not complaining.

NARS // Audacious Mascara

I've pretty much been surgically attached to my Too Faced 'Better than Sex' mascara since picking it up last year. So much so that when 'Audacious' turned up on my door as part of a limited edition Glossy Box, I didn't give it a second glance. The Too Faced one is slowly running dry and in an attempt to make it last longer I've been reaching for alternatives all month and this one by NARS has been a winner.

'Audacious' makes my lashes look so thick it actually rivals 'Better than Sex.' In terms of length, it's not much different but the thickness definitely makes a difference! I wasn't so sure about the wand, the bristles are made from rubber and I'm more of a natural bristle type of person but somehow it seems to rival my cult favourite mascara so it can't be that bad. Although, they are a little pointy so you have to be careful when applying to not poke yourself. I for one learnt that the hard way.

Bio Oil

At the very beginning of this month, I managed to walk head first into the corner of a fixture at work, leaving a giant gash in the middle of my forehead. In the event of making sure I don't forever fixate my existence with the ridicule of Harry Potter related jokes, I've been applying Bio Oil every morning and night. I've never had much luck with it on my scars before but somehow it's worked miracles on this one! The scar is no more than the remnants of what you'd think was once a tiny scrape. I've been pretty impressed with it this month and will continue to use it until, hopefully, the scar is completely gone!

Real Techniques // Expert Face Brush

This was probably one of the first makeup brushes I bought for myself and for most of last year, it was lost at the back of my makeup drawer. Since splurging on the Chanel foundation, I experimented with a bunch of different brushes to see which gave the best effect. The Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques is much more dense and buffs in the product a lot more. If you're struggling with cakey foundation, you should give this a go because it really works the product in for a more natural look.

Invisibobble Hair Band

I don't know the best term for them, but they're meant to be kinkless hairbands and these bizarre things have been talked about a lot recently. They kind of look like an old fashioned telephone wire, just in a circle and to say I was sceptical about them would be putting in nicely. I have thin hair and I struggle a lot with kinks in my hair when I've been sporting a pony for even just a couple of hours, let alone a full day at work! But they were on offer at Boots and I thought why not.

Whilst they don't leave my completely kinkless after an 8 hour work day, they do leave my hair dramatically straighter than a what a normal hairband would. I reckon if it wasn't for my frustratingly thin and limp hair then I might have had more success. Regardless, though, they do mean I can wear a ponytail at the beginning of the week and not have to worry about needing to re-straighten my hair every morning!

So that is that. Something new, a few things old and finding love for things I've never loved before. A pretty successful month I think.

Love always,

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  1. great products!


  2. Reading this has made me want to go to my nearest Chanel counter and buy that foundation asap! Haha. I'm a lover of dewy foundations so this sounds divine. I'm currently still using my Sheer Glow but once it's used up I think i'll give this one a try. Holly x

  3. I love Real Techniques brushes! Definitely some of my favorites.


  4. I love the RT Expert Face Brush, it blends out my foundation beautifully!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  5. I love my vaseline lip tin too! Such a lifesaver this winter!

    Toast the Girl Almighty

  6. Ahh I love Bio Oil and the Real Techniques expert face brush! I've never tried anything from Nars to be honest but I really want to give at least one product a go. Not sure what I'd go for yet though!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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