31 January 2016

January Favourites

I reckon if you've been reading the posts that have been putting up throughout the majority of January then you'll be able to pre-empt what things I'm going to mention in my favourites this month. I've been pushing my creative boundaries and really getting to know some new products from general splurging at New Years and then exciting presents I received on Christmas morning...

MAC // Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

I got this for Christmas and have used this every day since. I talk about how much I love neutral shimmery shades all the time but this one takes the prize for all time favourite! MAC have two versions of this palette; warm tones and cold tones. I have a fairly warm complexion so the colours suit me much better and I'm never one to turn down a palette with a pretty gold!

In terms of price range, it's a little more on the expensive side at £65 but for what you're getting it's pretty much the bargain of the century. MAC charge £10 for the eyeshadows alone, plus £12.50 for the palette to put them in. So if you made this palette yourself you're looking at spending about £162! I guess to have a palette completely designed for you then that's not so bad, but Inglot charge in total £156 for a customizable 20 shade palette and at KIKO you can get a customizable 24 shade palette for £80!

Back to this palette, though, it's so versatile, there's a great selection of matte's and a just as good selection of shimmers. They're super pigmented and blend out really nicely. I guess the only downside is there's no built in mirror which would make travelling with this palette difficult!

Emma Hardie // Moringa Cleansing Balm

I have wanted to try this cleanser for the longest time, it has a great reputation in the blogging community but at £38 I could never bring myself to take the plunge. But I was doing a little New Years sale browsing on FeelUnique, it was 15% off and I'd just decided to improve my skincare routine so I finally went for it!

It smells amazing, that's the first thing I need to tell you. It's kind of like when you get a facial at a spa and they have relaxing incense burning, this product really add's a sense of luxury relaxation to your routine. Secondly, it's a solid cleanser. I've only ever used the Liz Earle 'Cleanse & Polish' so this was an entirely new sensation in itself. It kind of reminds me of coconut oil, but rather than melting it in your hands first you mix it on your face with warm water. It melts into almost a cream, almost an oil consistency that is smooth and sinks in beautifully. I kind of expected it to be a little lumpy because of it's solid form but there is none of that at all! It's really great at removing any left over makeup that my Micellar water couldn't tackle and leaves my face so soft.

The flannel that comes with it is great too, one side is a traditional flannel and works great at getting the bulk off, the reverse is more like a muslin cloth, I like to use this lightly once I've finished to remove any dead skin that may be left over. It leaves my face feeling and smelling (as pointed out by George) amazing. So far it's so worth the expensive price tag, we'll just wait to see how long it lasts to see if it retains that title.

Daniel Sandler // Watercolour Blush

If like me, you suck at blush, then you need to try this! It's a little bit expensive for a whim but it has changed my whole outlook on blushers. I'm pretty poor at applying powder and cream blushes, I either put too much on my brush and look like a clown as soon as there is contact to the face or it's so sheer that I build and just forget to stop at an acceptable place. Either way, I look like I've just returned from the circus.

This changes everything. I'm not too sure how you're supposed to apply, I've tried popping a bit on my brush and buffing it in but I found the product kind of just disappears into the brush somewhere. My next best solution is to pop two dabs on the apple of your cheek (one cheek at a time) and super quick before it runs down your face buff it in with a stippling brush. It blends beautifully and just gives you a fresh, glowy look.

There's also just something about comparing putting your face on in the morning to a beautiful watercolour painting that makes it a much more romantic event.

Benefit // Hoola Bronzer

I have never had much luck with Benefit products, so much so that the past couple of years I've just steered clear of them all together. I kind of just thought there was an awful lot of morality lost in the hype of a well-designed brand. I've had recommendation after recommendation to try the 'Hoola Bronzer' and 'Coralista Blush' but couldn't find the motivation to want to give Benefit another go. But someone finally caved in and gifted me this for Christmas and well, it would be rude not to give it a go really. And I'm so glad I did.

'Hoola' is super pigmented (which I learned very quickly) so you only need to swish your brush a tiny bit and you're good to go. It applies smoothly and blends even better! I don't have a bad word to say about this product, it has kind of restored my faith in Benefit and the excitable blogging community! They were right about this one.

After January, I actually look forward to doing the base of my makeup which has never been the case before. I'm normally all about the eyes, but now it's both. Benefit and Daniel Sandler have got me so excited to try new base products and I couldn't be happier about that. I have my eye's on a few things, but I'll keep those a secret for now... I'm sure they'll be in a blog post soon!

Love always,

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  1. I really want to try the Mac warm neutrals palette, it's gorgeous! x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

  2. that MAC palette is so pretty !


  3. I've been eyeing the MAC palette for a while now! It's so pretty and has the perfect colors.

    Ariana |labelmeluxxe.blogspot.com


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