16 December 2015

Christmas wrapping on a budget

I love it when you receive a present and don't want to rip it open immediately because the wrapping is a gift in itself. I've always wanted to be that person, who gives those sorts of presents, the ones that are too good to be opened. Then you wouldn't have to worry about the cheap pair of socks you've gifted inside. I'm joking, but I know you know what I mean, however, it always seems like such a luxury to be able to gift wrap like that. The sorts of things you only see being done in expensive departments stores like Harrods or SAKs on Fifth, or in dreamy Pinterest posts! However, this year I made it a mission to try and wrap my presents with a little more creativity on a student budget.

I'm a pretty festive person, the thought of Christmas is what gets me through the year. But I'm a bit of a traditionalist too, there's the silver and white colour scheme or red and gold, that's as far as it goes for me. I love the look of copper and silver tree's or blue and black but it just doesn't scream Christmas, which is what I want. I want to wake up and be bombarded with mince pies, glitter and baubles of every shape. And my wrapping must emulate this!

I picked up this Merry Christmas paper from Rymans for £2.99 for 4m and the holographic red one for £1, also 4m, at a pop-up Christmas shop. The Works and WHSmiths had some really great brown paper with red Reindeers and Christmas Tree's on too, which work great. Sets of ribbon are always great too because you definitely get more for your money than buying them separately at craft stores. This set from Debenhams had holographic ones, fabric ones and paper ribbon too which went nicely with the brown paper I was using. It's got a real, DIY feel about it but still all works together beautifully. What more is the different types of ribbon can create different effects, you can play around with the different sorts of bows you use too. There's this really great post on HelloNatural.com which teaches you how to create 25 different bows for gifts!

The bells really aren't necessary, but I love the attention to detail and, what's more Christmassy than tiny little jingle bells?!

  • Mix and match ribbons to create different textures. 
  • Scissors are great at adding curls to the ends of ribbon, see how here
  • Accent the tops of presents with interesting objects; twigs, holly or even cinnamon sticks would look pretty and cost little to none!
  • Use double sided tape to make your wrapping look seamless.
  • If you're on a real tight budget, get next years wrapping paper in the Christmas sales!
In total, I spent £9.99 on wrapping all of my presents this year, which is pretty good going in my books. Granted, my presents were all fairly small in size but to get both my family and my partners family all done for under £10 and looking fabulous is a great feeling. 

I would love to see pictures of your creative wrapping, on a budget or not, I have a weakness for these things. You can tag me on Instagram or Twitter with @melharding, it's the little things in life! 

Love always,

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  1. I love this! I'm a huge fan of pretty wrapping, it just makes the gifts that much better.


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