9 December 2015

Anastasia Beverley Hills - Brow Wiz // Review

It's Wednesday, so we're turning away from the Christmas scene which is taking over my blog this month to return to regular scheduling. I'm not complaining, I love Christmas, but it's a breath of fresh air to talk about something a little less winter themed. I kind of wanted to talk about one of the products I picked up in New York, the idea was to talk about MAC's 'Verve' lipstick, but I don't think I've really tested it out enough to feedback yet! One thing I most certainly have used a lot though, is the Anastasia Beverley Hills 'Brow Wiz'.

I struggle a lot with my eyebrows. I like a semi-bold brow, nothing too dramatic but enough to frame my face better. I have slightly prominent cheek bones, so softer brows don't really work. But naturally, that is how my eyebrows are. It's a daily fight to get my eyebrows angular but not too sharp or harsh, then keep them that way too.

One of my eyebrows has more hair than the other, no matter how many different threading bars I try, my right eyebrow always has more hair a week later. So it's all about the brow pencil when making them look more even in the mornings.

To be honest, I don't know how I had reasonable look eyebrows without the Brow Wiz, it is literally a wizard for your brows. I love the spooley on the end, it's thin and long which surprising makes a difference to how well your brows are combed. I bought the Anastasia #12 brow brush as the same time as purchasing the brow wiz, and the spooley on that just does not compare. It's thicker and just doesn't catch and comb the hair quite as well.

The real game changer though is the product itself. I picked up the shade Soft Brown which is a perfect for my mousy brown brows. The nib is super small and precise, meaning you can get really in there with fine strokes to mimic your natural brow hairs. It's fairly soft too, I loved the Soap & Glory 'Archery - 2 in 1 Brow Filling Pencil and Brush' which is a pretty good dupe for the Brow Wiz, but I found the pencil itself just too hard, I really had to press down when applying. This one the other hand is much softer and gentle on the brow bone and applies much smoother. How long it lasts, however, is yet to be seen. The Soap & Glory dupe run out quite fast, but maybe that was because I was applying so much pressure. I'll get back to you on that one...

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  1. I'm getting the pommeade for christmas but this would work so well with it!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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