6 December 2015

Must See Places: New York

I wasn't planning on posting this until into the new year, but my scheduled post for today didn't quite work out and I didn't want to fail at Blogmas in just 6 days. But for Blogmas, Sunday's are all about life and what's happening, what's happened, travel etc. So, even though it wasn't planned, I think this fits in quite well. And seeing as I've just got back from New York and everything is still so fresh in my mind, it seems kind of perfect to post this now.

1. Art Galleries

Probably my favourite part of my trip to NYC were visiting the galleries and museums. Unfortunately, I only got to visit the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum but I honestly wasn't expecting the magnitude of world renowned art. Even for those of you who aren't as interested in Art, there are some really famous pieces on display by some incredible artists; Picasso, Mondrian, Manet, Warhol, Jasper Johns, Matisse, Kooning, Lichtenstein, I could go on for hours! Both of these galleries work on a ticketed basis by donation, so you can give as little as $1 to enter although $25 is suggested. It's so worth it! Plus, the MET has a freaking Egyptian pyramid inside, so why not!

George also assures me that even though we didn't get the time to go, Chelsea has some incredible smaller galleries and the Guggenheim is a must see too!

2. Top of the Rock

Despite popular belief, you don't have to venture up to the top of the Empire State for unrestricted views of Manhattan. The Top of the Rock Observation Deck is the same price for much shorter queues and two floors 86 floors high, of 360-degree views of Manhattan. From a photographers point of view, it's great to be able to take panoramic photo's with the Empire State included.

3. Levain Bakery

Ok, I admit. I only trekked to the Upper West side in search of these specific cookies because it's the one bakery in Manhattan that get's Taylor Swifts seal of approval. But oh my, do I wish they had a London branch. The place is tiny, literally just a kitchen, cookie counter and till, but am I surprised with New York rent prices, not really.

You'll know you're at the right place it as you walk up because the queue goes out the door, so you have to get there early, but even so it's, worth the wait. These cookies are crispy and crumbly on the outside but soft and doughy on the inside, like heaven in a cookie. According to the guy behind me in the queue, the Levain baker's prepare the dough the night before, freeze it and then bake it in the morning from frozen. Which is what allows the cookie to be so crispy on the outside but practically raw dough on the inside. Sounds disgusting, but if you're in the Manhattan area for any reason, venture up and give it a try!

TIP: One is enough, no matter how enticing it is to buy more, that single cookie will last you all day.

4. The Cannibal 

Not the most mouth-watering of a name for an eatery but I think I may have had my favourite meal from the city here. Serving only meat and beer, it's a proper man's cafe, but I picked it out so I am taking credit for that one! With a menu consisting of hot dogs, thai chicken rolls and pastrami stacked boards it's perfect for the avid meat eater. Which I am not but I'm a sucker for anything with salami! I went to the one located in the Hells Kitchen Area, near the Intrepid Museum (also very interesting) but I believe they have another location near the Empire State area.

5. Fishs Eddy

There are a lot of shops in Manhattan. Over my 7 day retreat to the city, as much as my feet may disagree, I didn't even get to see that many of them. But out of the hundreds I did venture into, this one caught my eye the most.

It's a kitchen shop, but not just any kitchen shop. There's no cranky old lady telling you to mind the glass, and not a Mary Berry cookbook in sight! It's super unique, a little indie but incredibly cool. It sells products you'd probably only ever see on Pinterest or with extortionate price tags on Etsy. I walked around the store for the longest time willing myself to restrain from the cat illustrated china sets, New York themed dishcloths and the trays printed like airline tickets.

There we have it, my must see places in NYC. The last few are a little different, not anything that I found when doing my research before travelling, we literally just stumbled upon them as we explored. But I definitely recommend them with all my heart and will mosy certainly head back to when I'm next in the city.

Love always,

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  1. NYC is the best city! I love it and discover something new every time I visit.


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