8 December 2015

Winter Nail Duo's

At Christmas, my creative side comes out a lot more and I tend to do a lot more DIY and photography. I also tend to play around with my nail choices too. I'm not really into nail are, per se, but I do love a bit of glitter. Honestly, if I had a pound for every time I mentioned how much I love glitter! I thought today, I'd share a few of my favourite nail colour combinations for winter 2015...

Fresh Snow

'Like a Nude' by Barry M is actually a little lighter and less pink toned that what it pictures. Paired with these loose pearls by Ciate, I think you could create a super pretty, snow-esque feel on your nails. I love that the pearls are different shapes and sizes, you could sprinkle them randomly over every nail or just on an accent nail. Both would look super pretty.

Glitter and Gold

I love how festive this could turn out! Using 'Rapid Ruby' by Rimmel as a base colour, then pop a layer (or three) of 'Sequin Dallas Dolly' by Ciate over the top. It's packed with all the perfect Christmassy colours; red, green and gold. This is definitely going to be my Christmas day duo!

Starry Night

'Raindrops' by Illamasqua is probably the prettiest glitter shade I have ever seen. The glitter is so small and subtle it's like dew on grass or stars in the night sky. I feel like this as a base coat, followed with Barry M's 'Diamond Glitter' as an ombre from the nail bed will look so pretty. Like falling snow, almost.

I've included a lot of shades in this post that I've talked about before, but it's because they're so pretty and I they're some of my favourite colours I own. I have such a huge collection of polishes and it says something when you constantly reach for the same shades, right?! It says something more when you can wear them so many different ways. I hope you liked my Winter Nail Duo's, my starry night combo is probably my favourite but Glitter and Gold is totally happening on Christmas Day!

Love always,

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  1. I'm all about glittery nails during Christmas time! All these combos are beautiful but I especially love the last one!


  2. Do the last one! I want to see what it looks like :)

  3. These are all so pretty! Love a red nail for the Holidays!


  4. These are so pretty! I completely agree with you that a little bit of glitter is always perfect on nails.

  5. All of them are so gorgeous!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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