24 January 2016

Over-hyped beauty products I didn't like...

When you're after a new product, reading reviews from other bloggers can either be the best or worst thing. I tend to do it loads when I specifically need something new or when I'm thinking about splurging on something a bit pricier. Despite my meticulous research, I've bought a couple products recently which were super disappointing, especially after the glowing reviews that I read before purchasing. So I thought I'd share my opinions on them, just in case you want a counter argument to that product you've been lusting over all month!

Soap and Glory // Eyebrow Pencil

I heard about the S&G Eyebrow Pencil after watching a video by Hello October a few months ago. I've been talking about eyebrow products all month and my search to find something I really love. I've been pretty impressed with Soap and Glory products before and the Archery pencil with the spooly on the end has to be one of my favourites. So since Suzie seemed pretty impressed with this version, I decided to give it a whirl.

The pencil nib is similar to the shape of an angled eye brush, in theory, the idea seems great. It's slanted to get the shape of your brows right but pointed to get precise strokes. The problem is the consistency, it's just too hard and waxy. Which are two verbs I never thought I could use together. It tends to slide all over my brows without not giving any product off! I had to press pretty hard to see even the slightest colour payoff but it wasn't enough and I couldn't imagine having to do that every day before work! The clear brow gel on the other end is much better, it really keeps your brows in one place and lasts all day. So aside from the fact it makes the hairs super crispy once it dries, it was a positive end to a problematic pencil.

Clarins // Brightening Eye Gel

I am only 22 but have the wrinkles and dark circles of a 30-year-old. I picked up two samples from the Clarins counter where I work, one for fine lines and the other for dark circles with the advice to use one in the mornings and one a night. I used the fine lines one in the evening and the brightening one in morning but I can't say I really noticed much of a different from either of them. I think I even had an adverse reaction to the fine lines gel because it made the skin around my eye so dry and flakey. I had to break out my Kiehl's Creamy Avocado eye cream to combat the problem, but I've had problems with dryness ever since. It's a shame because I picked up a full sized tube of the Clarins Gel Cleanser and absolutely loved that, the moisturiser is pretty good too.

Tarte // Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara

Maybe the problem here is me, I had intended on picking up the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara whilst I was in NYC in November but picked up this one by accident. But in my defence I was tired and jetlagged and who'd have thought a waterproof mascara would be so different to glowing reviews of the normal version? Not me that's for sure. I honestly cannot get along with this. I find a lot with mascara's that I dislike them at first but then when I realise I'm applying it all wrong, I learn to love it! Not with this one, though. I like long, thick, defined lashes. This gave me, long - yes, but thin, spindly lashes. If you like the natural look, or have smaller eyes and find mascaras like the Two Faced, Better than Sex is too voluminous then you might like this. But it just wasn't dramatic enough for my liking. I wear a lot of eyeshadow and glitter so I need a mascara to balance it out, this one kind of just got a little lost.

Clarins // Eye Make-up Remover

Late last year there were a lot of money off promotions where I work and I kind of went on a Clarins binge and whilst it wasn't all disappointing, I was upset about the Eye Make-up Remover I picked up. Before, I was using my Bioderma, which I love and it does a great job at removing 75% of my make-up but it doesn't have a chance with my stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara. The Clarins makeup remover, on the other hand, was great, it took off pretty much all of my eye makeup but it left my skin with a slippery, oily residue which I hated. As I continued with the rest of my skincare routine it mixed with my products and they just slid off my face without allowing them to soak in! I'm sure it was the oily consistency which was the problem, but you need that oil to tackle waterproof makeup. I guess I'm just going to have to keep looking, but for a product that worked so well to start with it's a shame it ended so badly.

LUSH // Popcorn Lip Scrub

I talked about how excited I was to try this in a Lush haul around this time last year, the hype is real in regards to everything Lush but these lip scrubs seem to bee's knees. But with this one, I just couldn't get over the pure salty taste, not matter how hard I tried to not get it in my mouth, somehow I always got a taste. Granted the scrub is made from sea salt, sugar and coconut oil so the salty taste is to be expected but it was like I'd poured a whole tub of salt into my mouth. It just wasn't something I could learn to get along with. Which kind of sucks because I loved the results the scrub gave to my dry, chapped lips in the winter. I'll try a pure sugar scrub, maybe that might work better?

MAC // Mineralize Blush

I picked up this product over a year ago now, around about the time I had my MAC makeover and I regret buying it so much. At the time I was so naive about makeup, I still am but less so than then. I picked up the blush because the beautician at MAC had used it on me in my makeover and I loved the overall look. It was the first blush I'd ever picked up but I don't know why I did. It's such a sheer product that you honestly have to build it up so much in order to see that it's actually on your face.  I still use it now and then because it was too expensive not to but only on days where I really have time  focus on what I'm doing. It's not a product I'll grab for my pre-work makeup routine!

Have you tried any of these products before and felt the same? I was so disappointed with most of these because I don't tend to buy much on a whim, a lot of research will go into it first. So I honestly thought I was buying something worth the money. Nevermind, everyone makes mistakes.

Love always,

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  1. i sooo agree on the lip scrub! it's so overrated + expensive for what you are getting!

  2. Good thing I never tried any of these products, aha! I think things tend to get over hyped quite a lot in the blogger world, though. :)

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com

  3. Definitely think that you didn't like the Tarte mascara because you picked up the water proof one, my lights, camera, lashes gives volume and length, although it appears to be running out already which is surprising... They should have differentiated the packaging more though, they look identical!


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