2 December 2015

Massive New York Beauty Haul

I officially landed this morning and haven't sat down since. I couldn't wait to open everything I'd bought and put it in a pile, just like you do with your presents on Christmas morning, or is that just me? But what better way to remember the occasion than photographing and swatching as I went along for a massive haul post for you. So here it is...

MAC Lipsticks - Plumful & Verve

I have wanted 'Verve' for ages and ages. Dark colours tend to suit me better than lighter, prettier colours and I've been lusting over this dark nude for months. It was only £3 cheaper in the US than in the UK, but every little helps. Plumful is one I've heard a lot about but never really been too interested, I was having a little swatch session one afternoon and kept picking up this shade at different points in the store. It's quite a sheer, pink shade but builds nicely.

MAC Loose Pigment - Melon

Everyone who knows me, knows I love glitter. I've steered clear of the MAC loose pigments for a while because £16 is too much when I can the Barry M dupes for just £4.99. Plus the pots are huge so unless you're a professional makeup artist, the chances of getting through an entire pot would be slim. However, I was queuing to pay for the lipsticks I mentioned when I saw these loose pigment mini's for just $10 (£7) and I couldn't resist.

NARS Eyeshadow Single - Corfu

I don't usually pick up single eyeshadow shades, but this was in the reduced section for $8. I have a lot of love for NARS shadows, they're usually super pigmented, don't crease and last all day. This shade is a really metallic, warm, dirty grey. I reckon it will look really pretty over Christmas with some more glitter and a dramatic cat eye over the top!

Urban Decay Original Primer Potion

I have tried this before but never really indulged in the full sized product, but I was in the Sephora queue and got suckered in. I'm not a huge fan of the dofer applicator but the product itself still works beautifully, it works really nicely with the MAC loose pigments actually, a great base to stick them too.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo - Isolde

If you read my wishlist a couple weeks ago, you'll be aware of all the palettes I was dreaming of getting hold of. Well, this was the only one I could find, in the entire of Manhattan, the only one! Not to worry because it's worth it, the colour payoff is incredible, the bright gold definitely my favourite of the two.

TARTE - Lights, Camera, Lashes

This is another product I've heard a lot about but never really fallen for the hype. It was my final day in New York, I had a bit of money left and thought why not! I haven't tried it yet but like I said, the beauty blogger hype was real when it was first released, let's hope it's worth the £15 ($21) I spent on it.

Anastasia Brow Wiz - Soft Brown

This is another product I have been dreaming of for the longest time, it's available in the UK but only sparsely and at a much more premium price. It's so easy to use, similar to the Soap & Glory version but with a much softer pencil nib, not so difficult to apply. I have a feeling I might get addicted to this!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector - Champagne Pop

This was another thing that was on my NY wishlist that I posted a couple weeks ago, just the 'Opal' version. But a friend gave me the mini version as a birthday present before I left, which was a stroke of luck because it was sold out everywhere! So I picked up 'Champagne Pop' instead. Opal has more of a silvery undertone whilst 'Champagne Pop' has a gold shimmer to it. Whilst they look the same in the picture, they swatch completely different.

I don't really have much reasoning for why I picked up these brushes other than I didn't already own them and I had a compelling feeling to put them in my basket. The Real Techniques brush was only £6 ($9) so a bargain really. MAC brushes are always incredible, I love my #217 and thought the #221 and #219 would help perfect my smokey eye, a style I wear a lot but am not great at. The Sephora brushes, I just had to try, I've heard great things and they're honestly just so, so soft! And finally the Anastasia #12 I bought with the intention of picking up the Dip Brow Pomade and low and behold I forgot to do so! I'm sure it will come in handy when my Brow wiz runs out, though.

Taylor Swift - Incredible Things Perfume

Anyone who know's me, knows I love Taylor more than I love glitter. Bold statement I know, in fact, I have her music video's playing in chronological order right now as I type! This perfume has been out for the longest time and I feel like a traitor for not picking it up sooner. But I have good reasoning, the last time I went to NYC I picked up my very first Taylor album and I wanted to do similar, for nostalgia's sake. I think out of all 4 perfumes this is my favourite, it's a much more grown up scent, a little musky even.

Essie Nail Polish - Plumberry & Gel Setter

I'm a fan of Essie but also a bit of a snob when it comes to spending money on nail polish. I have so much nail polish I could open up my own shop, so the idea of spending a £8.99 on a single bottle when I could buy two from Rimmel for the same price! In the US, however, they work out at about £5.50 a pot which is much for affordable. No matter where you go the Essie stands are so overwhelming, there is honestly every colour, so George picked out this one for me! Then I grabbed the Gel Setter top coat because I endeavor to find one that will withstand the harsh reality of my job.

And that's it, sorry for the long post, there's been a lot of those in the past few weeks. I'll promise to try and keep it shorter next time, I've just had so much to say. Let me know if there is anything here that you love or hate, I'm opposed to diverse opinions! If anyone is interested in doing a cross world swap box let me know too, I'd love to do that now I know what sort of products you can get here that you might not be able to get in the US!

Check back in tomorrow for a super exciting post that you're going to want to read...

Love always,

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