13 January 2016

Brows on Fleek // Billion Dollar Brows Review*

Brows on fleek, something of which mine are never! I have been getting my eyebrows threaded for little over two years now, and up until about 1 year ago, that's as far as I have left them. I'm not brave enough to pluck them myself for fear of it going hideously wrong. I tried to trim my eyebrows once and that was a catastrophe enough to last me a lifetime.

I've spent the last 12 months or so dabbling in various brow filling techniques. My favourite so far being the Soap and Glory Archery Pencil (the one with the thinner nib and spooly on the end.) I picked up the Anastasia Brow Wiz in New York which is an exact dupe (more expensive, albeit.) I even got the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade for Christmas but I've been a bit scared to use that thus far! 

I had the opportunity to try out a kit from Billion Dollar Brows a couple weeks ago and jumped at the chance. With my ever learning philosophy, particularly where the mystery of brows are concerned, this wasn't a chance to be missed. 

Best Sellers Kit // £49.50

If, like me, you are still pretty new to filling in your brows then this set should be on your hit list. Granted it's a little pricey, if I'm honest probably out of my price range as a newbie but the products are great and it's really easy to learn with. In the kit, you receive the Universal Brow Pencil, Brow Duo Pencil, Brow Gel and the Smudge brush. 

The Universal Brow Pencil is designed to suit all skin tones and hair colours, thus the universal title. Whilst I'm not convinced that it would work great on blonde toned hair, it works great with my mousy brown roots. The pencil is pretty dark, but with a light hand, it can apply fairly sheer. It's super soft meaning it goes on easy and blends super well, if, like me, you make a few of mistakes when getting that shape right, it comes off pretty easy too. No need to get the makeup wipes out! 

The Duo Pencil is double ended, one side concealer, one side highlight. The concealer is great for, well, concealing and of those dodgy edges you just drew in with the universal pencil, whilst the highlight looks great blended into the brow bone (which can be done with the smudge brush). This pencil is what takes your brows from looking like an amateur attempt, to Fleek Queen. Honestly, if you invest in one thing from this review it should be this! 

The Brow Gel is probably the product I was most impressed by, but that's hard to tell because I was pretty impressed by the Duo Pencil too. Probably because I've never used any products that do the same thing as these two, so I've nothing to compare it to. The Gel is completely clear, you just brush it on with the spooly applicator when you're happy with the way your eyebrows are looking and voila, they'll stay looking that way all day! 

In terms of skin tone and hair colour, if you have a paler complexion and brown hair, this kit would be perfect for you! I love it and know I'll be pretty sad when it runs out, I've got a while to go yet, though. Have you tried Billion Dollar Brows before? Or are there any other brow products you'd recommend for a newbie like myself?

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