1 December 2015

25 Days of Blogmas + NYC Photo Diary

This time last year my blog was just a baby and Blogmas wasn't something that even crossed my mind. I was gutted, reading everybody else's Blogmas posts, wishing I had jumped on the bandwagon. But this year I have, I've honestly been waiting for this for the longest time! Every day up until Christmas day, there will (hopefully) be a post on my blog, every single day! I've been planning it since the beginning of October and some of these posts honestly have me a little giddy at the thought of pressing 'publish'.

So to start us off, I thought I'd share my New York photo diary. Not the most festive of posts that I could have planned, but it's something I really wanted to share and didn't want to wait too far into December.

I hope you have enjoyed perusing these photo's as much as I enjoyed living them. Being in New York City for Thanksgiving and my Birthday was so fun, the shopping 10x more. Speaking of which, I even went shopping for you guys too! I won't go into that just yet, so you'll have to keep checking back. See you soon...

Love always,

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