22 December 2015

Gemporia: Beautiful Jewellery with a beautiful story*

Writing sponsored posts are hard, granted I don't get an awful lot of offers but when I do, working out whether I believe enough in the brand to tell you about it, is a decision I don't take too lightly. I don't want to be someone who accepts every offer because you can't be passionate about everything and I don't want to tell you about things I don't truly love myself.

This is where Gemporia comes in. A lovely lady from Gemporia emailed me last week telling me all about the brand she works for and if I would write a wishlist of products from their collections. I'm pretty picky when it comes to jewellery, I don't wear it often but when I do it's fairly understated, nothing too fancy. Gemporia honestly make beautiful jewellery. Silver and gold pieces paired with gorgeous gemstones. There are items I would wear myself but there are much more items I would pick as gifts for Christmas for people I care a lot about. A justifiable reason to talk to you about it today, maybe a little.

A much more solid reason however is; I love when people give back! When people are mindful of the impact of modern living. When people use their success to help others, and that is exactly what Gemporia do.
[Gemporia Jewellery] should leave a legacy, for those who wear it and those who help to make it.
Gemporia only use genuine gemstones and precious metals in their jewellery

Gemporia are aware that whilst gemstones are natural they're a finite resource. They've used their company to create beautiful jewellery but also educate the communities around where they source their materials. Providing jobs, education and support in a 3rd world country helping them to grow as the company does. This is made possibly through The Colourful Life Foundation which was set up by the Gemporia's original brains and creativity, Steve and Sarah. A percentage of every piece of jewellery purchased is donated to the charity!

It's a rare feat to find a company that is willing to use their success to engage in and support the people who make their success possible. It would be so easy to not do so. It's why I love Lush so much too. Wouldn't it be so much cheaper for them to not use organic products and to test on animals? Wouldn't it be cheaper and more profitable not to donate to charity with every purchase?

Which is exactly why I decided to talk about Gemporia today. Even though I wouldn't choose all of their creations for myself, I know so many people that would love their pieces. So here is my Gemporia Christmas wishlist/gift guide...

1. Two Tone Sterling Silver Necklace // £24

This necklace would be perfect for the Mum's out there, my Mum in particular, would love this. The chain resembles a super fine rope, weaved from delicate metals. The spherical beads, one rose gold, the others, silver, work together beautifully to give off the mixed metals look which took off this time last year! I love the subtle sparkle to them, they're not full on "look at me" bling. It's understated but equally as beautiful as something 10x it's price!

2. Diamond 9K Rose Gold Ring // £58

I think this might be my favourite item from the wishlist, a piece I would definitely buy for myself. Rings are something I pick up often, but put down just as fast! I find they feel clunky and claustrophobic on my fingers. This one has a super slim, rose gold band which just looks so pretty and dainty, hardly the suffocating my finger type. I love the rectangle of diamonds, it's reminiscent of something you might find on & Other Stories, and like the necklace above, for a fraction of the price.

3. White Topaz Sterling Silver Earrings // £29

Earrings like these have really made a name for themselves in 2015. The "I'm not a dangly earring but not quite a stud" fashion is something I have loved from the very beginning. I like how they look classy and formal but also kind of edgy at the same time. These come in black too which but I reckon the silver are more versatile if you're buying as a gift.

4. 9K Gold Earrings // £26

These earrings caught my eye when browsing through the Gemporia website last week and were the first thing I picked for the wishlist. I love the geometric surface to these studs, I don't think I've ever seen this attention to detail in something that is otherwise so simple. I've got a friends birthday coming up in February and these will be so perfect for her!

5. White Topaz Sterling Silver Stacker Rings // £44

Stacked rings are also something that have taken over fashion this year. I love the geometric shape of these, you could wear them separate or stacked together for a really interesting look. They would look great spread over multiple fingers too! Probably a little claustrophobic for my liking but I love the sparkle from the White Topaz.

Honestly, all five of these products I actually really love despite not being a huge jewellery fanatic. There is something for everyone on the Gemporia website and for all budgets too. If you're feeling a little more spendy there are some drop dead gorgeous rings that you should definitely take a look at! What's more is the jewellery is made in limited runs meaning you're definitely not going to bump into someone in the street with the same bracelet as you, sort of like you would if you invested in Pandora or Gemporia!

Whether you're in the market for some pretty jewellery or not, you should definitely head over to Gemporia's About page and have a read over Steve and Sarah's story, and learn a little bit more about the Colourful Life Foundation. Like I said before, whilst I'm not the most avid sparkly jewellery wearer, I am very enthusiastic about brands and companies which have a passion for giving back and Gemporia are one of those little gems which do it right!

Love always,

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