20 February 2016

Barry M Dazzle Dust // Collection and Swatches

This post is so, so long overdue. If you've read my blog before, even just once the chances that you've heard about the Barry M Dazzle Dusts, is very high. I talk about them a lot! I'm a girl who loves a bit of sparkle in my makeup and the MAC pigments are beautiful, just way out of my budget. I remember purchasing from the Dazzle Dust range when I was 13 or 14. In fact, somewhere on the internet are some horrific pictures of my best friend and I doing a not so impromptu photo session one summer after experimenting with a bright pink and blue shade. There was even a side ponytail to match! Thankfully since then, Barry M have ditched the pop-y colours and replaced them with a selection of much more wearable shades! And it seems like I may have them all!

Aphrodite, Athena & Venus

These three, are probably my favourites. Venus is a more subtle version of gunmetal shade, it's not hugely pigmented but looks really pretty on dark smokey eyes where glitter is prominent. Athena and Aphrodite are so, so similar, in fact, I tend to dip between both for my inner corner highlight every day. Aphrodite is a little more matte, great if you're not so keen on a lot of shimmer as it reflects the light without looking shimmery. Athena has a pinkier undertone, it doesn't tend to show up when you have it on, but I love it great on looks where I bring the inner corner highlight into the lower lash line too, counteracts the blue in my under eyes to make me look awake!


Definitely, my most reached for colour, especially last summer. It's a pinky gold-esque shade, not that it looks that way in the pot but on the lids, it warms up and is great for more subtle golden goddess looks. I tend to wear it the most over the top of the Naked 3 palette for a feminine rose look and with the Stila Eyes are the Window (Soul) palette for a subtle golden goddess look.


This is the first shade I picked up when I rediscovered the range. If you like gold shades like MAC's Honey Lust then you will love this. It is so, so pigmented and it makes your lids look like a brand new  gold penny. It's got quite an orange undertone so if you have cooler skin tones I'd go for Tan instead but in the summer when you're rocking a golden glow this is a must have!

Petrol Black

The most recent to my collection (I picked it up today), Petrol Black is a little misleading. In the pot, it looks almost perfect black just with specks of a bright petrol blue. However when applied it swatches much bluer than you'd think. But it's still beautiful! More beautiful in fact. I reckon, if you have blue eyes, you should definitely check this out because I think it would look spectacular. Or if you're doing a dark, black smokey eye for a party this would look amazing over the top! I wish I'd had it for New Year because this would have worked so nicely with my nights makeup!

Barry M is such an underrated brand and it sucks that outside of their (perfected) nail polish range they don't get a lot of coverage. These Dazzle Dusts compare to the MAC pigments and they're way better value for money! You can't go wrong at £4.59 a pot. The pots are pretty tiny but a little really does go a long way!

Next on my hit list to add to my collection is Eos, Burgandy Noir, Charcoal and Oyster Grey. Unfortunately for me, I think 3 out of the 4 of those shades are discontinued. I'll just have to troll eBay in the hopes that someone finds a stray they no longer want unless I can by some miracle convince Barry M to hook me up. Well, a girl can dream!

Love always,

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  1. These look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    toast the girl almighty

  2. I wish you had swatched them! But they look so pretty xx


  3. I love the dazzle dusts. I have a few and they are amazing but a pain to clean up if you spill it! Haha x



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