19 December 2015

Rich golds and rusty coppers // NARS - Isolde

I've never really fallen for the NARS eyeshadow hype before, I've had the duo palette in 'Bellissima' for a few years, but never really been too smitten for it. Maybe it was the colour choices, slightly too cold for my complexion. But it kind of just wasted away in my drawer. However, with my impending trip NYC last month and everything being 10x cheaper than over here in the UK I was desperate to give them another go. Especially as though I'd been besotted with my NARS edition of Glossybox, the thought of disliking any of their products was far beyond me any longer.

I'd seen swatches of 'Isolde' online, a few from bloggers but mainly from trolling through Google images for hours on end before take-off! The pictures always portrayed these rich, shimmery gold shades that had my name written all over them. To be honest, though, I was a little sceptical of how true of a likeness the online swatches were to the real deal. It's actually a pretty spectacular in real life! The lighter shade is a warm gold whilst the darker is more of a rusty copper shade, both richer than the image portrays, and they work beautifully together.

The formula is so creamy, which isn't something I often tend to notice, with applying with a brush and all. Both shades go on like a dream, blend like a dream and stay put... like a dream. You can't really ask for more from such a small palette! I mean, granted it's not as versatile as some palettes, there's not a shade suitable for highlight or the eyebrows, like the Naked Basics for example but at that size, packing two palettes if you were going on holiday wouldn't be the end of the world! The gold colour on its own is a nice summer daytime shade, add the copper on top for a transitional evening look. It's great.

I'm excited to see how many different ways I can make these two colours work in my makeup routine. I'm even kind of deliberating breaking out old 'Bellisima' to see if I was just being a little difficult and giving it a second chance! That's how much 'Isolde' has made an impact on me this month. Just a heads up too, expect to see this in my December favourites, in a couple of weeks. Unless something really spectacular happens over Christmas that is... I'd probably still feature it regardless, I'm that in love! See you Monday.

Love always,

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  1. I love those shades, they are so soft and I bet they look really fabulous on their own but also mixed with more intense/vibrant shades.

  2. I love gold eyeshadow shades at the moment and those ones are stunning! Lovely post x

    Erin // Everything Erin


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