6 January 2016

Have I gone too far? // Shop my Eyeshadow Stash

The favourite part of my makeup collection is my eye products. It's the part of my makeup routine that I experiment with the most and feel like I can just go crazy with. But what I've found is it's so easy when you fall this in love with makeup (specifically eyeshadow palettes) to hoard fast and forget about it faster. I have been meaning to go back through my makeup drawer and dig out some of my forgotten pieces for a while, and seeing as I haven't put down my MAC palette since I got it on Christmas day, what better a time? So, me being me can turn anything into a blog post, thought it would be fun to shop my stash... but, slightly different to the regular SMS posts you may have seen.

Stila - Eyes are the Window // Soul

I picked this palette up in February of last year and I'm a little sad because I forgot I even had it. But on the brighter side, I had the crazy idea earlier today to quit my job and go travelling later on this year and this would be the perfect palette to take with me. It's one of the smallest palettes I own and it has a great selection of nudes vs. shimmers. I reckon there are some shades in there too that'll be able to work as dual functions. And it has a mirror in the lid, one less thing I'll need to pack!

Sephora - IT Palette // Delicate Nudes

I kind of feel like this is a ballet dancer's dream palette. I don't know why and I hope I'm not offending any ballet dancers out there, but it's just so - as the name describes - delicate and precious. As I'm typing this and trying to decide on appropriate describing words, I'm swaying my head like I imagine the conductor for the Black Swan musical would. If that doesn't make you agree that this is the most gracefully beautiful palette, then I don't know what will.

MAC // Warm Neutrals

My newest palette and the one that has my heart, currently. If you read my 2015 Favourites you'll have seen me talking about the Barry M - Daylight Curing Nail Polishes and how I thought the Autumn shades were made for me, well this is the eyeshadow version. I feel like I couldn't have picked the colours better myself if I had tried! The dark, ever so slightly but barely shimmery brown shade ('Dance in the Dark') is my favourite, closely followed by the coppery, brown (bottom row, second in from the right, I think it's called 'Divine Decadence'.) The colour pay off is by far the best of any eyeshadows I have tried before and they blend beautifully too, the most expensive in my collection but so worth the £65 price tag.

Urban Decay // Naked 2, Naked 3 + Naked 2 Basics

'Naked 2' was the first palette I ever bought myself, I love how grungy and smoky the colours feel just by looking at it. I actually wore a few shades from this palette on New Years (side note: let me know if you'd like a post on my NY look, is it too late?) but it was the first time I'd pulled it from the back of the drawer in the longest time. The 'Naked Basics' is hands down my favourite palette for when I go abroad, I don't tend to break it out unless I'm going on holiday to be honest. It's a great little thing, just a shame there are no shimmers. Glitter is a very basic thing, a necessity for me I'd say! I may be the only one there, though. 'Naked 3', has definitely been my least used of all the palettes and you can really tell. The colours are beautiful and like all Urban Decay eyeshadows, they're super creamy and only slightly less pigmented than the MAC ones. But the colours just aren't for me, the pinky shades come off too light on my warmer skin tone. I do use this and will endeavour to use it more now I've remembered I own it, but it could be my least favourite palette I own. If you have fair skin, though, give this palette a go because it will look amazing.

NARS // IsoldeBellissima + Corfu

If you're a regular reader over here then you'll know how in love I am with the 'Isolde' duo, two super metallic shades in gold and copper. Honestly, they are a dream, enough said. 'Bellissima' was bought for me in Liberty years and years ago. At the time, I was interested in makeup but never really dabbled too much so it wasn't long before it got hidden at the bottom on my makeup bag and forgotten about. I brought it out a couple times last year for some everyday work looks, I'd say, though, it's a great palette for someone just starting out. Granted it's a little bit on the pricey side but the two colours are super versatile, sheer but build nicely. 'Corfu' I actually picked up in TK Maxx a the day I got back from New York. I know, you'd have thought I'd have been all shopped out by then but apparently not. It's a really pretty gunmetal gold shade with a the slightest pink tinge to it, which doesn't translate too well in the picture but trust me it was worth the delirious jetlagged shopping trip!

I've linked up all these palettes to where I can find them cheapest, so if you're looking for a new one then I've made it easy for you, or at least, helped you narrow it down. Are there any I've not mentioned that are worth the hype? I have my eye on the 'Tartlette in Bloom' palette by Tarte and one of the Charlotte Tilbury ones, the name has slipped from me but the one with the glitteriest gold I've ever swatched, do you know the one? Not that I need any more palettes in my collection, but who's going to stop me. 

Love always,

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  1. Eye shadow is my weakness... All these look gorgeous!

  2. I'm an eyeshadow palette hoarder too! Naked Basics 2 is my favourite, I love mattes! The Tartelette palette looks gorgeous you should definitely get it!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. I only have one eyeshadow palette as I can't really afford many products but it's definitely something I want to slowly get more :) these ones are super pretty and the sephora one does really look classic and appropriate for a ballet dancer!! Xx


  4. AAAHHH YOUR PALETTE COLLECTION IS AMAZING! I got my eyes on the stila one cuz I like the dark colors it has

    BCfactor Blog | bcfactor.blogspot.com

  5. oh you have my eyeshaddow goals!!! I have never tired the mac ones but i am in love with urban decay! its just lush!



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