8 February 2016

5 old habits you should give up for lent...

On Wednesday, Lent begins and whether you're religious or not, giving something up for 40 days could change your life. There's a saying that it takes 30 days to change old habits, so if you can get through lent, then guaranteed you won't crave it any longer.

1. Coffee & Fizzy Drinks

I gave up fizzy drinks as a 'New Year, New Me', resolution and in just under 40 days I'm feeling so good. I pretty much drink only water and juice and my skin is looking better than ever. I feel a little more energetic too and now I don't crave a Cola with my lunch anymore. In fact, I'm more excited about the array of juices on a restaurant menu than the selection of fizzies! 

2. Shopping

What better way to save a bit of cash than to give up shopping altogether? Granted you're going to have to spend a little, everyone needs food to live. But, aside from the weekly grocery shop, why not leave your purse a home for a change? No more coffee's on the way to work or vending machine snack before you get the train home. It can all add up pretty quickly and I bet you'd be surprised how much money you can save just by leaving your purse at home!

And that includes online shopping too. No debit cards, credit cards or PayPal allowed. 

3. That bad diet

Why not become a vegan? It's easy in hindsight to say, "I couldn't do that" or "that's not for me" but why not? The vegan way of life isn't just for 'animal loving hippies' anymore and it's only for 40 days. What's the harm in trying? Not only are you saving lives by cutting out all animal produce but you're also cutting out on things that could be harming your body. Just think whatever the outcome, once it's over you can indulge in chocolate eggs a-plenty (vegan or not) as a sweet, sweet, reward. 

4. Social Networking

Whilst giving up all social networking isn't going to be the answer to everything, paying more attention the surroundings around us will. George and I both get annoyed with each other for 'not listening' because the other is too engraved in their phone or computer. Giving up a form of social media will give us (and you) more time to take in 'real life'. Time to appreciate the things that expire rather than what your best friends dinner looks like!

5. Getting up after 8.30

One of the things I dislike about myself is how much I cherish a lie-in. I get up with no more that 30 minutes to get ready and leave for work in the mornings and then don't get out of bed until 10 am on my days off. Whilst a good night's sleep is important so is a consistent sleep routine. No matter how many hours sleep I get, I'm always tired because my body is confused. If I could commit to going to bed at the latest 11pm and waking no later that 8.30am every morning, I'm positive tiredness would become a thing of the past!

I think what's important to remember is that the things we depend on are only dependable because we consumer them so much. Take them away for 40 days and you realise how little you actually needed them in your life. I understand lent is based on Jesus' suffering but whether you are religious or not, it could teach you something valuable.

Let me know what you're giving up for lent? Or life. You choose...

Love always,

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